Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #11

Weekend Writing Warriors is an amazing blog hop that features talented writers every Sunday. Writers and authors get to share their 8 sentence excerpt of published or unpublished works. To join or to read the wonderful excerpts, please visit the WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, August 31st.

This week, I’m continuing my chapter of the celebrity scandal story. Here goes:

Perry squinted his eyes, and his cheeks flushed red. “Don’t start.” Softening his face, he asked, “Did you know Cody was joining us?”

“No, if I did, I sure as hell would’ve given you a heads up-maybe Melody knew?”

They sat in awkward silence for a little while, enjoying their drinks and watching TV.

“Hey bro, do you think Plaid will make a surprise visit next-maybe tomorrow?” Colin asked.

Bug-eyed, Perry turned his head to look at his friend.

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Yawatta Hosby


Book Review: Omerion (Hell Is My New Home) By Angel Gelique


“It is a place of unrelenting misery and interminable pain and sorrow. It is a place of lost hope, a dismal abyss where remorse is candy, and tears, nectar, to unforgiving monstrosities with endless appetites.”

In life, Samuel Rylandt was a serial rapist and murderer who callously committed heinous acts with no regard whatsoever for the women he victimized. In death, however, he will suffer the consequences of his depravity as his soul undergoes a startling corporeal transformation and he is thrown to Hell (Omerion) to complete three horrific phases of moral reconstruction.

Samuel’s notions of the underworld are broadened as he learns that “Hell” is actually an elaborate civilization where the damned agonizingly learn the virtues that evaded them in life.

I loved this short story. The opening: “There should have been an ear-piercing scream resonating throughout the dank, dismal cavern, but no sound spewed forth from my mutilated, bloodied mouth” gave chills down my spine. The story was told through Samuel’s first person point-of-view. The author was great with voice because I HATED this bastard!!! He was vile, he was slime, and I respected that Angel Gelique wasn’t afraid to write in fear. I was disgusted (in a good way), thankful Samuel got his karma.

My favorite lines: 1) “All the while I prayed–yes, me, the black-hearted atheist–prayed for the sweet relief of a finite sleep.” 2) “Scanning the room was like having a private glimpse into insanity.”

I enjoyed hearing about Molly Watts; it helped me understand Samuel more. The author was also great with description; her metaphors were original and creative. If you love horror, then you’ll love this book. If you’re squirmish or have a weak stomach, BEWARE!

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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Yawatta Hosby


Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #10

Weekend Writing Warriors found a creative way to bring talented authors together who would like to share their 8-sentence excerpts to the blogosphere. These excerpts can be from unpublished or published works. If anyone would like to join or would like to read the wonderful talent, please visit the WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, August 24th.

I’m continuing my chapter for this week. If anyone needs to catch up, here’s Snippet #1, Snippet #2, and Snippet #3. My excerpt is still about two friends bonding over their hatred for a celebrity trying to mess up their promotional tour. Here goes:

Sequoia was good at keeping secrets, so it’s not like she would tell him.

“What?” Colin frowned.

Out of his daze, Perry said, “Huh?”

“What’s up, you were looking at me weird. Don’t tell me that we can’t get past this afternoon.” A teasing smirk formed on Colin’s lips. “Will you forgive me if I print a public apology?”

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Yawatta Hosby

How Does an INTJ Show They Care For Or Love Someone?

1.  General stiffness and awkwardness (DUH!!!! LOL)

2.  For no apparent reason, INTJs act friendly and distant toward you, leaving you confused. Just know that during this stage, the INTJ has found you appealing, but don’t know how to step up to the plate in letting you know

3.  INTJs will ask around to see if you like them way before they ever express any feelings themselves

4.  Will flirt with people they don’t care about, but will find it impossible to flirt with their crush

5.  Will research on personality websites to learn how to best understand you

6.  INTJs will make an effort to empathize and understand you, instead of being thoughtless in their social interactions with you

7.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. PAY ATTENTION–INTJs will reveal something geeky about themselves to you to test your response. To pass, act casual and/or share something silly about yourself. They want to make sure you won’t run away from their quirkiness

8.  INTJs will share stories of vulnerability with people they trust, especially after that person finished sharing something. If they do that, you’re golden

9.  They will make you take the Myers-Briggs test online 🙂

10.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. PAY ATTENTION–INTJs would be single if they didn’t have any affection towards you. So, if they’re in a relationship with you, then they definitely love and care for you!

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Yawatta Hosby

Finding A Way To A Leo Woman’s Heart

Leo women are picky because they want the best. We’re patient and can wait for the right guy to come along. To speed up the process of winning a Leo woman over, here’s some things you can do:

1.  The favorite Leo combination–a romantic comedy. Make her laugh! Say sweet things to her and give compliments but in a half kidding, silly way. She’ll love the attention, and it’ll put her at ease because there won’t be any pressure on her end. Just keep it light and fun! Leos have a child-like passion approach to life–use that.

  • DO NOT stage a “big talk” because it’ll probably scare her away. Leo women love to be chased. If there’s no mystery of your feelings towards her, then she’ll more than likely be bored and move on. Or run away because she got scared.

2.  Nothing is too much for a Leo woman, so don’t be a cheapskate. If you’re broke, it’s not a deal breaker. You’ll just have to get creative in making the best date ever. Maybe turn your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant by dimming the lights, playing soft ambiance music in the background, setting your table with a fine linen set, and cooking for her. You get the picture. No matter what, bring your A game!

3.  Going back to #1–use the fact that Leos have a child-like personality. Leos love to express themselves in things; it doesn’t matter if they’re good or not. It’s the expression that counts. Be good-natured and share laughs while doing a fun activity like karaoke, bowling, or miniature golf. As long as you keep her laughing and smiling, you’re breaking that wall and finding a place in her heart.

For all the Leo women out there, is there anything else you’d like to add? For all the guys out there, would you like to share your experiences of winning over a Leo woman in the dating or crushing stages of your relationship/friendship?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #9

Weekend Writing Warriors is an awesome blog hop that allows published and unpublished writers to share their 8-sentence excerpts online. Followers can leave comments as feedback, critique, and/or encouragement and motivation. I’m happy that History Sleuth invited me to participate a little over two months ago because it’s been really fun so far. For any writers who would like to join every Sunday or would like to read the talented writers’ works, please visit the WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, August 17th.

I’ve been sharing my snippet on my story about three celebrities caught in a cheating scandal. Right now, Perry and Colin are at the bar, upset with today’s events during their promotional tour. If you need to catch up, here’s Snippet #1 and Snippet #2.

Here’s my 8-sentence excerpt as a continuation of the chapter:

The incident only happened a few hours ago. “Well, thanks for having my back; I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, bro.”

Perry sighed, thinking about that dreadful interview. He had promised himself that he would never discuss Sequoia’s kiss with the public, but he hadn’t anticipated that the media would force his hand. First, they were trying to start rumors about Sequoia and Colin, then they sprang Cody on him; Perry studied his friend. Would he ever make a move on Sequoia? Had he ever?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


Book Review: In the Beginning By Abby L. Vandiver

18144641***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

In 1997, Biblical Archaeologist Justin Dickerson is unhappy with her life in general and has decided to run away from her problems. Intervening, her mentor asks that she go with him to the Fifty Year Jubilee commemorating the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem. There she finds that in 1949 Jerusalem some of the 2,000 year old manuscripts, hidden in clay pots in the caves of Qumran, may have been destroyed.

Justin, obsessed with this revelation, is determined to get to the bottom of the deceit. Uncontrollable emotion takes hold of her, and family and faith help guide her as she unfolds the truth of Earth’s ancient mysteries discovering what really happened In the Beginning…

I enjoyed this book. It was easy to follow because each chapter was labelled with a place and date. The story switched from the 1940’s to the 1990’s often. It was written through Archaeologist Justin’s first person point-of-view. She was depressed but stayed focused on her job. I admired that she kept moving–some people completely shut down emotionally. Her family was a trip. I loved their back and forth with teasing each other.

Dr. Sabir had interpreted some manuscripts that described creation of man on Earth by man himself. Since the editor-in-chief Samuel Yeoman wanted to hide the book’s secrets, he did whatever necessary. Flash forward to the 1990’s. Justin and her team attended a conference to talk about those manuscripts.

My favorite lines: 1) “Mase,” he continued, “do you know your wife is strange? I mean like borderline mental?” 2) “I’m so sad. I hate my life and I don’t know why.”

I loved the plot. Justin’s boss told her to stop obsessing over the manuscripts, so she asked her brothers and sisters to help her discover the secret. They embarked on a journey to find the hidden manuscripts, then she had the task of having to re-interpret them. It helped that Justin had a photogenic memory. Her life was in danger because an organization went through great lengths to keep the secret hidden. As a reader, I’m all for strong females. I loved that Justin fought for the truth. That she wasn’t swayed to keep her curiosity at bay. I also loved that she was the ringleader in the adventures of solving the mystery.

I wish the story could’ve played out instead of everything being explained to the readers. It could have had more tension and suspense that way.

I have an idiosyncratic personality, so my favorite part of the book was the epilogue. I’m all for conspiracy theories. They’re always fun to dwell over. As a reader, I got a sense that Justin was based off the author’s real life. I wondered if those manuscripts were really real or just an exaggerated version of the truth for entertainment purposes. Either way, it was a great book.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


Book Review: Delusional By Scott Spotson

18466420***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

When rising marketing executive Patricia Fowler falls for Paul Blast, a married co-worker, she tries to put her life into perspective–a task that becomes increasingly difficult when she starts having eerie hallucinations. Patricia’s dreams of a happily ever after turn into one nightmare after another as she battles threats that go beyond her imagination.

Is her new love behind the torment? After all, his former girlfriend ended up in an asylum.

Or could Paul’s wife be more than a bored, spoiled, rich girl?

Meanwhile, the FBI is trying to track down a thief who magically appears and disappears, taking priceless gems and artwork with her.

“Delusional” is a fast-paced thriller that blurs the lines of reality and fantasy, leading to an explosive climax where what you see isn’t necessarily what you’re going to get!

I enjoyed this book. It started out with a lot of action–Walter, the security guard, noticed someone had stolen the cursed Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian. The book sort of reminded me of Now You See Me since a thief was stealing famous artifacts and paintings with magic.

Patricia and Paul were co-workers. He was married to Wendy, and Patricia had a stalker ex named Derek. Patricia and Paul had a crush on each other, but they wouldn’t cross that line because of Paul’s marriage. Usually I don’t condone emotional cheating, but I could understand why Paul wanted to get away. Wendy was crazy! I loved that character twist!

Someone kept terrorizing Patricia with unbelievable tactics, so whenever she reported the incidents she came off sounding like a crazy person. For example, two people roughed her up on the job’s property, then quickly vanished. There were no images of them on camera like they had been ghosts.

I liked how the detectives investigating the robberies tied into the danger Patricia was experiencing. Word of caution–stay away from married men.

I loved the cliffhanger! The conflict and action in the story was entertaining.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


Book Review: Thrill By Wendy Potocki

20361382***I received a free copy from the Making Connections group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review***


Kyle Evans is a teenager who wants to be somebody. To achieve his goal, he joins a gang called Hell’s Bells. While he thinks he’s arrived, he only finds danger.

The club is obsessed with finding thrills and taking chances, but Kyle’s unaware that there’s a price to pay. Up for a dare, he accepts a challenge that lands him on the wrong side of the supernatural.

I enjoyed this book. My favorite lines: 1) “As he looked outside, he saw that Stripe was standing like the last surviving soldier at a massacre.” 2) “Since when is stereotyping a compliment?” 3) “You! You killed me, boy…and all for a thrill. Well, now you’ll have to pay.” 4) “The shameful confession was over.”

Kyle, a.k.a. Surf, was in high school and was tired of being an outcast. He left his best friend, Gavin, behind to hang out with the Hell’s Bells gang. Gavin was a computer geek–he was my favorite character. He was the most mature and reasonable one out of everyone in the story. Plus, Gavin was okay with himself. And, he was loyal–he never gave up trying to be Surf’s friend again.

Wax was in charge of the Hell’s Bells. They acted like they were a brotherhood, always having each other’s backs. But, they were just bullies willing to turn on anyone who would try to leave the group. I feared for Surf’s safety because deep down he was a good kid, just lost. Those guys were just vicious.

The story really picked up after the “60” game. The rules–no matter what, don’t go below 60 MPH on the road. Well, Surf ended up accidentally killing an old man. The old man’s daughter happened to be a priestess. Voodoo is no joke! She got her revenge!

Since I’m scared of dogs, I was truly frightened during Stripe’s scenes because he threatened and attempted to maul Surf.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the author or book:

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Yawatta Hosby

Book Review: Titus Drummond’s Dark Regret By James Lamb

20888892***I received a free copy from the Paranormal & Horror Lovers Group on Goodreads for an honest review***

Wrongly accused, but innocent of a crime, in the throes of a painful divorce and forced into a bartending job, accountant Frederick Tate is trying to claw his shattered life back together. Still haunted by a traumatic childhood incident and echoes of the past, a move to a bedsit within a sprawling Victorian villa promises a new start. But, as something unspeakable invades his home he discovers one person holds the key to his unfolding horror and a century old tragedy. Frederick’s worst possible nightmare is about to become a reality.

A delicious tale of revolting evil set in present day England.

I enjoyed this book. It started in the year of 1896 with Jim Quigley and Titus Drummond. They both stayed at the Grosvenor Villa. It was very suspicious that Titus wanted to cover a wall with bricks. As a reader, I was happy that I was right.

Flash forward to the year of 2013. Frederick now lives in Titus’s old apartment, and unexplainable events keeps happening around him. I jumped in my seat when he found a dead cat under his window.

Other than that, I didn’t really find the story scary. I enjoyed Frederick freaking out over everything–his ex wife accused him of cooking the books so he got fired. I liked how Kate didn’t bother to feed into Frederick’s conspiracy theories because perhaps he cried wolf too many times. It caused tension within the story. The book took a while to get to the action, but once it did, the story was well worth the read.

My favorite line: The mysterious hole stared back at him like a single, dead, soulless eye.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the author or book:

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Yawatta Hosby