Thanks Horror Writers Association For Giving Me A Shout-Out!!!


image copyrighted by Horror Writers Association website

I’m one of those annoying people that celebrate their birthday for the whole month. Hey, at least I’m self-aware lol. When Linda D. Addison approached me to be featured in the Horror Writers Association for The Seers’ Table July 2020 edition, I jumped at the opportunity! A good start to my birthday 🙂

I want to thank Linda D. Addison, and I also give a big thank you to Ed Hoornaert. Please check out the link to see me and other talented authors: The Seers’ Table July 2020.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

6 thoughts on “Thanks Horror Writers Association For Giving Me A Shout-Out!!!

  1. That is so cool, Yawatta! I’m glad it worked out.

    Awhile back, probably a couple years, Linda (who’s a Big Deal in the world of horror) said she had searched for other Black female horror writers but they were hard to find. When I got to know you via Weekend Writing Warriors, I thought I might be able to help out both her and you, but I wasn’t sure if contacting her would actually lead anywhere. I’m delighted that it did.

    • Thank you, Alexandrina. My birthday is 7/28 and my dad’s is 7/23. I learned to celebrate the whole month from him AND my mom, who was born in September lol

      Keep smiling,

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