Trying A New Marketing Approach–Amazon Giveaways

So far, I love Goodreads giveaways the best with LibraryThing coming in second. I’m always open to experimenting or trying something new, especially regarding promotion and marketing myself as an author.

I’m trying an Amazon Giveaway for the first time…To be honest, I have no idea if Amazon will let readers know they have a chance to win or if I’m supposed to find willing participants by my lonesome…I guess on May 11th I’ll find out 🙂

Plenty of Fish OTHER SITES

For a chance to win the kindle version of my suspense short Plenty of Fish, please click here. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. This giveaway ends May 11th or when all prizes are claimed. To see official rules, click here.

GOOD LUCK to any reader who participates!!!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

2016 Chocolate Fest & Book Faire–How I Spent My Day As A Reader

This past Saturday I had so much fun hanging out with my writing buddy Audrey. Downtown Martinsburg hosted the Chocolate Fest & Book Faire. My two favorite things–books and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate (trust me when I say I was licking my fingers all day).

We went on a chocolate tour at DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates. It smelled so yummy in the factory. I didn’t even mind having to wear a hairnet. I kept staring at the tour guide because he looked exactly like Stephen King. I should have gotten his autograph hee hee. Audrey and I had ended our day at Latte Da Cupcakery. My red velvet cupcake and sweet tea was divine!

Being an author, I thought it was cool meeting other local authors. I didn’t know there were so many! Being a reader, I really enjoyed the experience of discovering new books. Some of the people I met were so nice that I may just venture out of my comfort zone, regarding genre, to read some of their books.

Audrey and I asked each author if they had a kindle version of their book. Each said “yes.” I couldn’t walk away from Chocolate Fest without buying Gage’s very first book though. He’s a kid who didn’t wait to follow his dreams. How can you not support that!

Out of 30 authors, here’s the smiling faces and charming personalities I met:

This event definitely motivated me to look up other local activities regarding books and authors. I need to get my name out there and be brave like these other writers 🙂

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby