Book Review: Hot Laundry By TG Davis

Jackie Blue is a private investigator in LA who wants to move up in the PI world. Jackie investigates a Hollywood money manager and comes face to face with a Mexican drug cartel and its money laundering scheme. Jackie and ex-beau/bounty hunter Hugh Barclay end up protecting the head of the Hollywood firm but who’s protecting who here? Through  a bizarre circumstance at the outset of the story Jackie holds key customer account information that all sides of the splintering cartel are chasing.

18046568I enjoyed this 12 chapter book. It was told through Jackie’s first person point-of-view. I liked that she was in her mid-20’s but had seen a lot of crazy stuff due to her job. For this assignment, it was supposed to be simple: meet a client’s son. Things took a wild turn when he got shot in the  head, in plain daylight, out in a public location. It was a crazy rollercoaster ride till the very end of the book. I was scared for Jackie and Hugh’s safety.

I loved how the characters interacted with each other. Each sarcastic and witty in their own right. It was funny that throughout the night Jackie’s best friend, Rocky, and her mom kept nagging her about how she needed to find a man. Even though the story was suspenseful, it had it’s funny moments, especially involving Jackie’s granddad.

My favorite lines: 1) The funny thing about the police  presence for those four nights…Teresita never asked me about it. Not a phone call, tap on the door…nothing. Strange. 2) Hugh sprinted back to the truck. “There’s someone in the trunk of that sedan.” 3) There wasn’t a drag line of blood that we could follow to the victim, which was probably Mr. Monroe. Just an enormous stain. Like he was left to bleed out and then moved from the scene. Sadistic bastards.

Throughout the story, a question would be answered, then ten more questions would rise. I loved putting on my sleuth cap, trying to figure out everything. There was a cool twist at the end.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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