Book Review: Chief Inspector Jewel Friedman By Jan Jacob Mekes

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Meet Detective…uh…Chief Inspector Jewel Friedman, a brilliant, quirky young woman who is one of the most talented detectives of Scotland Yard. Follow in her footsteps as she solves five bizarre murder cases.

In “The Magic Bullet,” Jewel solves a locked-room murder mystery. In another story, she finds that even on a holiday in Hawaii, she can’t get away from work, and in “Skewered at the Shard,” Jewel is confronted with a burglary gone horribly wrong.

SONY DSCI enjoyed this book that contained 5 short stories. The mystery element reminded me of the boardgame “Clue.” The author was great with dialogue. It was pretty fun the way Jewel figured out the culprits.

Jewel Friedman and the Magic Bullet–Sir William Ryebread was shot in the back; he died at his apartment. I liked how the killer was catty towards Jewel, calling her a nerd and eternal virgin LOL. My favorite lines: 1) Fifteen minutes later, five police officers  were searching every nook and cranny of the house for weapons. It did not take them long, because there weren’t all that many nooks or crannies. 2) “Here we go,” said Thomas. “When you say it’s only a small thing, you’re actually asking me to move a mountain or turn lead into gold.”

Jewel Friedman and the Mail Order Murder–Joseph Steinhauer was stabbed in the back. Jewel had been bored because she was solving cases within 24 hours; she was excited that she finally got an interesting murder case. I liked how Matt (her coworker) flirted with her, but she wasn’t having any of that. Their dynamic was cute. Her back and forth with her boss was cool too. The witness was weird, in a funny way. I enjoyed the twist at the end, but it definitely ended in a cliffhanger. My favorite line: Cute, Jewel thought as he drove off. Too bad he’s a monumental idiot.

Jewel Friedman and The Tropical Surprise–This was one of my favorites. Jewel was on vacation at Honolulu visiting her old classmate Mike, who opened up an exotic restaurant called ckrazy ckitchen. When she met the little girl at the beach, it was pretty funny. A murder happened downtown, so her boss called, asking her to solve the case. Hideyoshi Watanabe had his hands cut off and his head bashed in. I loved the twist at the end, and the suspense was pretty intense.

Skewered at the Shard–James McLeary had a hole cut in his body, so he could fit on the beam on a bridge. Talk about torture. It was cool that Jewel received a car as a gift for solving her 50th case. My favorite line: A pause. “Chief Inspector, may I remind you that this is not a pleasure trip? Of course I’m decent! What did you expect, that I was changing into my swimming trunks for a relaxing dip in the pool later on?” As a cliffhanger, the culprit threatened her; it made me worry about her safety.

Sockpuppetry–This was another one of my favorites. Uncle Wellington, who was a famous puppeteer, was found murdered in Hyde Park; his face was bashed in. This was the first case that the boss had to go on Crimewatch to ask for witnesses to come forward. In a twist, the killer called Jewel’s number to confess! It was cruel the way the killers ruined the puppeteer’s reputation by lying that he was a child molester. I’m happy that Jewel figured out they were lying.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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