Book Review: 13 Wicked Tales of Witches by Avrin Kelly

Whether it’s around Halloween time, or one of the other 11 (boring) months out of the year; you are going to love these 13 stories from Avrin Kelly…

Dear Reader,

I present thirteen stories to horrify you, make you question existence, and even those around you. Thirteen tales of treachery, magic gone wrong and spells done right. Stories about people, just like you, who had a run-in with a Witch…or who are Witches themselves. 

You don’t know who the villains are until the end. You won’t know who the monsters are until they strike, but isn’t that the best part about horror?

The unknown?

If you are feeling particularly brave, I encourage you to explore the uncanny world of Witches, with me as your guide. Snuggle down with this creepy read, and come with me into the depths of wickedness and strange magic. To a place where nothing is ever as it seems, where the danger could be lurking in the shadows behind you or right beside you, in the light.

Thirteen tales of terror; every one of them involving a Witch…

–A handyman recalls the horrifying details of a job he wishes he’d forgotten.

–An overly curious English teacher gets way more than she bargained for when she sets out to solve a mystery concerning her next door neighbor.

–A Witch out for revenge on an unfaithful lover, finds he may have beaten her to the punch.

–A veteran cat burglar underestimates a wealthy old woman in the dead of night.

–A young handyman tells what happened when he went to work with his father one Saturday afternoon.

–A Warlock in college is having issues with his unruly doppelganger. 

–And more…Read “Thirteen Wicked Tales of Witches” and treat yourself to some twisty, turny (is that a word?) Halloween frights!!!

Signed Sincerely,

Your Guide


I really enjoyed this short story collection. When I think of horror, I want to read about monsters or evil people. Some of these witches were pretty dark, right up my reading alley.

Ms. Burgess’s Pets:

Sam and Little Frank were plumbers who answered a call to an old lady’s home. Flour was all over the floor as they worked. My favorite line: “Honestly, at that point I just figured she was a little senile. And who could blame her? She was out here in the country all alone, all the time.” I enjoyed the twist regarding “pets.”

The Flags in Barrymore Village:

13 years old Ducky and Isaac watched the Witch Flag hang. Suddenly, very bad weather arrived in town. The story was full of suspense with the boys being locked in a basement for sinister purposes. My favorite lines: 1) “You should always be cautious in Barrymore Village. This place is not Mayberry.” 2) “It’s not snow.” Ducky sniffed the air, his face contorting into true horror. “It’s bone.”


This was one of my favorite stories. I loved the twist at the end. Cam was being bullied and wanted revenge. His cousin was psycho. My favorite line: “You wanted revenge, right?” I nodded. “How better to get that than to wash the smiles right off their faces.”

The Stick Lady:

This was very short. An old lady hung sticks from top of a tree. My favorite line: “It was the first of many emails I’ve received as of late. This is easily the least disturbing one.”

189 Martin Lane:

This was one of my favorite stories. A burglar climbed into a window of an old lady’s house to steal from her downstair’s safe. It was an eerie and chilling scene when she confronted the burglar. She was badass! My favorite line: “S-s-stay away from me.” I whispered, inching away from her. “You’re a monster.” I’d seen what was in her safe. I knew I was in over my head. I wish the author would’ve revealed what was in the safe.

The Crossroads:

The opening sentence: “Blood gushed from my side where Norman had stabbed me” hooked me right away. Two ex lovers faced off with witchcraft. I liked the twist at the end.


This was one of my favorite stories. Red rain water flowed into a couple’s yard. They got it tested and figured out it was human blood from the neighbor’s yard. It was creepy (in a good way) how Ms. Aster stood naked, glancing at their cameras. There was great tension between the married couple. I cared about the characters. This was a depressing story; that witch was vicious! My favorite lines: 1) “She didn’t move. Didn’t blink. Didn’t flinch.” 2) “Yet.” I added. “She hasn’t hurt us yet. That blood came from somewhere…”

The Burrstreet Witches:

Viana was the head witch with 12 in her coven. I loved the twisty ending. My favorite line: “All thirteen of them were horrified.”

Night Owl

This was one of my favorite stories. Clarity was suspicious of her gorgeous coworker Suzette. An owl was stalking Clarity. A creepy owl! I was sad that Clarity’s fiance had died. The story was eerily spooky. Well done to the author. The villain was truly a villain. My favorite lines: 1) “The entire time, I felt like someone was watching me. Like something was watching me.” 2) “The elevator’s interior lights flickered off, abandoning me in total, suffocating darkness.”


The story started with the reveal of a real live zombie gerbil. The little sister brought things back to life with a string, with bad consequences of course. I loved the twist of the little sister. I never saw it coming. I wish the ending would’ve shown if the main character (brother) escaped or not.


A fetch (or doppelganger) was trying to kill a guy in college. No mirrors or reflective surfaces were allowed in the guy’s apartment. A guest accidentally left his cell phone on the couch, so craziness happened. My favorite lines: 1) “Don’t worry, just say the word.” I told him. I sounded more confident than I really was. 2) He rolled his eyes and got to his feet. “Sorry,” he mumbled as he rubbed his head. “Almost dying will give a person an attitude sometimes.”

Old Hag Syndrome:

Eric talked to a shrink because a witch kept attacking him in his sleep. His life was out of control and everyone thought he was crazy. Gaining strength, the witch started haunting Eric and Barry in the daytime. Barry was already committed to an insane asylum. Eric was being threatened with the same fate. I was a little confused by the ending.

Low Gravity Charms

A warlock was supposed to be a guide on a spaceship. The crew got attacked by an outside force.

The Truth About Wildwood

This was one of my favorite stories. A coven of witches lived in the middle of the woods. I loved how the main character was talking to us, the readers. It made the story seem more real. I enjoyed the twist of the main character and Henry. My favorite lines: 1) “I’m not ashamed to say I was scared. I’d rather be out here in the woods by myself than make a decision concerning my future. What an idiot.” 2) “She shook and cowered away from me. Embarrassed. Confused. Horrified.”

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 12 of #DecTheShelves


Day 12, I bought a true crime anthology. I’ve always been fascinated with why bad people do the things they do. Hopefully, I enjoy this book.


Every year, we look back in horror at the sheer evil mankind is capable of, and 2017 was no different.

Across the world, but particularly in the United States, startlingly horrific crimes have almost become commonplace, causing us to double-lock our doors at night and look over our shoulders, wondering if we’re safe, no matter how crowded or well-lit our location is.

In this true crime release, we’ve complied some of the most gripping and gruesome crime stories of 2017. Some of the horrible stories you will read about includes:

  • A Florida serial killer stalked a close-knit suburb of Tampa, killing Seminole Heights residents seemingly at random.
  • A member of a neo-Nazi organization used his vehicle to kill a protestor in Charlottesville, Virginia, more than 50 years after the world defeated Hitler’s racist rise to power.
  • A couple was sentenced to death for brutalizing a 10-year-old girl for years, beating her, depriving her of food, forcing her to walk on the hot pavement of a sizzling summer in Arizona, only to let her die in an airtight box overnight, her punishment for eating a Popsicle without asking after sweltering in 115-degree heat.
  • Two young girls were smart enough to record pictures and audio of a man suspected in their deaths, evidence that will hopefully soon solve their murders.
  • A blood-soaked man carried his mother’s decapitated head into a grocery store, attacking a clerk and stabbing him as well before being apprehended from police.
  • The UK was rocked by terrorist bombings that turned joyous moments deadly in an instant.
  • The death of Charles Manson gave us an opportunity to look back at the bloody mayhem inspired by a murderous man with a messiah complex.

Keep the lights on, Dear Reader, and welcome to 2017’s most horrifying true stories.

What are you reading?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 11 of #DecTheShelves


On Day 11, Santa gave to me…a comedy thriller. Thanks Santa! by the way, Santa equals me hitting the buy button on my kindle 🙂

Running Stupid is an intense, slick mystery thriller with a dose of comedy and an injection of suspense. It is a roller coaster of emotions, taking the reader on a high octane journey as the hapless, apathetic protagonist  encounters serial killers, sociopaths, liars and fraudsters before finding himself face to face with the ultimate test of fortitude.

Matthew Jester is a lucky man. He has cruised through life on a tide of fortune, succeeding in every aspect of his existence. Now he wants to test his good fortune, to push it to the extreme, and his luck is about to run out–his world is about to unravel. He becomes the chief suspect in a high profile murder case and discovers that he is public enemy number one. The country hates him, they want him dead, and no matter how far he runs, no matter which direction he takes, he keeps finding himself in the clutches of the darkest and most depraved elements of society. He thinks his luck has finally run out, that his life has hit rock bottom, but what he doesn’t know is that things are a lot worse than they seem.

What are you reading?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 10 of #DecTheShelves


My 10th book is another horror. I can’t get enough haha, and with only 48 pages, it will definitely be a fast read. My motivation for buying They Came With the Snow–I have to know what the monsters are!

When a mysterious blast goes off in a small college town, triggering a blizzard, the few survivors must decide whether to stay or leave and face the monsters who came with the snow.

What are you reading? If you love horror, what’s your favorite type of monster?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


Day 9 of #DecTheShelves


On day 9, I wanted to buy a thriller, so that’s exactly what I did with Vile City 🙂

A brilliant new crime thriller series

DI Duncan Waddell has big problems. He’s borderline diabetic. The paperwork is piling up faster than the underwear at a porn shoot.

Now his best pal DC Stevie Campbell, who’s in a coma after being attacked by a suspect, has started to talk to him. Trouble is, only Waddell can hear him.

The last thing he needs is the country’s biggest case to land on his lap.

Three women have gone missing in the city he used to love, but is fast coming to despise, victims of the GLASGOW GRABBER, as their assailant has been dubbed by local hack and all round thorn in Waddell’s backside, Catriona Hastie.

Shelley Craig is the latest victim, snatched as she and her boyfriend took a shortcut through Glasgow city centre.

And she’ll do anything to make it home.

What are you guys reading?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 8 of #DecTheShelves


I’m excited to read my new paranormal horror novel! It had me at a former host of a ghost-hunting reality show having regrets. I like behind-the-scenes production stuff, so I’m hoping to see aspects of filming. Plus, I really have to find out what happened to poor little Chelsea!


Ford Atticus Ford, former host of the hit ghost-hunting reality show Graveyard: Classified, has more than a few regrets–especially after young Chelsea Hopper was attacked by a demon. Assisting police departments by conducting paranormal investigations and uncovering buried clues now provides Ford with an ounce of redemption, but it will never be enough.

What occurred on that long-ago Halloween night was unforgivable, and Ford, chasing ratings and stardom, let it happen.

With Graveyard cancelled and his reputation destroyed, Ford sets out to avenge little Chelsea, and to save his own soul–if he can.

What are you guys reading?

For authors, it’s not to late to send your book links to #DecTheShelves on Twitter. There’s like 12 or 15 of us buying a book every day from the list. To add your stuff, you don’t have to participate in the reading challenge.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 7 of #DecTheShelves


The premise of a dad doing anything to save his daughter from Leukemia touched my heart. My curiosity took over too–what exactly is the dad going to do violent-wise? This is my first medical thriller, and I can’t wait to read it.

Hanna Smith was diagnosed with Leukemia at age six and was in and out of remission four times by age thirteen. Her father, Dr. Jason Smith, an underachieving insurance company medical director who is plagued with severe panic attacks, learns about a new medication that has a high remission rate in adults with the same diagnosis. But the medication is not FDA approved for children.

Jason’s desires to find a cure for his daughter’s illness takes him on an unexpected, violent criminal path that tests the boundaries of his career and marriage, and jeopardizes his sanity. But will he finally be successful in saving his daughter, and at what cost?

From debut Author Wendy Weiss, comes a disturbing, psychological thriller about a desperate man, that takes you on an intense journey up and down the Southwest Florida coastline.

What are you guys reading?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 6 of #DecTheShelves


I’m all for books that can make me cry, make me feel an emotional connection, make me escape my boring reality. I had to buy this book after reading the blurb. It sounds amazing.

When Kyle French’s father and clairvoyant mother dies in a car crash that he alone survives, the question haunts him. Through his grief and survivor’s guilt, Kyle looks for answers and tries to heal with his remaining family.

A story about the choice of either running away from your problems or making the right decisions to carry on, Pamela Harju’s debut novel is an emotional journey about coming of age and moving on even as your world collapses around you.

If you like strong characters, a distinctly Irish setting and a hint of the supernatural, buy THE TRUTH ABOUT TOMORROW and follow Kyle on his quest to find answers and happiness.

What are you reading?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 5 of #DecTheShelves


The line ‘And you thought the stepsisters were wicked…’ really captured my interest. I had to buy this dark fantasy book to see all the bad things Cinderella does. I’m intrigued!

And you thought the stepsisters were wicked…

I’m not who they think I am. A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and stepsisters. Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment. That’s what I WANT them to think. Because then they won’t suspect what I’m really up to.

The ball, the prince–it’s all part of my plan to come out on top. Stepmother and her demented daughters will pay for every floor I have scoured, every sneer I have borne. They don’t know about the white magic, how I use it to enhance myself. They can’t see that my heart is black as midnight, rotten as a poisoned apple.

What are you guys reading?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 4 of #DecTheShelves


Today I bought a book from one of my favorite horror author’s, Amy Cross. My kindle is filled with her novels. In spirit of this new Twitter challenge, #DecTheShelves, I’m experimenting, so I got Perfect Little Monsters and Other Stories, which is a short story collection. To be honest, I don’t own much of those. It won’t hurt to give Amy Cross’s a try. I can only imagine what fear I’ll experience. It’s fun scaring myself 🙂

A husband waits until his wife and children are in bed, before inviting a dangerous man into their home…

A girl keeps hold of her mother’s necklace, as bloodied hands try to tear it from her grasp…

A gun jams, even as its intended victim begs the universe to let her die…

Perfect Little Monsters and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by Amy Cross. Some of the stories take place in seemingly ordinary towns, whose inhabitants soon discover something truly shocking lurking beneath the veneer of peace and calm. Others show glimpses of vast, barbaric worlds where deadly forces gather to toy with humanity. All the stories in this collection peel back the face of a nightmare, revealing the horror that awaits. And in every one of the stories, some kind of monster lurks…

Perfect Little Monsters and Other Stories contains the new stories Perfect Little Monsters, I Hate You, Meat, Fifty Fifty and Stay Up Late, as well as a revised version of the previously-released story The Scream. This book contains scenes of violence, as well as strong language.

What are you guys reading? What’s your favorite short story ever written?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby