Don’t Miss the Last Day of My #Kickstarter Campaign!

My Unscripted #1 and #2 Kickstarter campaign was fully funded on day 3! Thanks to everyone who supported me and my comic 🙂

We also were able to unlock the 1st stretch goal. With 2 days left, we’re only $25 away from unlocking the 2nd stretch goal.

For anyone interested in slice-of-life comics, POC characters, LGBT friendly, love triangles, and drama, it’s not too late to get your copy of Unscripted.

Here’s the tiers:

$4–Unscripted #1 Digital

$8–Unscripted #1 and #2 Digital

$8–Unscripted #1 Physical (local or shipped)

$16–Unscripted #1 and #2 Physical (local or shipped)

$25–Art Pack (local or shipped)

$150–Comic Collector (local or shipped)

Here’s the stretch goals:

$600–Felix art print UNLOCKED

$800–behind-the-scenes PDF with script/thumbnails/character sketches

$1000–art commission by me

$1200–Felix art print

Supporting my Kickstarter also guarantees more goodies. I’ve promised every backer they get more than what’s shown in the tiers and stretch goals. Plus, you get options of variant covers–only through my Kickstarter campaign. When I sale Unscripted online and at comic cons, it’ll only be the standard cover.

If you don’t want my comic but would like to support me another way, please consider sharing this link to your friends, family, social media of whoever enjoys reading slice-of-life comics/graphic novels.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Unscripted 1 and 2 Are Available on #Kickstarter #indiecomics

Today is the day!!! My comics Unscripted #1 and #2 are available on Kickstarter. Interested in backing?

Like promised, here’s a preview 🙂


The Irish pop group, Me Cailinis, is on promotional tours for their upcoming concert. A crazy PR stunt leaves Felix’s bandmates hurt, especially her girlfriend. Can she make it right?

Here’s the first 5 pages:


A night out in New York City leads to blackmail, an altercation, love confession, and a broken heart. Can anything go right for Felix?

Here’s the first 5 pages:


Why Kickstarter?

This is a pre-order opportunity rather than an all-or-nothing plea for funding. The books will be printed (in fact, Unscripted #1 already is!) regardless of this campaign’s success, but I’m using this campaign as an opportunity to properly reward my Unscripted backers and give them some great extras that won’t be available elsewhere.

I’ll have the chance to reward variant covers, art prints, original 11×17 comic pages, art commissions, behind-the-scenes PDF.

potential rewards at different tiers

Shipping costs are charged when you pledge–there will be no question mark over what it will cost and no surprise additional charge will hit you later. With Kickstarter, if my monetary goal is met by the end of 30 days, then your card will be charged. If not, then your card won’t be charged.

Any support helps. If you don’t want to spend any money, please consider sharing my Kickstarter campaign page with anyone interested in slice-of-life comics. Or anyone who is entertained by love triangles, drama, POC characters, LGBT friendly, a main character who is definitely not a Mary Sue.


Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

I’ve Been Writing…Just Not What You Think


Before getting covid on Christmas Eve, I was a busy bee. Nonstop, I was drawing character sketches for my Unscripted graphic novel. In fact, I even drew a 24-page comic in October as a comic’s challenge! Every day, I was working on my script for Unscripted. I don’t show any of that on this blog since it’s for my horror writing, but if you want to check out my progress, I share on my Instagram page and I have a YouTube channel.

After covid, I’m still a busy bee, writing my Unscripted graphic novel script and drawing.

Plus, I created a free newsletter called Inspire. Awaken. In Awe. It shares my spiritual journey. I’m getting out of feeling in a rut by paying attention to the angel numbers coming my way. I’ve been more productive in the past couple of months than what I’ve done in the past year or two. If you’d like to check out my spiritual newsletter, I’d really appreciate it.

This Thursday, I’ll be starting a short story challenge with my writing buddy. I’m excited to get back into the groove of writing fiction again. Anything’s possible. I’m holding on to that 🙂

I LOVE BEING FREE. I can do whatever I want and it feels wonderful!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby