Day 3 of #DecTheShelves


Today, I bought a steamy contemporary romance. Maybe I’ll have the pleasure of blushing if I read this sitting in my favorite cafe…

Fresh from a failed marriage, Rhea hops aboard a train going from Los Angeles to Chicago. It’s the perfect escape from her troubles with the added bonus of meeting a sexy stranger. What begins as innocent flirtation and awkward conversation with a man Rhea nicknames “Surfer Boy” swiftly escalates to sexual encounters beyond her wildest dreams.

After a 43 hour romp on the rails, Rhea faces an unexpected, heart-rending decision; leave Surfer Boy at the station platform or let this chance encounter become something more than anonymous sex.

What are you guys reading? Holiday season is the best time to buy books, cuddle up in a cozy chair, and get lost inside a story.

For any authors, it’s not too late to send over buy links of your books to the hashtag #DecTheShelves on Twitter. I’m personally looking for any horror or thriller recommendations. You don’t have to buy anything to promote yourself 🙂

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby