Trying A New Marketing Approach–Amazon Giveaways

So far, I love Goodreads giveaways the best with LibraryThing coming in second. I’m always open to experimenting or trying something new, especially regarding promotion and marketing myself as an author.

I’m trying an Amazon Giveaway for the first time…To be honest, I have no idea if Amazon will let readers know they have a chance to win or if I’m supposed to find willing participants by my lonesome…I guess on May 11th I’ll find out:)

Plenty of Fish OTHER SITES

For a chance to win the kindle version of my suspense short Plenty of Fish, please click here. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. This giveaway ends May 11th or when all prizes are claimed. To see official rules, click here.

GOOD LUCK to any reader who participates!!!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

2016 Chocolate Fest & Book Faire–How I Spent My Day As A Reader

This past Saturday I had so much fun hanging out with my writing buddy Audrey. Downtown Martinsburg hosted the Chocolate Fest & Book Faire. My two favorite things–books and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate (trust me when I say I was licking my fingers all day).

We went on a chocolate tour at DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates. It smelled so yummy in the factory. I didn’t even mind having to wear a hairnet. I kept staring at the tour guide because he looked exactly like Stephen King. I should have gotten his autograph hee hee. Audrey and I had ended our day at Latte Da Cupcakery. My red velvet cupcake and sweet tea was divine!

Being an author, I thought it was cool meeting other local authors. I didn’t know there were so many! Being a reader, I really enjoyed the experience of discovering new books. Some of the people I met were so nice that I may just venture out of my comfort zone, regarding genre, to read some of their books.

Audrey and I asked each author if they had a kindle version of their book. Each said “yes.” I couldn’t walk away from Chocolate Fest without buying Gage’s very first book though. He’s a kid who didn’t wait to follow his dreams. How can you not support that!

Out of 30 authors, here’s the smiling faces and charming personalities I met:

This event definitely motivated me to look up other local activities regarding books and authors. I need to get my name out there and be brave like these other writers:)

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


Finding Motivation (My Curiosity of Blair Witch Project Helped With That)

Finding inspiration for story ideas can be found anywhere. I just happened to get inspired at work. Sitting at a desk all day in a office forces me to daydream hee hee. The other day I was talking to my coworkers Sarah and Leigh. We were comparing local ghost stories and urban legends. Even in the broad daylight, I was terrified. It’s so fun scaring yourself!

Sarah is awesome. She’s a writer like me, and I go to her for quirky random facts. She understands that I’m an oddball and doesn’t try to change me. I can always appreciate that. I want to thank her for the shout out she gave me on her blog :) And, I think it’s cool that she attempted to film a horror movie in school. I admire anyone who’s not afraid to put themselves out there.

My first potential project involves The Blair Witch Project. Living in West Virginia, I’m only about twenty minutes away from Burkittsville, MD. Does a witch truly haunt those woods? Is it a hoax? If someone were to make up an urban legend, why would it be for that small town?

Being an INTJ, my mind is always full of questions. I need to know these answers to this urban legend even if I just make something up–hence why I write fiction. It’d be fun to create something involving a group of people investigating The Blair Witch woods only to find trouble, of course. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write dark fiction…

I’m a bit crazy and I believe you only live once, so I keep debating if I’d ever step foot in those woods. I mean, a part of me believes the legend. The risk is I wouldn’t make it out of the forest. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! That’s the only thing holding me back. I like my life. I don’t want to disappear. I don’t want to die. I’m a bit crazy but I’m not stupid.

The last session of my Comic  Art class ended tonight. There’s so many ways I could create this fictional project:

  • As a comic book
  • As a graphic novel
  • As a short story
  • As a novel or novella
  • As an article, pitching it to blog/magazine editors
  • As a screenplay
  • As a short film

So many options! Ideas aren’t copyrighted, so I better hurry up and make a decision to get to work!

My second idea for a project stems from the fact that my boss has this “window” in his office. He can see us, but we can’t see him, like a two-way mirror. My mind started playing tricks on me, Alfred Hitchcock as my inspiration. What if a character is plotting each person’s death as he watches them one by one through the “window”?

What if questions are awesome, especially if you have an active imagination. I was lucky to find motivation the other day. I took a hiatus on writing to focus on comics. After talking to my coworkers, I want to start putting pen to paper again. I want to scare my readers to the point they need a light on in order to fall asleep. If only I could be the next female Stephen King…

If you’ve heard of The Blair Witch Project, what’s your take on it? Do you think it’s real? Fake? Exaggerated?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


TWISTED OBSESSION Available On Amazon!!!!

I’ve been doing the happy dance since Monday. Why? Because my new book is finally here!


Baby or no baby, Finia’s determined to live life her way.

Too bad that doesn’t fit Miki’s version of a happy ending. He owns her. No leeway. If she fights back, then he’ll make her regret it.

Miki will get his perfect family by any means necessary.

Here’s an excerpt for TWISTED OBSESSION:

He scratched his head, keeping steady eye contact. “What do you want me to say?”

“The truth, Miki.”

“I didn’t. I wouldn’t.”

Finia shook her head and wiped a tear from her eye. “Goodbye.” She began walking again.

“Wait!” He dashed in front of her, blocking the way. He kept his hands in his pockets to ensure he wouldn’t touch her. “Now isn’t the time to talk about this. Can we wait until I take you home?”

“Why? So you can come up with a lie?”

Miki frowned. “This is a happy moment for us, don’t you see? We’re having a baby. We should be celebrating. Not fighting. We should be calling our families with the good news.” He dug his phone out of his pocket and smiled. “Come on, let’s call your dad first. He always wanted to be a grandfather.”

She folded her arms across her chest. “There’s nothing to celebrate.”

“You don’t mean that. Take it back.”


“Finia, don’t talk like that. Don’t say our family isn’t worth celebrating,” he whispered.

“Family doesn’t do what you did.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Your lies are why I’m leaving.”

This wasn’t the last of it. Now that Finia was carrying his baby, they would be together forever, whether she liked it or not.

—If dark, twisted, and creepy stories are up your alley, then give TWISTED OBSESSION a chance to scare ya. It’s available on Amazon, or if you’d be willing to give an honest review, then I can give you a free copy.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


My 2016 Writing Resolutions

It’s never too late, so I came up with my 2016 writing resolutions:

1. Finish editing my old novels (at least 3). It’s time to make a decision–throw away or save and revise

2. Write, edit, and publish at least 2 books

3. Submit short stories to magazines, journals, and anthologies

4. Utilize the website Critique Circle

5. Keep a steady blogging schedule and continue to interact with like-minded people on forums

6. Join author and book events to get my name out there in the local community

7. PROTECT my writing time!!!!!

8. Write 2 screenplays and 5 short films

9. Study the craft of writing (already taking a screenwriting class, a freelance writing course, and a novel workshop)

For all the writers out there, what are your goals for 2016?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Flash Fiction Prompt #4


Prompt: Restraint

It’s my own fault, I guess. I have a habit of bottling up my feelings, so one small thing can set me off–just from built up anger.

It may not be true, but I think I better stay silent. I better remain calm and not show any emotions.

Because let me tell you, I’m pissed the fuck off.

The stranger on the bus is yelling at the driver, causing him distress. If the stranger makes the driver lose concentration, then heaven forbid, the driver accidentally runs through a red light or runs off the road.

What is the asshole, sitting in front of me, thinking?

That’s the problem–I don’t think any thought process is going through his brain. The stringy gray hair asshole is probably drunk. Bipolar. Or just an entitled asshole.

Around ten minutes ago, I had turned up my iPod to tune everything out, but the guy’s screaming surpasses my Wale verse.

I look out of the window. Why won’t the driver take an exit and pull over? He needs to kick this guy off the bus. Why continue arguing with him? I just don’t get it.

A mile later–only fifteen minutes away from my Walmart stop–the bus stops in the middle of the busy intersection!

The driver stands and turns toward us. Pointing his finger at the asshole in front of me, he says, “Get off the bus! I’m tired of hearing your disrespect.”

“Are you crazy? I’m not getting off. Drive the damn bus!” He rises from his seat and rushes to the front of the bus.

Still no one intervenes. Not even me. I close my eyes and sigh. This can’t be happening right now…

I open my eyes and gasp. A mac truck is heading right our way! It slams into the bus, forcing us forward. I land on top of a young woman and her small boy. We’re squished between the seat and the bumper of the truck.

I say a little prayer before I take my final breath.


If anyone would like to join me and local author MT Decker in the 42 A Day Flash Fiction Challenge, then please let me know.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Flash Fiction Prompt #3


Prompt: Shiny

“What are you talking about?” Kendra asked, setting the dish cloth on the sink.

If her roommate Danielle asked her one more time to wipe the stove when it was already shiny, Kendra would scream.

Absolutely scream!

In a calm voice, Danielle pointed at the left end burner and said, “See right there. There’s a spot.”

Kendra screamed.

Danielle covered her ears.

She didn’t even try to stop Kendra. She didn’t even show any emotions. She simply continued to cover her ears.

After a short while, Kendra stopped screaming, satisfied that she got on Danielle’s nerves.

Danielle put her hands in her pockets, twirling her right foot. “So…that spot. Please clean it.”

Kendra hated everything about obsessive compulsive disorder, including her roommate.


If anyone would like to join me and local author MT Decker in the 42 A Day Flash Fiction Challenge, please let me know.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby