Day 90 Of 90 Day Novel

It dawned on me that I never wrote about my last day of the 90 day novel challenge. Oopsie…

I have two versions of my first draft: a novel divided in four parts and a novella with just the section that I liked the most. Once I start editing, I’ll finally make a decision. I’m still debating if I just want to make my point, then get out. To focus on the cheating and that’s it. Or if I want to show readers the characters’ entire journeys, what happened before the scandal, how it affected everyone afterwards.

No title. I’m thinking it should be a pop culture reference since my story deals with celebrities. Or it could be the main character’s name. See I’m all over the place…

When I write, I like to play certain playlists to keep me in the mindset of the people in my stories. For this one, I listened to:

  • Dru Hill–Someone’s Sleeping In My Bed
  • Destiny’s Child–Temptation
  • Dru Hill–We’re Not Making Love Anymore
  • Rihanna–Unfaithful
  • Brandy–Angel In Disguise

As you can probably tell, my story is about a love triangle. I want it to be women’s fiction instead of romance, so I focused on the main character trying to rebuild her career after the fallout of her infidelity. I shared her, her boyfriend, and her fling’s perspectives to show the emotional rollercoaster. I guess I shouldn’t tell who she ended up picking, if anyone at all, because I don’t want to give the ending away.

I haven’t touched either versions of the first draft in close to six weeks. I want an objective eye when I go back to edit; apparently I have a lot of work cut out for me.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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