Day 3 (My First Zero)


It’s only the 3rd day of NaNo, and I already have a zero. Yippie!

I had a hair appointment. On those days, I like to sit under the dryer with my kindle. Afterwards, I usually go straight home. Instead, I had to detour to Ranson. I was invited to a dinner party, and it would’ve been rude if I declined the offer.

I thought that once I reached home, I could start Trapped: A Novella. I’m used to writing late anyway, so no problems. Right? Wrong…that idea went down the drain when it was very late at night and we were still in Ranson. In the building, I moved to a corner in the back of the room to read my kindle. Rude? Maybe…but my day had to be productive somehow. What better way than to work on my book reviews.

Since there was no way of getting back home before the midnight deadline, I hung out at the Race Track, expecting to watch the Mayweather fight. Apparently, the place doesn’t show fights anymore because no one shows until the main event. It’s a waste of money to order those packages, including matches no one cares about. I had fun regardless. I watched people on the dance floor. It’s especially interesting to see the crowd of guys standing in circles with their cups of beer, just staring at the ladies dancing, probably wishing someone would dance with them. Hello, just ask. You never know.

Am I disappointed that I had a zero word count? No, because I know I’ll make it up eventually.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby