Day 7 of 90 Day Novel Challenge

This challenge has started off somewhat confusing to me already. I’m supposed to think of my imaginary world within my novel and brainstorm about my hero and villain (or protagonist and antagonist). However, it’s all supposed to be considered thinking very loosely. Don’t commit to anything regarding plot.  Then how come some of the questions asked for character sketches get specific with plot LOL?

I had an idea in my head where I wanted this novel to go before NaNo even ended. I wanted it to be suspenseful–a love triangle gone wrong. For seven days straight, I’ve been keeping that in mind answering these specific questions for each day.

Day seven. I completely changed my mind. Now, I want it to be a drama, still involving a love triangle. I was excited to jot down notes all this morning about my new concept than what I’ve written for the past seven days. This new plot (or imaginary world) will give me more options to play with. I don’t want this to be under romance genre, so I’ll have more leeway. It’s based off a celebrity’s experience at the moment. Please don’t sue hee hee!

  • The first thing I teach my students is you can find inspiration for story ideas through other people’s experiences, whether you know them or not. You weren’t there to personally go through it, so the details you include will be made up–therefore, fiction.

I’m not discouraged that I have to start all over. It’s quite the opposite actually. I’m relieved. Now, I can make the female main character the villain instead of the hero. Bad girls are always fun to write about. Instead of re-answering all those questions since day one, I’ll just leave it alone. It’s not even worth going back and changing anything. To be honest, I kind of hate the questions. I don’t think it’s really helping me understand my characters at all.

Maybe I should stick with outlining and doing my own version of character sketches to get on a more intimate level with them. I usually have my own set of questions, play around with character’s relationships, make mock journal entries, fake facebook accounts (drawn on paper, not created on internet), etc. Everything I can think of to roleplay. My favorite part of the writing process.

For this ninety day novel challenge, I don’t officially begin my rough draft until like day twenty-nine or twenty-eight, so I have plenty of time to experiment getting to know my characters better.

Wish me luck!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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