Took the Leap and Went Wide

I’ve been debating off and on about keeping my books in Kindle Select or going wide. With Kindle Select, you have to stay exclusively on Amazon and readers can borrow your books from the library instead of having to pay for it. I had fun with the program. My sales rank peaked with the KDP pages read. I got some reviews from readers who took a chance on my writing by borrowing my books.

Through all the good, this month I made the decision to pull my books out of KDP Select to go wide. Going wide will help me reach new readers by having my books on sites like B&N, Kobo, Apple, Overdrive, etc. I think the opportunity to do this will be more important than a sales rank.


Six Plus One has to wait until February. If you want to take a chance on my writing, click here to borrow.

I hope you guys will check out my books now that I’m not tied down by only Amazon.


One By One–click to buy


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#IWSG Blog Hop–Character Part of You?


It’s that time again. IWSG hosts a blog hop the first Wednesday of every month. Writers get to discuss their doubts and fears they’ve conquered, their struggles and triumphs. Even though writing is a lonely activity, it doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through.

Showing vulnerability makes you strong. If you’d like to read more from bloggers who shared their personal experiences, then please click here.

October’s question–Have you ever slipped any of your personal info onto your characters, either by accident or on purpose?

Yes, I’ve absolutely slipped my personal info onto my characters. In fact, I tend to do it all the time on purpose. With my women’s fiction novella, Something’s Amiss, I based the female main character, Poe, off my personality. Children made her nervous, she didn’t want to become a mother, she tried to hide her pain from others, and she pushed Oliver away instead of embracing him. Totally me–that whole pushing people away thing. I really liked Poe. Unfortunately, some readers didn’t like her AT ALL. It made me think they probably wouldn’t like me in real life either 🙂

There’s a scene in Something’s Amiss where Poe was talking to Dominic on the porch. They were reminiscing about their WVU days. Those anecdotes shared between the characters were things that really had happened to me. It was fun sneaking a part of me into the story, knowing I had a secret. The only people who would know were if my readers had gone to college with me and lived in Summit Hall during my resident assistant years.

Another example of slipping my personal info onto my characters–Finia, the female main character of my novella Twisted Obsession, was an accountant. Accounting had been my major at WVU. Finia’s home and neighborhood  in the story was based off my house that I grew up in as a teenager.

It’s fun slipping in my personal information when I’m writing stories, so I’ll probably continue to do so.

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Yawatta Hosby

My Books Are Available On Platforms Other Than Amazon!!! Yippie!!!

I had a blast on Amazon’s KDP Program, but it’s time to start thinking long term regarding my books. Right now, I think it’s best to be on as many platforms as possible. I reinstated One By One and Something’s Amiss on B&N and Smashwords. I also added my books to Draft 2 Digital (this site is very easy to distribute to all book sites). Wish me luck! 🙂




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Free! Free! Free! Yippie!

21795800.jpg2THUMBNAIL_IMAGEIt’s that time again–I’m hosting two giveaways on Goodreads because who doesn’t love free stuff…Good luck!



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Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #4

Weekend Writing Warriors is an awesome site that brings writers together who want to share their work to the blogosphere. All writers and authors are welcome to join, introducing excerpts from published and/or unpublished works. Please visit the WeWriWa’s website tomorrow to read all the talented writers.

I’ve had fun sharing parts of my women’s fiction novella, Something’s Amiss, but this will be the last excerpt. I thought it’d be best to show Dominic, who is Raven’s father. It’ll be cool sharing parts of my different stories, ranging in different genres.

With this excerpt, Dominic told Oliver a secret the night before and he’s nervous that Oliver may spill the beans. It’s the day of Jenna’s funeral and everyone’s on edge.

Here we go 🙂 :

Oliver caught Dominic glaring at him.

“Hey man, were you two really talking about Poe?” he asked.


“I thought your mom was just trying to cover for you. I thought you were talking about what happened at my place last night.”

“No, I told you I wouldn’t.”

“I know, but you have to admit you tell your mom everything….”

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Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #3

Weekend Writing Warriors bring authors together who’d like to share their work with the blogosphere and social media. By 9 AM on Sundays, an 8 sentence excerpt of your manuscript or draft is shared around the web. It can be from a published or unpublished work. If you’re interested in joining or would like to check out other writers who participated for the week, please go to WeWriWa’s website on JULY 6TH.

For this round, I thought it’d be cool to show Poe’s friendship developing with Raven. For someone afraid of children, maybe she didn’t do so bad with baby-sitting after all.

Here’s the excerpt:

When everyone had gone, Poe massaged Raven’s scalp as she settled on her lap. Even though she couldn’t see her face, Poe could feel her tears, her shoulder was soaking wet. She rubbed Raven’s back while the little diva held on for dear life.

“I want Mommy.”

“I know, Raven, I know.” Poe closed her eyes, rocking Raven back and forth. Poe didn’t know what it felt like to lose a parent. Unfortunately, Raven would learn this tough lesson at a very young age.


21795800.jpg2Oliver never thought he’d see his ex, Poe, step foot in Rhode Island again. But, she returns a year later to pay her respects for the loss of Jenna, Oliver’s cousin. Deciding life’s too short, he plans to fight for what he wants. Can he convince Poe to give him a second chance? Or will old resentments resurface?

Poe’s life is going well in Pittsburgh. Her comic book is in production, and she has a great social life. Her world is shattered when she finds out her best friend, Jenna, passed away. She goes to Rhode Island, planning to attend the funeral. She gets an unexpected surprise when she’s able to bond with Jenna’s younger daughter, Raven. And, for a long time, she thought her ex hated her. Poe soon realizes, maybe she was wrong.

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