How Does an INTJ Show They Care For Or Love Someone?

1.  General stiffness and awkwardness (DUH!!!! LOL)

2.  For no apparent reason, INTJs act friendly and distant toward you, leaving you confused. Just know that during this stage, the INTJ has found you appealing, but don’t know how to step up to the plate in letting you know

3.  INTJs will ask around to see if you like them way before they ever express any feelings themselves

4.  Will flirt with people they don’t care about, but will find it impossible to flirt with their crush

5.  Will research on personality websites to learn how to best understand you

6.  INTJs will make an effort to empathize and understand you, instead of being thoughtless in their social interactions with you

7.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. PAY ATTENTION–INTJs will reveal something geeky about themselves to you to test your response. To pass, act casual and/or share something silly about yourself. They want to make sure you won’t run away from their quirkiness

8.  INTJs will share stories of vulnerability with people they trust, especially after that person finished sharing something. If they do that, you’re golden

9.  They will make you take the Myers-Briggs test online 🙂

10.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. PAY ATTENTION–INTJs would be single if they didn’t have any affection towards you. So, if they’re in a relationship with you, then they definitely love and care for you!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

10 thoughts on “How Does an INTJ Show They Care For Or Love Someone?

  1. Also we (INTJs) may not be very emotionally expressive but “look” at what we do. Do we spend time with you and enjoy your company? Do we chat/talk with you on a regular basis (non work related)? If we ever hug you … we are definitely close (in emotions) with you.

    • Hey DeeM,

      Exactly! If we make time for you instead of finding excuses, then we care about you. Why can’t that be enough? 🙂

      Keep smiling,

  2. The funny thing when I read through this article is that, both me and my partner are INTJs. And it is me who actually made him do the online personality test. But I guess, he is more INTJ than me because I was the one who approach him first 🙂

    • Hi Syaqira. It’s nice to meet you. I love meeting other INTJs. I make people take the online personality test all the time, studying my friends and potential love interests 🙂 Cool beans that you approached your partner first. I’m too shy for that!

      Keep smiling,

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