Creative Writing Prompts

I will be creating short stories, flash fiction, or scenes from creative writing prompts. If anyone wants to participate in the prompts, I’ll include a link to your story to share with the blogosphere. Just send me an email at Author.Yawatta.Hosby(AT)aol(DOT)com with the link and title of story if you named it.

  • No pressures. It’s just meant for fun. If you’d like to share, please don’t think there’s a deadline or anything. I’ll share your link whenever you provide it to me. Prompts are a great source for allowing your creative energy to flow.


FRI. 6/1/12  Create a story beginning with a character saying “The first time I wore…”

TUES. 6/5/12 In a busy grocery store, a person is waiting in express lane for a very long time because the person in front of him or her won’t stop talking to the cashier. Person is on their lunch break and may have to clock in late (5 minute drive back to work)…

FRI. 6/8/12 Start a story with: Once when no one was looking…

TUES. 6/12/12 Two people wake up in Vegas hungover in bed together. They look at their hands and notice rings on their fingers. Apparently, the night before, they got married. One wants to make the relationship work while the other wants an annulment…

TUES. 6/19/12 Write about a time that someone said “no”…

TUES. 6/26/12 A celebrity wants to enjoy his or her time with family, but a fan is bothering him or her because won’t stop nagging…

FRI. 8/17/12 Base a story off a song lyric or an entire song…

FRI. 1/1/16 Anticipation

SAT. 1/2/16 Rings

SUN. 1/3/16 Shiny

MON. 1/4/16 Restraint




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