How To Attract A Leo Woman

For the most part, you can probably spot a Leo a mile away. She’s the one telling grand stories while everyone listens attentively. She can make a walk on the sidewalk sound like the most amazing experience ever with her dramatic flair. In order to get her attention, you’d have to do 3 things:

1.  Give her attention. I can’t even lie, Leo’s love being center of attention. If we’re ignored, then we know how to get a person’s attention (even if it’s by being annoying hee hee). Make yourself known, show you have an interest in her, and adore her. She’ll appreciate that you’ve noticed her and won’t take that lightly.

  • Leos love storytelling. We love talking about ourselves and hearing about other peoples’ lives. Ask her questions to get her comfortable opening up to you in a personal way. Offer stories about yourself–we tend to love gossip.

2.  Keep her entertained. I can’t even lie, Leo’s tend to get bored very easily. Sometimes we’re quick to redirect our attention to someone else who captures our interest. Find creative things to do or interesting things to talk about with her. If you can make her laugh, you’re golden. Leo’s favorite combination: a comedy romance.

  • We love engaging in a child-like passionate approach to life. We love expressing ourselves no matter what. As long as the guy shows he can be fun, then it’ll be easier for the Leo to show more intimacy.

3.  Flattery will get you everywhere with a Leo. I can’t even lie, Leo’s tend to have egos (but everyone has them, right?). If you give her sincere compliments–not the carbon copy ones–then she’ll know you’re interested. That you think she’s special. Because let me tell ya, she already knows she’s special hee hee. If a Leo likes you, then she won’t be short with compliments unless she gets a vibe that it makes you uncomfortable, then she’d find another way to show that she appreciates your company, that she has an interest in you.

  • If you ever want to give her a gift, to Leo’s it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag. It makes us feel special that someone took the time to think of us in a creative way.


The worst thing for a Leo: losing the mystery or challenge. Once the puzzle is solved, Leo’s may go exploring for the next challenge or mystery. The key is not to lay it on too thick, especially when first meeting her, otherwise it’ll scare her off. She loves being chased. However, I can’t lie, we don’t compete for anyone’s affections or like to prove our worth. We’re awesome, and if someone doesn’t understand that, then they’re idiots (as you can see, we can be quite full of ourselves hee hee). Therefore, we never chase after someone. Leo’s are pretty patient and can wait things out. If it seems like the guy will never be interested, then Leo’s will more than likely move on to a new crush eventually.

Leo women are extremely loyal, sometimes to a fault. Once a commitment is made, she will stick by your side through thick and thin. She’ll never cheat. However, because of her natural charisma, men tend to flock to her; sometimes we’re natural flirts without meaning anything by it. This may cause jealousy among their partners, but the guys honestly have nothing to worry about. Leo’s think they’re the best and only want the best. So, trust me, she’ll put you on a pedestal–you’ll only have her heart. All she asks in return is for you to pay attention, flatter, and compliment her. But don’t get me wrong, Leo women tend to be independent and expect their mates to have an independent streak as well.

  • The only way you can truly know if a Leo woman is into you in a romantic sense (making sure she’s not just keeping you around because she likes your attention) is to ask her. We’re very responsive. My friends always tease that I don’t have a poker face. When we’re happy, we show it. When we’re sad, we show it. When we’re disappointed, we show it. When we’re nervous, we show it. You get the point…
  • Simply ask, “Hey, do you like me?” If she pauses for a long time or just mumbles “uhh..yeah” that means no. If she’s really into you, she’ll act giddy and have a big grin on her face while she talks about how long her crush has lasted, etc. Remember- Leos love to be entertained, but they also like to entertain as well. Her answer should be a grand spectacle of how much you mean to her–if she truly likes you and isn’t playing games. Or doesn’t just think of you as a friend.
  • Another way to test the waters without asking directly is to ignore her. If she acts upset or moody about it, then she’s interested in you. If she actively tries to get your attention, then she’s interested in you. If she doesn’t seem to notice or isn’t bothered by it, she’s not into you. If she hardly tries to contact you (especially if she doesn’t ask what’s wrong), then she’s not into you. Leos hate to be ignored by the people they admire.
  • Last but least, you can go to her friends and ask. If a Leo likes you in a romantic sense, then trust that her friends will know about it. We love to talk about the people who interests us. Who’s caught our fancy.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

88 thoughts on “How To Attract A Leo Woman

      • I am a Leo woman and I loved your article! So right on, you had me laughing. I loved what you said about not having a poker face hahahaha! We do love expression don’t we? I agree we are the best people on the face of the planet. God knew what he was doing when he created the Leo!

      • Hey Julie,

        We absolutely do love expression haha! My friends always look at me first to see my reaction when something happens. I wouldn’t change being a Leo for anything in the world 🙂

        Keep smiling,

  1. I’m a Cap fascinated by a female Leo…like Obama, she is my rock, keeps me upbeat, moving and entertained. The challenge she exudes remains priceless.

    • Hey Kam,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy that you like Leo women. I think it’s one of those things were we like to be entertained so we like to make sure people are always enjoying our company as well. I’ll take playing instead of working any day 🙂

      Keep smiling,

  2. Wow this sounds just like my best friend! And she’s a leo! Thing is her actions says she’s interested but her words says different! When I ask her if we have a chance of becoming a couple she always says I don’t know what will happen in the future! Like she’s kissed my cheek, rubbed my back, laid her head on my shoulder, licked my face and said she loves me! But still don’t know what my chances are!

    • Hey Matt,

      I’m sorry that your best friend is giving you mixed signals. I guess us Leo girls are known for that until we’re really sure who we want. Wishing you all the best 🙂

      Keep smiling,

  3. Hi there, I was in a relationship with this Leo girl. She’s 27. But we broke off recently. During our time together, I gave her all the best attention she can get. She even let the whole world know by posting on her Facebook of what I did for her. However, we broke up recently due to a small misunderstanding. As she’s very image conscious, she mind about my thinning hair. But I’ve told her that I already had plan to do a hair implant soon. As it was painful for me to keep holding on to her if she don’t loves me anymore, I told her to just let me go and stop contacting me for the time being. I need to heal my broken heart. She said ok. But she still text me, asking me how am I, telling me about her days and still asked me out. And she’s still jealous over certain things about me. I’m at my wit end as what should I do with this girl. Yes, I do admit I still love her but I do not wanna hold on anymore if she has no intention to carry on this relationship with me.
    *Note: During our times together, she’s kinda possessive which I don’t mind, stick with me almost everyday and I have never let her down or hurt her at all. I’m a Gemini guy and I’m 14 years her senior. We do not have problem communicating.

    • Hey Gilbert,

      I’m sorry about your relationship. It’s too bad that she let image get in the way of things. I’m more concerned with personality than physical looks, so thinning hair wouldn’t have bothered me. Keep putting your foot down so she’ll respect your request.

      I know with me, I like to be friends with my exes. In a way, I guess I need to learn to let them cool down and get over the break up before jumping into friend zone right away.

      I hope you find someone who will love you for you and not just what you look like.

      Keep smiling,

      P.S. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish I could get personal like that…

      • Hi Yawatta, thanks for your reply. For the past few days, as I’ve told her that just leave me alone, which was rather tough for me. On the 3rd day, this girl posted some emo stuffs on her Facebook which I think it’s referring to me. She posted some sad love songs, posted an article titled “To that person I fell I love with when the timing was just not right” and also a status saying that “Love came too fast and I’m just not ready yet.” (As for the timing, I guess she’s referring to me getting my hair done). I am kinda confused by her words and actions. If she doesn’t have feelings for me, why is she posting such stuffs on her Facebook?

      • Hey Gilbert,

        I’m not an expert or anything, but I know Leo girls love attention. It could be that she really misses you and is being passive aggressive about it or she wants you to keep having feelings for her so you don’t move on. I would ignore her. If she wanted to be with you, she would be.

        Keep smiling,

  4. Hi Yawatta, it’s me again. For the past few days, me and my ex still communicate. 2 days ago, she suddenly texted me and tell me she misses me. Yesterday also. And today, I just disturbed her and asked her if she missed me today and she replied “Yes”. Thus I went deeper into the topic and asked her if she still regards me as her boyfriend, but she said no. So the whole circle starts again and we went into our relationship topic again. I asked her what is the problem with our relationship and she replied me there’s no problem with our relationship. She said the problem lies with herself. She can’t love anyone. And she said that her feelings for me has faded. So I’m just curious, if she has no more feelings for me, then why is it that she still tells me she misses me. And yesterday when we were chatting, she mentioned something about her ex (which is insignificant) and she was afraid that I wi get angry of her mentioning about her ex and asked me don’t be angry. All these sounded like she’s still somehow into me. I’m confused about her words. What’s your thought on this. I’m so sorry that I keep bothering you but I don’t have any Leo female friend whom I can ask.

    • Hi Gilbert,

      I’m a Leo woman and the impression I am getting from your posts is that she wants the comfort of having you around but is not romantically interested in you. Ie, she is using you. She feeds off of the attention you give her, but wants nothing with you beyond your attention and loyalty to her. She sounds very immature as she is so looks-obsessed (NEVER EVER change who you are to please somebody else!). Leos do take pride in their looks and they like to show off their partners but when we really love someone we encourage them to achieve their best with what they have. Please, please don’t talk to her anymore. You need to cut contact for a while. She is not healthy for you, and you really need to work on that low self esteem of yours. Don’t be surprised if she chases after you again when you cut ties. Bottom line is she sounds immature and you deserve so much better than that. Google “no contact to get over a break up”

      • Hey Eka,

        Thanks for stopping by. Great advice. You’re right–it sounds like she’s all about the chase, so if Gilbert stopped communicating with her, she’d do everything possible to manipulate him.

        Keep smiling,

      • well i’m a leo and i cant stand being ignored but if i don’t care about the person ill be like whatever absense makes the heart grow fonder if she wants u she will come hunting ignore her for at least a month in tht time u will also learn to improve ya self- asteem and may even realise u don’t need her in ur life self care u need to love and respect yourself before anyone else is worthy of it

      • Hey Jodie,

        I hate being ignored too, but I try not to make it so obvious. But, it has to be someone I like or care for. If I don’t care for the person, then I probably don’t even know they exist, so it wouldn’t bother me if they ignored me.

        Keep smiling,

      • yes im the same if i don’t deem them important ill just move on but if i truly care for tht person it takes a while before i give up on them i think his ignorance may allow her to realise what she feels for him i think she must be young though and not have much life experience as im an older leo and im honest from the onset i dont like games as i take relationships friendships seriously xx

      • Hey Jodie,

        I’m pretty straightforward too, maybe too blunt LOL. I just don’t like my time being wasted so I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time either. I do prefer friendships first though because I’m shy and it’s hard to open up to someone right away.

        I think she probably just enjoys playing games. I believe he said that he was older than her.

        Keep smiling,

    • Hey Gilbert,

      I think Eka and Jodie said it best. She’s immature and you should ignore her. Leo females are very loyal, so if she wanted to be with you, she would be. It sounds like she just wants your attention. That she doesn’t want to let that go for selfish reasons.

      No problem. You’re not bothering me. I hope you find someone who will like you for you.

      Keep smiling,

  5. if she mentions her ex she friend zoned u she obviously thinks ur a nice guy so doesnt want to cut u off nd probably stops her feeling guilty for not seein u tht way besy way to deal with it is move on seriously when leo falls in love we fall hard if she told u her feelings have faded believe her she just wants friendship as she respects u she dont feel for u romanticly

    • Hey Jodie,

      Thanks for stopping by. Great advice. When someone was special in your life, sometimes it’s hard to want to let go. I can understand why there needs to be distance between exes if there’s a shot for a friendship.

      Keep smiling,

    • Happy new year , Erika , Jodie , & Yhosby !
      Reading u gus statements may have Answered my concerns about a Lovely Leo woman I’ve been dating for the past 1.7 yrs. .
      I check her impulsive outburst #😃
      I consider the Leo Rising as the Evil Twin. Lol !
      I have learned to keep him in Check around people I like !!!!!
      ** Strangers …Shut the F..k up !
      Don’t talk to Me *****
      1. I have dated & livrd 4 Leo woman in my youth 2. I have had 3 Awesome relationships with Scorpio women .
      Leo & Scorpio is the Only women that intrigues Me !!!!
      3. We both have Grown College Educated CHildren.
      A. I have Wined & Dined this Woman ……because I LIKE TO LIVE THE GOOD LIFE & DRESSED TO YE 9 .LOL !
      B. I have made repairs o her apt. .
      C. I have Purchased her nice Jewery. Flowers
      TV & auto Repairs !
      ALL I GET OR GOT WAS……..

      Soooo , since XMAS I only respond. To her once a week TXT messages. ! Wanting to go to Diner & concerts ……
      Should I just walk away ?????
      Ps. I not made at her !!!!!
      Buy at age 59……
      But shit games is I mature … like a Man or you Don’t !!!

  6. yes yawatta it is difficult and i have been there before i think exercise got me through it making sum real life changes quitting smoking gettin fit taking on a cancer fun run it all helped my self asteem and also made me realise my worth xx

  7. wow… thanks for sharing this, It’s totally worth it to read. At least I know myself better. Totally agreed with whatever you wrote. 100% true.

    • Hey Aini Ing,
      I take it you’re a Leo woman 🙂 We’re the best LOL. I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I’m constantly searching on the web about my personality and zodiac sign to get a better understanding of myself. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

      Keep smiling,

      • hehehe… yeah I am Leo woman 🙂 proud to be one :p recently been looking and searching about it for me to know my personality better. Yeah, we are the best LOL. Please share it more if you still have somemore 😉 thanks

  8. My Girlfriend is also Leo and your procedure have helped me to understand few like and dislikes of leo women.Thanks for sharing a good content and keep posting more..


  9. Well I am a Leo woman and I agree with all you said. No matter how I tried to hide my feelings it always shows when Im sad, im sad. And when im happy, im happy. And most of the time men around me always misinterpret me being friendly with them. They assume i have a crush or i like them. But no, im just being nice, bubbly and friendly. I am genuine and honest with my words. When I warn a guy and didn’t take my warnings seriously i will definitely do it no matter what the consequences i have to face i will accept it even if it hurts so much. And never in my life i chase a guy even when I’m head aver hills with him.

    • Hey Angel Grace,

      O.M.G. that always happens to me too. I’m just being friendly (I love teasing people and being sarcastic) and people always think I have a crush on a guy. Or he acts weird around me, thinking I like him LOL. You know I like someone when I’m shy around them. If I’m comfortable around you, there’s nothing romantic on my end. Not to say I would never consider dating friends.

      I don’t chase guys either. And I hate competition. If it seems like the guy already likes someone else, then I’ll just move on. No motivation whatsoever LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Keep smiling,

  10. I am a Cancerian and I need help. I am desperately in love with a Leo. She’s also a very distant relative of my family. We are great friends, have many things in common also (like music and movie taste, supporter of same football team, clothing style, interacting style (these things are coming to my mind right now :P). She exercises at gym whereas I exercise free handed. The catch is we stay far from each other (same country, different states) and so when I miss her I call her and if she’s free she answers it with nice greeting.). Once I told her casually that I like her but she reverted that I am your aunt (she’s actually couple of years younger than me) and lets just stay that way.

    I know Leos don’t stand rejection and I suspect that she thinks our families wont approve this relation. And thats why to not to get her heart broken she is taking this defensive measure of posing herself as my aunt. She acknowledges that I am a good guy (she even told me I am a little misdirected now) but doesn’t seem to realize that she’s NOT my aunt.

    I am also going to her place on her birthday. (I have plans to take her to a dinner in a romantic restaurant apart from giving her clothing and a gift I bought which I am confident she’ll like.) But am unsure whether she will have time to go out with me or not.

    So please help how I can go forward? I dont want to lose her and want to spend the rest of my life with her.

    PS: I didnt know about her existence for about 25 years and once she came to know me, she helped me in a serious matter for which my life has now changed a lot. She was present during my failure and so I dont want to let her be absent during my success.

    I desperately need your help.

    • Hey Arun,

      I’m sorry that you’re hurting. I’m not really good with giving love or relationship advice because I’m a loner. But I can tell you that Leo girls are typically honest when it comes if they want to date someone or not. If she told you no, then I would respect her decision, maybe staying friends.

      I hope everything works out for you.

      Keep smiling,

  11. I have been in a couple of relationships with leos, the first i am very glad to be out of, i was warned, i am a Taurus by the way, (so fairly determined) albeit it an old-sh one. I have been smitten once again by a leo, (you would think i would learn) well she is also an Older-ish lady and i am hoping that she uses her head (and heart) a bit more, rather than living up to her Leo traits as she did when she was younger lioness.I wont let my so called Taurean ( stereo type) mess up what could be the best we have both ever experienced, I believe that by reading (and believing) your own Zodiac “stuff” to much is stupid… it gives us so little choice. Think about it , ultimately, who is in charge of your life?


    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope everything works out. Yeah, I agree that reading too much into your sign is a bad idea. There’s definitely other factors involved, like personality type. I’m a Leo woman, and I hear a lot that I don’t act like one LOL.

      Keep smiling,

      P.S. Never pigeonhole yourself to fit into a box or stereotype 🙂

  12. Finally one accurate description of Leos! I am so sick of all of these astrologers saying Leos are so clingy and needy… Please, it’s not even close. What I want as a woman is attention, of course, but honestly, I couldn’t do with just that. I always need my time alone, I don’t want to be bothered constantly with texts or phone calls. I like it when someone is smart, playful and interesting enough to entertain me, but even then, I’d rather just keep it short.

    They also say we are so stubborn… and I am, but I definitely understand where I am wrong. I wouldn’t for the world keep arguing about something after I’ve been proven wrong. It’s true that most of the times, when we are wrong, our world is kind of shaken, but that’s only because we live by strong values that we believe in and then we realize our whole set of values needs to change because of that mistake.

    Flattery will get one nowhere… I’m sorry, but that is wrong. Who doesn’t like being praised? However, I do not understand flattery unless it is in a relevant context, otherwise it’s definitely a suck-up of some sort. Additionally, even at the correct timing, too much, real or not, bores me again. There’s a lot of interesting things to do or talk about and not just keep on the same shallow subject.

    One more thing that I need to clarify about is compatibility with Gemini men. Everyone says that Gemini men are flexible and will get bored with a Leo woman. Wrong. Most probably, the Gemini man will be so random that the Leo will get bored. I know, it’s a paradox, but the Gemini man will be so predictable in his unpredictability that we get super bored. Also, their cheating is so predictable that it doesn’t even annoy us. Not even disappoint us.

    It’d be good to actually read a more accurate representation of compatibility and astrology in general.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Hi Camelia,

      I’m happy you enjoyed my post. I hate it too when I read inaccurate descriptions of Leos, especially Leo women. It irks my nerves. Attention is good but only if it’s genuine and not pestering. I love independence and I’m definitely not clingy.

      I didn’t know they say that about Leos and Geminis. To be honest, I think that personality types play a bigger part in how people act than their zodiac signs. Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs test? I’m always trying to guess people’s initials lol.

      Keep smiling,

  13. Hi Yawatta,

    I’m quite the horoscope nerd! 😀 Yes, I too the test, this is my personality type: ENFJ.

    Let me know what you think!


    • Hey Camelia,

      I didn’t even think about zodiac signs until a few months ago. Now that I’ve been studying them, it’s all pretty intriguing. The different personality types have caught and kept my attention.

      ENFJ. We share 2 letters 🙂 It sounds like you’re a people person and someone fun to be around.

      Keep smiling,

      • I have so much fun with astrology! And psychology too. They’re the things that keep me busy at work. 😀


      • Hey Camelia,

        It would be so much fun to work in the psychology field. That should have been my major instead of accounting. 🙂

        Keep smiling,

    • Hey Camelia,

      As a Leo, I’m all about the fun in romance. Too serious and I’d get bored easily. It sounds like Leos and Geminis are quite compatible–like a romantic comedy. I’m sure he could keep me on my toes. However, I probably wouldn’t like the constant flirting he did with other women. He can’t help that he’s a natural charmer though 🙂

      Do you like a Gemini?

      Keep smiling,

      • Hey Yawatta,

        Sorry to bother you again. Do you think it’d be possible to remove my last name from this comment? I added it by mistake, my first name only will do. 😀


  14. Hi Yawatta,

    Yes, I like this guy and he’s just such a… Gemini! We’ve been on 2 dates, two consecutive weeks and then he wanted to make it clear to me that he wants to be friends and the sex is up to me. Haha!

    I told him I have no interest in being friends but we can be fuck buddies or just go our separate ways. I don’t really know for sure whether I like him or not, I do know that he gets me super exhausted with his randomness and I don’t really appreciate his life ethics (well, we’ve been on two dates, so I’ve only noticed a few things). Also, I am generally very passionate and intense, yet not with him. With him, I don’t feel jealous, I really don’t mind his flirting, I don’t feel like I want to kiss him or hug him. I’ve never been so reserved! And yet, he thought I wanted something serious!

    I’m just a little scandalized by the whole thing because I’m not interested in knowing what he’s doing or what he thinks. So I’m not sure if this is just me becoming an adult and loosing my romantic spirit or it’s just him.


    • Hey Camelia,

      Sorry it took me a while to respond. It sounds like that guy is just playing games, yet being serious about not wanting a relationship. I wouldn’t sleep with him if you have even the slightest feelings for him because I don’t want you to get hurt in the long run.

      You deserve a decent guy who wants to be with you–no games.

      Keep smiling,

  15. Dating Leo woman for 1 yr. .
    Mixed Signals …no sex .
    Her dad has Deminshia !
    Do you think that she is insecure about a commitment due to the fact that …I’ve seen signs that say she has this trait ..
    She will go blank instantly .
    Or she just LONLY & wants attention I’m giving ?

    • Hey Leon,

      I’m sorry that you’re getting mixed signals from her. I don’t know how she’s feeling because all Leo women aren’t the same, but she could have a lot on her plate dealing with her dad. You should talk to her to see where her head’s at. Good luck!

      Keep smiling,

      • Hello zyhosby ,
        I’m sill with my Leo Girl ……

        Same Mixed Signals……Or Am I being Played ?
        Her Old tv breaks …I BY A NEW 50″ LED .
        HER Computer fails….I buy a new one …..
        Out concern …I buy a security system for her home ….No SEX …..WFT
        I’M GEMINI , CONFIDENT BUT SMOOTH / LOW KEY ( been there done that ! )
        I noticed she is attracted to Loud , fake men ????
        Heck she’s 60yrs old. I’m 63 WFT ?


        WALK AWAY ….& CUT MY Loses ??
        She’s a great Lier ……She always talks about her devored husband !!!#!
        Her husband died in jail 20 yrs ago !!!!

        I would never admit that I know……
        My family has 5 policemen. ….I’ve know since I met her 2 yrs ago …..
        I love her ……but …..I really don’t know ????

      • Ok your a Leo #😃

        Could you / would you allow a Gemini man .
        Paint your , buy u a tv , laptop, offer ypu emotional support, pray with you , wine & Dine you ….I YPU HAVE NO SEXUAL INTEREST ?


        I am a Old Shool Gent ….we both are in our 50’s …
        After a 25 yr. Marriage …..I don’t want to Sex up many different Women !!!!
        I got tired of that life 28 yrs ago !

        My Gut says …Politely Leave Her Alone !!!!
        I refuse to see or talk her since Christmas !
        I do respond to TXT Msgs wanting to go to concerts & Diner !
        I just tell her …..I’m working O.T or with some of my musician Friends ….

        Holla at me Felines ….:-)

  16. Hello Yhosby,
    WHAT ARE SOME TELL TAIL SIGNS THAT AT MATURE ( 59 ) Christian Leo woman is into a Gemini Man ……
    Other that accepting Everything that is Offered to her !
    AFTER 1.7RYRS.
    **** 3 yrs. , Before being introduced to this woman ….I JUST DIVORCED MY X AFTER A E5 YR. MARRIAGE THAT PRODUCED 4 COLLEGE GRAD KIDS …
    Soooo , this game playing this game is now Strange to me !!!!
    She have Divorced 33 yrs… I guest she is a Paterson or Serial dater ……
    What do you Leo women offer as advice …if I were you Uncle lol ! 🙂
    I just came out

  17. Hello Yawatta,

    Just been browsing through this article on Leo’s + all the replies thereafter and it’s been an interesting read!

    Funny enough, i’m in a similar situation to most of the men on here (especially the Gemini ones) Haha!!

    Let’s just say a young Leo woman caught my eyes some years back whilst I was doing my thing on the poker circuit which she was very much a known face too but she caught my eye nonetheless, I just didn’t nothing about it!

    Anyway, fast forward to what’s taken place recently and let’s just say her older brother started his own private poker game which I started going too (I wasn’t aware this guy was her older brother at the time). First time I attend, I bump into this lady after all these years, we sat next to each other and slowly but surely we started having some banter at the table as we were sat next to each other and it was a pleasant session.

    Some weeks go by and I had to leave the game early but said ‘I may come back!’ An hour later I get a message from an unknown number and it turns out it was her asking ‘if i’m coming back?!’ Turns out she got my number from her brother.

    From that moment onwards, we’d stay in touch (mostly in the beginning) which somehow turned into it being usually on Mondays though as she runs her own game on that day and it’s usually a text reminder that there’s game. She is quite direct, blunt and not a big-texter and I have tried to be creative when initiating a conversation with her on several occasions. After a while, it felt like she wasn’t reciprocating as she normally did or something would seem like she’s busy or having an off-day (which is fair enough, i’m not judging her whatsoever).

    However, I have always felt a physical attraction to her and when we’d text in the beginning, found those feelings developing even more but as she wasn’t open about her private life (per se), I had to really hold back those reins till I knew more. I was intrigued by her, especially if she was single/in a relationship/engaged/married etc etc… You get the picture!!! I finally got round to asking her as she’s someone who gives nothing away and it turns out (after many attempts) that she’s in a ‘complicated relationship’… I must say I wasn’t at all surprised as I figured this kinda made sense in my head and would answer her being somewhat kinda distant!!!

    Anyway, I decided to back off a bit – I’d still get the ritual Monday texts about the poker game and maybe ‘how are you?!’ etc etc… ONLY, she did something quite random the other day and initiated a text (which wasn’t on a Monday) by sending me quite a funny pic (something alone the lines of light sexual humour)… I was kinda taken aback but it left smiling at the same time!!! All of a sudden, I felt those feelings racing back!!! I even got 2 love-hearts at the end of one of her messages.

    Sorry about the length of this!!! I was just hoping to get the insight from some Leo women outside this circle who could perhaps give me some insight into what could possibly be happening here.

    • Hi. I’m sorry I’m just now noticing your comment…how did things work out for you? It’s good that you kept the mystery going–Leos loved to be chased. Maybe you could try flirting a little with her to see if she responds. Definitely keep her laughing and smiling because we have a child-like personality. Good luck! And, once again, I’m sorry for the late response!

      Keep smiling,

  18. She’s interested but she loyal so she fighting against her emotions just stick around as a friend for now but with a bit of harmless flirt you don’t want to be completely friend zoned Gemini’s are natural talkers so you should have no trouble keeping her entertained but you will have to state once your single we can progress should the topic arise let it naturally don’t push it she will respect you for knowing what you want good luck .

    • Hey Jodie, great advice! Harmless flirting never hurt anyone. It’s playful but it also gets your point across if the other person is paying attention.

      Keep smiling,

  19. Hello Yawatta,
    Im a libra male and I need some help in understanding a Leo woman. this is going to be a bit lengthy 🙂
    We are indians and we have this arranged marriage thing where parents arrange the marriage(the prospective bride and groom meet talk for sometimes and see if we like each other). So her it goes:

    I met a Leo girl last march(a prospective bride)and we became close very quickly. We both stay in different cities but i used to travel every month to her city spend a week with her and come back. I gave her all the attention, importance, care, Surprises etc. she used to do the same .. things were really good for till October. But she always used to say things are moving really quick and she is worried things would end up bad. A week before my birthday in october, she said i am the guy that she wants to marry. I went to her city to spend my birthday with her. We had an amazing time together. the day i was leaving and when i was about to board my plane she messaged me saying she really wished she had asked me to stay back for somemore days (which she never did earlier) and said “I Love you”. things were fine for a week after that and then suddenly one day she said she isnt sure about me. When asked about why she said “i am the guy” and “i love you” she said she never said I love you. Since then she wasnt the way she was. she didnot talk much or message or call me, stopped sharing things the way she used to. But when i dont message her or call her she used to get hurt and fight. She used to feel jealous of a colleague of mine and fought about her too. But she still claimed she isnt sure.

    Things were going on like this for a month. But after a month i fought with her over the changes in her and i asked her why she doesnt feel the same. She never gave me a proper answer, once she said she didnot feel the aura wen i met her for my birthday, once she said her parents arent happy about me(indians here so parents approval is we most of the times seek for marriage). Me asking her for answers got her even more angry and things messed up. She has a very bad temper and in that anger went upto her parents and told them that she doesnt want me anymore. In december we had a huge argument and we both were going on separate vacations . We both decided we will not talk to each other wen we are on the trip. I missed her a lot during my trip and the last day of my trip instead of come back to my city i went to her city to give her a surprise for which she reacted very badly and said She doesnt want this anymore. She said we both need to concentrate on our lifes for now and stop talking for a while. A week later she messaged me asking me how i was doing and then called me. But again after that day it was me who pinged her over and over but she didnt. She just did the first time. this were like this till march this year. We fought again. But this time I was really hurt with her behaviour and the stubbornness she showed. It hurt me a lot . So i told her in anger that “She is too stubborn and selfcentered all she cares is about herself and doesnt give rats about my pain and I will get over her” and the same night i sent her an email expressing the way i got hurt and the reason i wont be in touch anymore. 3 days later she messaged me saying “I know im not allowed to message but just wanted to check how you are doing, hope you wouldnt mind this much” for which i didnot know what to reply, So i just replied”im doing good, hope you are doing good too” after that i didnot message her anything. The next day she sent me a lengthy message saying how she feels bad about things going wrong between us and how we both feel awkward talking to each other and how she regrets that she lost a friend like me and said she will not be in touch with me anymore etc.. for which i didnot reply. the next day sent her a message asking i need some clarification about the message she sent. For which she replied saying can we forget everything and be normal. Though i am really hurt, i just couldnt say no as i am madly in love with her. So i said Ok lets forget it and be normal. 2 days were fine and the 3rd day onwards she became the old one.

    Wen i walk away and start ignoring her she comes back. But once i come back she stays like that for couple of days and then again she stops messaging or calling on her own. I really dont know what she wants or what she wants to do. Is she still into me or not im not sure. She doesnt allow her parents to look for another match and she has arguments everyday. Nor is she dating someone else. I didnot ping her for a day now, she didnot ping either, but knowing her i can definitely say she will either message me tonight or max by tomorrow afternoon asking were did i vanish.

    My mind is going crazy, i really dont know whether i have to be in touch with her or not. I am not sure what she wants. Can you please tell me what do you think i should do. I really love her and want her back. Is there anything that i can do? does ignoring her or making her feel jealous help? Whenever she felt jealous i held her and explained about things and proved myself (which i feel was wrong coz healthy jealousy would actually help the relationship to become stronger)

    Sorry about the Long message

    Please guide me

    • Hi Kris, I’m sorry that you’re going through this. I don’t really know what to say since all Leo women don’t act the same…However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and make her jealous. That could be the thing that keeps her from showing vulnerability with you. When we (Leo women) are courted, we want to feel special and appreciated. We don’t like to compete for our potential mate’s attention.

      I can say that Leo women are typically independent. We can do our own thing, like a hobby or just getting space, without realizing that we’re pushing someone away. We don’t mean to hurt anyone. We just need space sometimes.

      It sounds like she’s confused about her feelings. If I were you, I would try to establish your friendly connection again without involving romance to see if she’ll feel comfortable around you again. Something is holding her back right now. I hope everything works out for you. I wish I could say I’ve been in love before, but I’ve kept myself so guarded that I don’t think I’ve ever been in love.

      Keep smiling,

      • Hi Yawatta,

        Thanks a ton for the reply. As said I didnot message her for couple of days. I used to put her to sleep everyday and yesterday night she randomly called and asked me if I could put her to sleep. I said yes I will. But while on the phone all she was saying was “I think I made a mistake asking you to out me to sleep, we haven’t spoke the last 3 days and I suddenly ask you to put me to sleep. I don’t want you think I’m selfish or using you”. I told her to just stay calm, relax and put her to sleep.

        She woke up just now and messaged me saying thank you and sorry for being cranky at night. And said she genuinely could see the difference in how I was earlier and how I am now.

        So Yawatta I know I couldn’t be the same way while putting her to sleep. But what she doesn’t know is i have been on a sick leave for the last 2 days (food poisoning) when she called me up and asked me though I had the stomach pain and I wanted to sleep. I just dint tell her and I put her to sleep coz I really care for her.

      • I keep telling her to try being normal.. So that songs get better between us. She says she is unable to be like that because she doesn’t want to give hopes..

      • Yawatta,

        Sorry it’s me again. I have couple of more questions.

        It’s been 6 months since she hasn’t been the way that she was. Her talking style, her care importance. I don’t see anything. She says 8 am really important and she has enough care but just doesn’t show it.

        Saying that u are important and I care for you and reciprocating the same are diff.

        1. I have been taking it for 6 months now. How much ever I try being just friendly but wen I don’t e the other person being like that it’s just hurting and I am unable to talk openly to her because of that. I sometimes feel I should just give her an ultimatum and stay away for while and see if she will figure out what she wants

        2. The last time wen we had a fight. She blocked me on whatsapp and after couple of days she sent an sms saying can we forget and be normal, and since then we have been using sms only. We spoke on phone, I put her to sleep and chat thru sms. But she didnot unblock me on whatsapp. Do u think it’s because she wants me to ask her to unblock it or is it her ego?

        Can u give ur opinion and suggestions?

        Thanks a lot

  20. Hey Kris,

    I’m sorry that you’re hurting. If you don’t think you can just be friends with her, then maybe you should start to distant yourself from her. To give you and her both time to think. If she truly cares, then she should open up after she’s had time to reflect.

    Keeping you blocked on the WhatsApp could be an ego thing. Or if it was done in the spur of the moment or during a “temper tantrum,” she may not even remember that she did it. Or she could be embarrassed for jumping the gun?

    Keep smiling,

    • Hi Yawatta,

      Thanks for the reply. We librans, wen we love, we dedicate ourselves to the person and after everything that we shared. I don’t think i can be a friend. The problem here is if 8 start distancing myself and i start ignoring her. She starts messaging me back and I am not sure whether I should respond to that or not. Coz I donno she messages me because I’m ignoring her (like you said leo cannot handle wen ignored) or coz she misses me.

      Keeping me blocked on whatsapp, I definitely don’t think she doesn’t remember coz the only reason we are using sms is because she blocked me (I’m sure she remembers it)


  21. Hi Yawatta,

    It’s me kris again. Just wanted to give you an update. Couple of weeks ago she met with an accident and I immediately rushed to her city. Spent few days with her. When she was fine. I spoke to her about the relationship. I have her 3 options.

    1. I keep taking wat ever is happening. Just like I did the last 6 months and just love with the uncertainty.

    2. I change just like she did and show her what am I going through. (which I can’t coz thats not me)

    3. We all taking for a while. Not be in touch for about 2 months. These 2 months I will live my life. I told her I might opening for others, might go on dates, allow my parents to look for another match for me. I told her I won’t be telling her what is happening these 2 months. And she can do the same. But if there is something really important to share then we can contact each other. We will use these 2 months to figure out whether I want this relationship or not.

    She opted for the 3rd option, but asked me if we can do 1 and 3. Just talk once in a while. For which I said no. No contact means no contact. Except to inform important things. And once I was back we started working on it.

    it’s been about 8 days and she called me the 4th day to give me some important news. After that we are still continuing with the 3rd option.

    I am not sure whether I am right in giving her these 3 options and I am really not sure if being apart completely with no contact help (in the case of a leo).

    What do you think? Please let me know.

    Thanks you

    • Hey Kris,

      Telling her how you felt could never be wrong. You gave her options and now it’s up to her to step to the plate if she wants a relationship with you. Space will be good for you and her. I think you should stand your ground and stay firm. If she tries to start talking to you again before the 2 months are over (because she misses your attention), don’t give in. Wait until the 2 months so she can truly see what she is missing.

      Keep smiling,

      • Hi Yawatta,

        Thanks for the reply. Well about 4 days ago, she asked me if we can talk just once for few mins because she was feeling too low. I spoke to her for a while. But she had been indirectly saying, not that u miss me when u do this or that etc. I didnot respond to it those statements though. But she tried poking me a lot with random statements which I felt she was trying to make me feel jealous.. But spoke to her for few mins and then hung up.

        But my concern here is I decided to concentrate a lot on myself and enjoy these 2 months because I know what I want. I have got back to Workout, go partying, making new friends, etc. Which I didnot all these days when I was with her because I know being a libran I can make new friends easily and I didnot want her to feel jealous. And I’m pretty sure that she can see these updates on my Instagram. Do you think that Will cause a problem?

  22. Hey yawatta,

    Are you leos looking in the appearance of the man ? Im an aries sign. And she always send me selfies from what she is doing. And sometimes calling me. But we do not see each other personaly. What to do ? Thanks !

    • Hey Mikel,

      Leos appreciate eye candy, but not every woman is the same. Most of us start crushing or developing feelings for a guy based off his personality, instead of appearance. Keep her laughing. Put a smile on her face. Compliment her. Trust me, she’ll notice you. 🙂

      Keep smiling,

  23. Thanks, this was a bit helpful… I met this leo girl on a language course I took. After it ended we started seeing each other from time to time, we also text. The thing is when we are together we can’t shut up, hours of talking and laughing without a stop, it seems we have many similar interests and I feel good around her and it seems that she feels good around me too. But we are both kinda hesitant about sharing personal stuff, I know I am… I am taking it slow as just a year ago I came out of a very long relationship so I want to play it safe with this girl and get to know her cos she really captured my interest, the way she carries herself and her personality rly drew me close.

    Now I am worried if I am maybe waiting too much and should I just straight out tell her that I like her? I prefer to give subtle signs and hints to a girl that I like her and usually I can read people very well, but not this girl, sometimes I’m sure she likes me too and sometimes I think she doesn’t. I never dated a leo girl before. It says we are a bad match judging by our signs cos I’m a scorpio, but so far we look compatible. I am thinking of using the tactic you mentioned, the short ignoring and see what happens before confessing.

    Thanks for the advice.

    • Hi Jacques,

      You’re keeping her laughing and putting a smile on her face–that’s a plus. We love a positive energy. Instead of playing the ‘short ignoring’ angle, try to invite her to do something fun like karaoke or mini-golf (something she likes), then try and make a move or joke that you two would make a cute couple–to see how she reacts. Whatever you do, keep it light and fun. A serious talk may scare her off even if she likes you. Good luck!

      Keep smiling,

  24. Soo accurate, I love it! And to be honest I think us Leo women play the game so well when thinking strategically, the world was never ready ; )

  25. Hi Yawatta,

    It’s kris again. Sorry about this.

    As I told you we decided not to talk for couple of months. Things messed up one day she called me to tell me something and then she said I don’t feel like sharing it. It irritated me so I fought with her. Later she unfollowed me in Instagram.

    After that we didnot talk for few days and later started talking as she was alone at home and was sick. I used to call her up or msg everyday to check how she was doing. It was close to 3weeks that we spoke. But all those days.. She never initiated the conversation nor did she msg or call on her own.. But she always used to respond to my msgs immediately. But never tried to extend the conversations. Then one day I fell sick and I fell asleep on Tuesday evening and woke up only to realize that it was Thursday afternoon. I woke up with loads of missed calls and msgs lpeople asking me were I was. But not a single msg or call from her. It hurt me.. A girl who used to be worried if I don’t msg for even half a day. Didnot care to even check where was I. So I stopped pinging or calling her. Neither did she. After about 2weeks she liked a pic on my Instagram. Then again nothing. It’s been a month after since we stopped talking. Couple of days ago I uploaded a new pic of mine on Instagram. Late in the night she liked my pic.. I got the notification when I opened Instagram I noticed that she un-liked the pic. I am not sure what’s happening. I really don’t know whether I should ping her or should I just let her be. I love her a lot and I donno what to do. Can you please help me understand her actions.

    • Hey Kris,

      I’m sorry I don’t have an official answer. She could be playing games or she could be really independent. I know I can go weeks without talking to someone and not even give it a second thought because I was busy with a hobby or something. Then when I talk to them again, it’s like it was just yesterday. Beware if she’s just playing games because she likes your attention. It’s a bad habit of doing something to get your attention, then backing away. If I like a guy, then I show him how special he is to me. I don’t play any games. However, it takes me a long time to decide if I want to date someone. I guess I’m very picky. You should ask her point blank if she sees herself dating you exclusively. If she struggles to answer, then I would leave her be.

      Keep smiling,

      P.S. I hope everything works out for you.

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