How To Write A Lovemaking Scene

Most authors are faced with the question: Should I write sex scenes in my novels or short stories? Many factors come into play. What genre is the story? Will characters making love have an impact on the plot? If you decide to try your hand at it, there are some recommendations you should follow:

  1. Don’t force yourself to write a sex scene outside your comfort zone. Your discomfort will show up in your writing, making your words sound awkward.
  2. Stay away from too much technical and anatomical terms when describing the physical act. Readers don’t need to see “so and so inserted blank into blank”. Find a way to describe the characters movements in a way that helps the scene flow better. Readers want to feel the passion, not get a SexEd lesson.
  3. Focus on the emotional and physical elements. However, please stay away from purple prose. You don’t want your sex scenes to sound corny. Write how the characters are feeling and what they’re doing. Different scenarios will, of course, result in different reactions. For instance, if two people are in love, then their movements will be more sensual and caring towards each other. They’re more likely to participate in foreplay and slowly remove clothing, savoring the touch. If its a quickie between two strangers, probably just lust and passion filled with heat but only thinking of the other person as a piece of meat. Just keep in mind that every sex scene won’t be the same. Please describe it through the character’s mood/emotion at that time frame.
  4. Please no head-hopping. Please stick with only one character’s perspective throughout the scene, so the readers can get lost in the moment. It’s best to choose the one who it’ll affect the most afterward.
  5. Consider where the sex scene fits within your plot. Some genres you can get away with none at all. Others, readers will demand a refund if you don’t give enough. So only have your characters make love if it’s logical to the events occurring in the chapter or section of your book. For example, if two students are in the middle of taking a test, then it’s probably not the best time to insert a sex scene in that chapter.
  6. Last but not least, research more tips on how to write a lovemaking/sex scene besides just reading this list. There’s so much useful information out there to be absorbed by writers.

Are there any writers who would like to share tips on how they approach sex scenes in their novels or short stories? Or anyone know of any useful websites to read through that’s helpful on this subject?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Book Review: Dark Passage: A Paranormal Thriller By Griffin Hayes

Tyson Barrett has carried a terrible secret his entire life. A secret that haunts his dreams and threatens to destroy the happiness he’s worked so hard to build. But those nightmares don’t just want to torture him. Somehow they’ve found a way out…and now they want him dead.

This 46 chapter novel exceeded my expectations. Already a fan of the author’s writing style, I knew the story would be spooky, entertaining, and action-packed. But it went well beyond that. I’ll never smell a pine tree scent or see a fly the same way ever again.

  • Griffin Hayes has an amazing talent with characterization, voice, and description. His creative, original metaphors helped enhance the narration. Each character sounded different. I got lost in the story, feeling what the characters felt. Experiencing what they went through because of the great use of showing rather than telling.

For the majority of the novel, Tyson and Hunter switched point-of-views, each having their own chapters. At first, its set-up where I had no idea how they could know each other or meet later in the story. Then, it’s finally revealed that Hunter’s patient Brenda (in a coma) is actually Tyson’s mother. Let me tell ya, the plot thickened! The premise was Hunter just got hired to join Sunnybrook Asylum as a doctor, and for awhile Tyson has had insomnia because of nightmares. He found Dr. Stevens to help him sleep by taking a dosage of medicine after every meal.

  • There were some chapters that showed the supporting characters’ perspectives as well. Pay close attention because these sections are very important in developing the plot and revealing some of the mystery.

My favorite line was: “Funny, he thought how so many of the fears that we carry with us aren’t much more than a product of an overactive imagination.” Boy was Tyson wrong LOL! Bad for him–good for the readers. This thriller was very entertaining.

Besides the suspense and action, I loved the drama elements as well. It helped me, as a reader, really care about the characters. Poor Tyson. Due to his long periods of insomnia, he pushed his family away, so eventually Ruma left him taking their son Kavi with her. Their conversations broke my heart, and I wished she would have gave him a second chance. I’m a sucker for happy endings. He met Judy, so I enjoyed their friendship blossoming. She was the only one who believed him about all the craziness going on. Tyson had a crappy childhood. His brother Alexander had died, his mom had attempted to kill Tyson. That’s why Brenda was locked up in the insane asylum. She was in a coma but had high brain activity levels (like she was dreaming). No. She was stalking Tyson and Kavi, plus turning Hunter into a madman.

Chills went down my spine whenever the characters died. The scenes were so disgusting–in a good way–and I kept looking down under the table to make sure nothing wasn’t crawling towards me. Also when Hunter went cray-cray, the other characters weren’t aware. So, I kept screaming “Watch your back”, especially that cafe scene with Ruma. When Ruma and Kavi visited Sunnybrook to get answers, I knew her telling him “When adults ask you a question, you better answer” would blow up in her face. Brenda was able to communicate with Kavi, getting his home address out of him. Dun, dun, dun…

I have to admit that I was scared when I saw it was 46 chapters, wondering when I’d have time to finish reading it. However, it was a very fast read. And, all the sections were important to enhance the story along further. The action and emotion weren’t lost. There wasn’t any boring setups or unnecessary backstory. All the twists and reveals kept me on my toes; the ending tied together nicely.

  • I could picture this as a movie. I could envision Logan Marshall Green as Tyson and Ryan Phillippe as Hunter.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Kreativ Blogger Award

Yea, my 3rd blogger award!!! Thanks to Kellie Larsen Murphy for nominating me. The steps I have to complete are:

1.  Thank my nominator and provide a link to their blog

2.  List seven things that readers might find interesting about me

3.  Nominate seven other bloggers


  • I hate surprises and mystery. I have to know right away the outcome. When I read a book, I cheat and look over the last 3 pages first. I look for TV spoilers before a new season airs (especially the MTV Challenges), and I like to hear about a movie before watching it.
  • I went to West Virginia University (Let’s Go Mountaineers!!!)–a huge party school–and I don’t drink. You can imagine how that was a conversation starter.
  • I absolutely, positively hate being labeled or having to fit inside a box. I’ll rebel against it in my own way. My motto in school was “Express Your Individuality.”
  • In my own life, I’m not competitive at all. If you want to win, don’t have me on your team. However, I’m a fan of the best sport teams. I can’t cheer for the underdogs unless it’s a movie.
  • When I write, I like to picture my stories as movies. I envision it on the big screen with my music soundtrack and cast of actors to play my characters. For book covers, I think of it as my movie poster.
  • I’m an introvert who’s perfectly fine with my little corner in a room being invisible
  • Drawing is a huge passion of mine–probably more than writing. I’ve been drawing since the age of 8, and creating stories since the age of 11.

MY NOMINATIONS (Sorry if you already won. I didn’t know)

  1. Laura
  2. Jade Alyse
  3. MyPenAndMe
  4. Armand Rosamilia
  5. RickySchaedeWrites
  6. Ioannis Batsios 
  7. Dennis Langley

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Sharon C. Cooper for nominating me for my 2nd blogger award: The Versatile Blogger!!! When I first started blogging, I often wondered how people won, so I’m very happy to know that people enjoy my writing and posts.

As part of my nomination, I have to share seven facts about myself and nominate fifteen other bloggers. Here goes:


  • I love learning about psychology. It fascinates me why people act the way they do. I’m constantly researching this topic to make sure my characters are three dimensional.
  • The music on my IPOD is all over the place. If anyone ever asked to listen to it, they’d probably be like WTF.
  • I’m slow when it comes to trusting technology. I wait to buy gadgets when the price is reduced years later–once another new popular craze is approaching. This way the price is affordable, and I’ve made sure the product actually works (I’m big on reading product reviews).
  • I’m a penny-pincher. If it’s not a notebook or anything related to writing or drawing, then I’ll save my money.
  • When I go to restaurants, I buy the same thing every single time. If they serve breakfast all day, pancakes and bacon. If not, chicken tenders and fries (unless they sell mac and cheese).
  • Math was my favorite subject in school. I really thought I’d end up an accountant, but it just wasn’t meant to be.
  • Before the age of 13, I was a latchkey kid who lived off my own cooking. I only knew how to fix frozen dinners, toast, eggs, and mac and cheese. This is probably why I can’t cook now.

MY  NOMINATIONS (Sorry if you already won. I didn’t know)

  1. Kellie Larsen Murphy
  2. Isabella Louise Anderson
  3. Wendy Van Camp
  4. Perspicere
  5. Miss Alexandrina
  6. Simone Young
  7. Alex Sabo
  8. Elley, Nicole, Tari
  9. Ryan M. Murphy
  10. Miss Demure Restraint
  11. The Militant Writer
  12. Talin
  13. ML Campbell 
  14. Dennis Langley
  15. Jade Alyse

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Book Review: Brush Strokes By Anais Morgan

I followed a forum conversation on Absolute Write (I want to say it was in the blogging, networking section). I liked a comment Anais wrote and noticed her sig has a link with her book mentioned.

Of course, I had to check it out because I found the title interesting. I liked the book description. Plus, the guy on the cover totally looked like Robert Pattison a little bit. I’m not a Twilight fan BY ANY MEANS, but he’s eye candy. And, I’ll always adore his performance on Remember Me.

There was confusion on my part because I thought I read that it was erotica. I expected another steamy treasure like Rea Thomas’ s Stolen Nights. Even with my brain fart, I don’t regret buying the short story.

Brush Strokes is the fifteenth book of my reading challenge. Here’s my thoughts:

Rose has been all but drug to a speed dating service with her best friend, secret crush and artist Sebastian. The night yields no luck so the pair takes the night to his place. Rose is given the chance to be the subject of Sebastian’s art. Something she has always dreamt about but has been too afraid to say anything.

What Rose doesn’t know is Sebastian has been harboring the same feelings for her. And he has more plans than just painting.

This 4 chapter book had interesting characters. Sebastian and Rose were pretty cool. I enjoyed their sarcastic sense of humor. And, I appreciated that Rose wasn’t one of those girlie-girl types. It made her first person point-of-view account fun to read.

I liked the opening. I’ve never been to a Speed Dating event, and hopefully, I never have to LOL. I personally thought that Sebastian (on the book cover) sort of resembled Robert Pattison, so the fact that Sebastian asked Rose to leave the event to watch Twilight seemed like an inside joke.

It was sweet that both friends had developed feelings for each other since the moment they met but was too shy to say anything. To act on their feelings. I know what that feels like, so I can relate.

The story ended with Rose’s portrait going on display at Sebastian’s art exhibit. His gesture for her was the cutest thing ever.

I wished the pacing could’ve slowed down some. It felt like I was reading a sports event because the action was shown with short sentences lacking any mention of emotions involved–this was why I figured Rose wasn’t a sensitive or romantic type. It felt like I was reading about Rose and Sebastian’s journey on finding love instead of getting lost in the story and feeling what Rose felt.

Anais Morgan has a great talent with plot. I really loved the chain of events that transpired in her characters’ lives–Speed Dating, asking her to pose for him, the painting, Art Exhibit. I’d be interested in reading a longer piece of fiction from her because I know there’d be no boring moments.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 30 (SUCCESSFUL!!!!)

MAY 9TH – 1,634 WORDS


The last day!!!! What a relief!!!! That’s all I kept thinking this morning. I felt like weight had been lifted off my shoulders; the faster I could write 1,666 words, the sooner I could finish my goal. In Jumpin’ Java, Nicholas asked to read one of my books to see how good I am (he was nice at first but since then turned into a bug-a-boo). He asked me on scale of 1 to 10 how good of a writer was I. Of course, I said 11. Might as well give off confidence. If I don’t believe in my writing, no one else will. He made the mistake of grabbing for my stack of papers on the table, so I snatched them away from his hand. When will people learn to respect my space?

I also talked to Haylie, who informed me Jumpin’ Java is haunted. Say what now? I believe in ghosts, so I was automatically fascinated and wanted to hear every detail of how she knew. So spooky. The cafe used to be a storage for coffins back in the olden days, and the post office used to be the jail where John Brown served his sentence until he was hanged. I learn something new every day.

Despite my conversations with people, I was productive in writing and created around 1,600 words. Today was a really busy day with new customers coming in. I’m the type of person who looks up every time the door opens to see who walks in. So let’s just say, there was plenty of distractions, but I was so happy when I reached my mark. Now, I could relax all day!

  • Melissa, Robin, and I extended our NaNo challenge for one more week in case people need to catch up on word count. Since I beat it, I’m simply finishing my novel. Hopefully, it’ll be completed by next Friday. After that, we start the editing process–oh boy.
  • I reached the scene where they find the second victim’s body. It’s so surreal that 30 days have gone by. It seems like we started this writing challenge yesterday.

All I know is that my life has gone back to normal since bug-a-boo NaNo is finished hee hee. I created more mock book covers and will present them to Melissa and Robin to receive their opinions. I want this story published, so the book cover will keep me motivated to follow my dreams. To stay on track.

  • I stayed on Facebook for so long, I almost fainted. Usually I write a status update, don’t even bother checking other peoples’ walls or looking at the home page, then quickly log off. Not today. Why? Because I had time –NaNo’s over!!! I even critiqued my writer group’s stories. Why? Because I had time–NaNo’s over!!! That will never get old to say hee hee.

I’m happy to report that I succeeded in my NaNoWriMo 30 day challenge. I told you guys I would; my inner nerd refused to let me fail.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 29 (Can See Story As A Finished Product)

MAY 8TH – 1,969 WORDS

At the train station, I was mesmerized by all the different pamphlets. My favorites were the scenic train rides, sightseeing, and the national aquarium. It reminded me of my 6th grade field trip to Baltimore. Very interesting morning–people fought over 0.50 cents. Yes folks, you see the correct amount, no typo: 0.50 cents. Let’s just say, I didn’t get any writing accomplished at the train station.

In the morning, it was only me and Robin at Jumpin’ Java. We watched YouTube and talked about the history behind Charles Town. She suggested that I should look at the records in the library since I have names of my ancestors (even some slave names). It would be so cool to find information on them. And, I never knew that there’s a cave with a stream underneath Charles Town. Basically, if town collapses, we’ll all drown. I learn something new everyday.

  • With Robin’s suggestion, I know my next novel idea. It’ll be another suspense–someone obsessive over a person who doesn’t realize until too late. With this NaNo story, I realized that I enjoyed writing in this genre. At first, I thought I’d mostly write romance or women’s fiction, so I should use my name. Now, I’m debating that. I think it’ll be cool to write these suspenseful mysteries, so maybe these genres should use my name, and the women’s fiction can use a pen name.

I wrote during my lunch break in case I got tired at home. It rained and was dreary ALL DAY, making it the perfect setting to be motivated to write. No way I wanted to go out in that mess. I reached around 400 words–better than zero. I reached Chapter Eight where the second body is found. Dun, dun, dun… Keeping my momentum going, I decided to print off a mock book cover, experimenting with different font sizes and styles.

At home, I started at 8 PM. Eventually I stopped to download two more ebooks. Such a temptation to read them tomorrow hee hee. Gasp, tomorrow will be the last day. Will I reach 50,000 words?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby