Urban Legends


“This is a very entertaining book about the lengths someone will go to in order to research a book.”–Iseult

“Campy, page-turning thriller!”–Maria

“Though this book is set in a fictional contemporary college town and other than everyone having cell phones it was very easy to picture this novel as an ’80s slasher film.”–Natalie

“Hosby can write gory scenes. I cringed a few times, eek! Overall Urban Legends an exciting crime-horror story.”–Priscilla

“I thought the plot worked, and that it was an entertaining and not-too-scary read, with a few red herrings to keep the reader off balance.”–Deborah

Urban Legends - High Resolution


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Gruesome murders, resembling urban legends, take place in a small college town. Wilk, Elena, and Wayne grow suspicious of their Urban Legends professor when their best friend, Savannah, is found dead in her dorm room with ‘Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn on the Lights?’ written in blood on the mirror. Is Professor Stevens a deranged serial killer? Or just a creepy dude? They must find out the truth before they become the next victims.


“Dude, are you okay?” Wilk asked, with concern written all over his face.

Wayne nodded, afraid to answer. He didn’t like lying to his friends.

Elena gave a comforting smile. “We’ll understand if you don’t want to go to Urban Legends. We’ll take notes for you.”

“No, I’m going, but if I don’t hear from Savannah soon, I’ll start freaking out.”

After breakfast, Wilk followed Wayne into their dorm room and shut the door. Thinking of Savannah, Wayne remained quiet.

“Why don’t you try calling again?” Wilk asked.

“That’s a good idea.” Wayne pulled out his cell phone from his jacket pocket and dialed Savannah’s number. Straight to voicemail again. “Hey, babe, give me a call when you get this. I’ll take notes for your favorite class. I know you’re upset that you’re missing creepy Professor Stevens.” Vulnerability snuck into his voice when he ended the message with, “I love you, babe.”