Perfect Little Murder


“This book starts with a sinister grip and doesn’t let go.”–Priscilla Bettis

“A super creepy horror read, the kind that makes you consider that killers walk among us.”–Maria Riegger

“This novel is fast-paced as Loren moves quickly and aggressively in forming plans to accomplish her goal while eliminating anything or anyone standing in her way.”–Ron K

“A fairly well written murder mystery book.”–Tony Parsons

“This story is truly heartbreaking. Readers bear witness to Loren’s emotional breakdown–silent observers unable to turn away from the inevitable devastation.”–Angel Gelique



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Franco was my brother, my best friend, my protector. He never missed any of my ballet practices.

Until Kina…killed him. I don’t care how many times she denies it. I know she killed him. And for that, she’ll have to pay.


“Loren, where were you Wednesday night between eleven p.m. and one a.m.?”

“In my room, watching TV.” Of course, I conveniently don’t include crawling out of my bedroom window and climbing down my tree. I’m sure there are no witnesses to that, so I can get away with this lie.

“She was definitely home,” Dad says. “I picked her up from the party.”

Mom glares at me. I hope Jay didn’t pick up on that. Being bored with this conversation, I decide it’s time to turn the tables on Mom. It’s time to make her sweat.

My gaze never leaves Mom’s glare. “You can ask Kina. I watched a movie with her. Mom, have you talked to Kina today?”

Mom folds her arms across her chest in a defensive stance. “Of course, I have. She’s at home doing her school work. She’s going to help Mrs. Wilson fix dinner afterwards.” She looks at Jay. “Kina is always helping around the house.”

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Mom’s a lying liar who lies. She couldn’t have talked to Kina today. Kina can’t be doing homework right now. Kina can’t be helping our neighbor cook later. Kina can’t even breathe. She doesn’t have a pulse. She’s six feet underground, figuratively speaking.

I killed her this morning on the way to school.

Let the games begin…