How To Write Thriller and Paranormal Fiction

I made another appearance on Aymaran Shadow’s blog, discussing the essential key elements for writing thrillers and paranormal. I often wonder if authors research their genre to get a clear picture of what readers will expect or if they just focus on what they want to write. I love to research, yet I love to think outside the box. So, I guess I’m in the middle.

As a reader, I expect to solve a puzzle if it’s a thriller. I want my emotions heightened–doesn’t matter if I feel hatred, love, fear, or surprise. As long as I’m not bored, I’m good. The bad guys always fascinate me, so I love when a story has a very cunning villain. Don’t get me wrong, I love the good guys too. I like reading about mind games and violence, graphic language doesn’t bother me.

As a reader, I expect to learn something new if it’s paranormal. I imagine the characters’ world is similar as the real world but supernatural beings roam the earth. To be honest, the only paranormal I’ve ever read has been in the romance genre, so I expect a huge build-up of a supernatural falling in love with a human. Violence doesn’t bother me in this genre either.

As a writer, I think there’s certain elements that different genres should have. If you’d like to check out my thoughts:

For all the writers and readers out there, do you agree or disagree?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby