Book Review: Vigilante Girl By Phillipa Braham

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

16-year-old Cathy Hunter wants revenge.

It is 2024, when criminal trials take place on television, with the verdict decided by public vote. Under this populist system, Cathy’s uncle Bobby Jensen was found guilty of raping and murdering his 13-year-old daughter Judith, in the face of overwhelming DNA evidence, despite an alibi. And now he is dead–the victim of an unsuccessful escape attempt planned by his niece.

It was Cathy herself who gave him an alibi at his trial. But the public didn’t believe her and she was vilified as a sick perjurer. Now she wants revenge on all the people responsible for uncle Bobby’s death…the DNA “expert”…the cop who interrogated Bobby…the DA…and TV personality “Judge Jenny” who is more into stripping than law.

Cathy Hunter is…the Vigilante Girl…


I loved this 13 chapter book. It was raw and edgy filled with suspense. The author had an awesome talent with dialogue. The conversations were intriguing and pretty realistic. I liked the set-up of Cathy’s first person point-of-view with other characters’ accounts who was involved in the tragedy.

Her uncle Bobby taught Cathy hacking skills. He was accused of being a pedophile, of raping and murdering his own daughter Judy. His trial was featured on the internet show Jenny’s Justice were he was found guilty. Cathy had believed her uncle was innocent, so she planned on killing everyone directly involved in her uncle’s case. She believed they deserved punishment.

My favorite lines: 1) But it’s hard to hate a phantom, hard to get angry with an invisible enemy. How can you hate some one when you can’t put a name or a face to them? 2) What I’m doing now isn’t about playing the system. And it sure as hell isn’t about respecting the system. It’s about beating the system.

I liked that the narration used “you” a lot, so it felt like Cathy was talking directly to me. Made everything more personal as a reader. The flashbacks, especially of Judy being chased in her home right before her brutal attack, were eerie. I cringed during that moment because the author brought the scene to life with her descriptions and images. Maybe I’ve seen too many Law and Order: SVU episodes, but I believe Uncle Bobby when he claimed his innocence. I expect a twist of who the real pedophile is. I have a suspect in mind. Since the story ended with a cliffhanger, I plan to read the next book to see if I’m right.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby