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Hola! I had fun answering some interesting questions for Willow Croft’s blog. Want to know what I think of UFOs, aliens, ghost sightings, and angel numbers? Then check out my author interview. You might call me quirky, you might call me crazy, you might call me eccentric. I just call myself–me. Life is boring when you’re normal haha.

To check out my author interview, please click on the link: Five Things Friday: Mini-Interview With Author Yawatta Hosby.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

No Luck of the Irish

All Donna, Lisa, and I wanted to do was order food for lunch.  There’s a new Irish pub that opened up right across the street from where we work. The menu looked decent. Any place that serves mac and cheese can’t be bad. Or can it?

No phone number on the menu.  Okay, maybe they did it on purpose.  Maybe instead of call-ins for carry-out orders, they’d rather have customers come in–that way customers are more likely to order a drink from the bar if they have to wait awhile.

Since it’s fairly new, we knew the place wouldn’t be in the phone book.  Next best thing–google ‘Paddy’s Pub’.  The address, reviews, etc. instantly popped up.  Well, guess what?  Still NO phone number on anything–not even on their official Facebook fan page.  Say what now?  The reviews claimed the food was great; Matt, the reporter who ate there, said the food was delicious.  When was it our turn to try it out?

Being clever, we dialed 411 to receive the mysterious phone number.  We finally call in to try and place our order. Well, lookey here–they no longer serve mac and cheese.  So, basically I got my hopes up for nothing; I decided not to order anything.

My co-workers asked for the price of their fountain sodas (the only menu item without a dollar amount near it). Apparently, that’s the hardest question ever because they were on hold for about five minutes, while the person on the other line had to ask someone else to find the answer.  She was in the office–total valid reason not to know pricing.  She had to walk all the way downstairs where prices were listed.  No wonder that place doesn’t want customers calling in hee hee.

Since the total cost wasn’t expressed at the end of the order, Lisa and Donna estimated using the menu and figuring out sales tax. When Lisa came back from across the street, she explained that the price was higher than expected.  Apparently, the Irish pub raised their prices.

Say what now?  They literally just opened a little while ago.  So let me get this straight:

  • Items on the menu disappeared (NO mac and cheese.  I’m still pouting over that.  I could’ve been a regular, loyal customer–ask Daily Grind who used to be around the corner)
  • Prices go up
  • Customers have to search high and low to contact them because phone number isn’t easily accessible

My co-workers agreed that the food was very delicious. Was it worth all the drama to find out though?

Now, I know how it feels to be frustrated with a business and their carry-out order process.  My traumatized memory will stick with me forever, where if any of my characters experience such an ordeal in my stories, I can write vividly about it.  I’m sure I’ll have nightmares over this–okay, maybe I’m just exaggerating with the last part.  But you know what, sometimes a person with a creative spirit is just born dramatic hee hee.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

P.S. For anyone concerned for me, I went home after work to fix my Velvetta cheese shells (in the yellow box).