Book Review: The Interrogator’s Notebook By Martin Ott

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Norman Kross is a career interrogator who has worked covertly in some of the most dangerous places in the world. He returns to his LA home, contemplating retirement and coming to terms with his past. He may be a master at unlocking others’ secrets, but he is blind to the truth of his relationship with his wife, sons, father, and friends. Floundering as a teacher, Norman agrees to take on one last assignment, to interrogate a character actor who may be responsible for the death of a director’s daughter. The secrets he uncovers are far more terrifying than any battlefield, any windowless room, any passage in the notebook he feverishly writes in to make sense of what men are capable of behind their masks.

16053902I loved this 12 chapter book; I thought it was awesome how each chapter started with a part of Norman’s memoir, which was called “The Interrogator’s Notebook.” I had an instant like to him since he was a writer and had led an interesting life, keeping secrets from his family. My favorite lines: 1) My first nightmares were not of bogeyman or sharp-fanged monsters but of leather shoes shuffling down the corridor, the terror of what might spring from my own actions. 2) Truth was, I had been arrogant, a victim of my cleverness. This woman would not be the last person whose life I ruined as an interrogator. 3) He helped me see the story within the story to probe myself, as much as those I questioned. 4) Every journey starts at the beginning, not the middle. 4) “You don’t see it, do you?” For the first time, Ari the Elder beamed a self-satisfied smile. “The great interrogator is blind to the truth all around him!”

A famous director’s daughter was murdered, so Lawrence, a best-selling author, asked Norman to interrogate the potential suspect. George was a famous actor with a dark side. He gave me the willy nillies, in a good way. The first pool scene where he dressed up as the victim gave me chills down my spine. I really was afraid for Norman’s safety. It was cool that George kept getting inside his head and getting the best of him. Knocked Norman down a couple of pegs. My favorite scene was when Vera and Norman are at the cabin. It was pretty scary.

I loved the suspense and the mystery. It was full of tension, and I loved Norman’s family dynamics, especially the backstory with his father. The situation was very sad, and I enjoyed all the drama. Poor Norman. The author had a brilliant talent with characterization; all the people in his story were three-dimensional and entertaining. I liked the villains and the heroes. His sons and the son’s girlfriend were witty and cute.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Interrogator’s Notebook By Martin Ott

      • It will probably be quite a while. I have a long list of books to buy and read. But you never know. I’m always interested in books that concentrate on character more than plot, so I might just spring for this ahead of some others. The sample looked good.

      • Hey Catana,
        I know what you mean by having a long list of books to read. It’s fun escaping to different worlds, especially when the characters are really intriguing.

        Keep smiling,

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