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Lilly Singh’s Social Media Storytelling: Make Videos People Care About

I think it’d be cool to join this Skillshare class. As writers, we know it’s more than just getting words on paper. To find readers, we’re told to engage on social media and show our personality, or show our knowledge, or show our passion. I don’t know about you, but I could really use help with my YouTube channel. No matter what I do, I can’t find an audience. YouTube could be a valuable tool for potential readers to discover my art and horror books.

Lilly Singh is a talk show host and popular YouTuber. Her class starts on April 27th. Be the first to discover her secrets to multi-channel success.

Click on the link to: JOIN THE CLASS!

If you could visually tell a story through your social media, how would you go about it?

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The Odd Writer

Love this positive message about accepting your weird quirks. Go check out the blog post!

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Priscilla Bettis

Image of black stoneware cup

I was 21, about to graduate from college and set up my own household, you know, with a sofa that didn’t come from the curb, ceramic plates instead of paper plates, and real cups instead of the plastic freebies with the school mascot on the side. Bring this cup back for a free fountain drink with purchase of any large pizza.

I wandered into a high-end home goods store. There was no Walmart in town at the time, or me and my mostly empty wallet would have gone there. I chose a black cup from a back corner display. Black dinnerware was not cool at a time when happy graduates picked happy colors or at least safe, porcelain florals. The sales woman (tailored slacks, hair pinned up, an older woman with an air about her as if she was the owner) waved off the black with a flick of her…

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Check Out My Quirky Author Interview On Willow Croft’s Blog

Copyright Image by Granite Grok

Hola! I had fun answering some interesting questions for Willow Croft’s blog. Want to know what I think of UFOs, aliens, ghost sightings, and angel numbers? Then check out my author interview. You might call me quirky, you might call me crazy, you might call me eccentric. I just call myself–me. Life is boring when you’re normal haha.

To check out my author interview, please click on the link: Five Things Friday: Mini-Interview With Author Yawatta Hosby.

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