Six Plus One


“Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great horror movie, an animated cartoon, or better yet a mini TV.”–Tony Parsons

“Fantastic, fast-paced thriller. It reminded me of all the Jason horror movies I grew up with.”–Maria Riegger

“With plenty of motives, including fraud, infidelity, betrayal and jealousy, the killer could be a number of people, and you’ll surely suspect each of them at one point or another. But will you figure out who the killer actually is? I didn’t!”–Angel Gelique

“By the last part of the book, you keep trying to guess the ending, which was totally unpredictable.”–Tamela Miles



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ONE BY ONE ended with Detective Brown disgusted and traumatized over the crime scene in the woods. He wants to find justice for those poor victims and vows to keep his daughter safe from the horrors of the world.

Sequel time–SIX PLUS ONE, Detective Brown can’t keep that promise. Alta and her group of friends leave Voy on a road trip to Green Bank, West Virginia. They’re filming footage for their alien-centric web series.

What should be a get-in and get-out situation for the weekend turns into a deadly nightmare…


Alta’s cell phone rang. She picked it up on the second ring. “Hey, Dad, what’s up?”

“Wanted to make sure everything’s okay. Kendrick’s following the speed limit? You guys aren’t bringing attention to yourselves, right?”

“We’re going to isolated woods to contact aliens. What could go wrong?”

“I’m serious, Alta. I don’t like you guys leaving Voy where I can keep an eye on you. Aliens aren’t what you need to be afraid of. Mentally disturbed people are.”

Her dad had been trying to talk her out of this road trip ever since he found out about it six months ago. He didn’t understand why they had to visit Green Bank, West Virginia, why this area couldn’t just be discussed on her Aliens R Us web series, or why there had to be actual footage. He didn’t understand art. He was a non-believer.

Last semester at her community college, Alta had a Communications class project. She decided to broadcast a web series with the help of her college boyfriend and childhood friends. She had passed the class. Fascinated with researching aliens and UFOs, she decided to continue filming Aliens R Us, but this time with a full production schedule during the summer.

She was already hundreds of miles away from her hometown of Voy, Virginia. Nothing her dad could say or do could convince her to get her Aliens R Us crew buddies to turn around. “Dad, we’ll be careful. It’s like every other footage. We’ll get in and get out.”


Her cell phone didn’t beep from the disconnected call. The loud music stopped. No static came from the radio.

Green Bank was otherwise known as the small, quiet town without Wi-Fi. Home of the Green Bank telescope, the radio satellite believed to be receiving signals from extraterrestrials in the Milky Way Galaxy. Any modern technology that could interfere was banned from the town.

She cringed, knowing she couldn’t send her dad a text to let him know everything was all right. Who was she kidding? Her dad probably wouldn’t even care, soon forgetting about her in favor of a new case, or in favor of his favorite distraction─the case from last summer.

Sighing, Alta looked at Kendrick. The engine roared, and the wind blew into the car through the window.

Johanna said, “He’s so gonna freak.”

Alta wrapped her arms around herself. “Yeah, probably.”