Hi. How are you? The year 2020 has been crazy. Praying for a better 2021. I used to teach Creative Writing for the Adult Community Education program. I thought it’d be a fun idea to share the lessons and writing prompts I gave to my students at the time. These lessons really helped someone I know recently and now she’s writing all the time! I asked myself–why hold onto these when I can share and potentially help a beginning writer?

You can print off all the lessons or just the ones that interest you. If you’re a beginner writer, I suggest starting with lesson 1 and going in order. Each lesson builds upon the other with learning story elements.

Please keep in touch! If you attempt the writing prompts, I’d love for you to email and let me know. I can look over it and give feedback if you’d like 🙂 My email is author.yawatta.hosby(AT)aol(DOT)com (which is printed at the end of each lesson).

Looking forward to hearing from you! And if I don’t, I hope these lessons and writing prompts were helpful. This world needs inspiration and more art 🙂

Lesson 1–Ideas For Fiction

Lesson 2–Character

Lesson 3–Plot

Lesson 4–Point of View

Lesson 5–Setting

Lesson 6–Beginning and Developing

Lesson 7–Scene

Lesson 8–Dialogue and Voice

Lesson 9–Description

Lesson 10–Image and Metaphor

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby