When the Lights Go Out-Ink Slingers’ Halloween Anthology Officially Released!!!


A collection of twenty-five short stories just in time for Halloween. Enjoy thrills, chills, and mysteries. Meet ghosts, demons, vampires, and monsters everywhere from dark city streets to the English countryside. Scares lurk in the most unexpected places and, when the lights go out, no where is safe and no one will be spared.

Here’s an excerpt from my short story, The Body By the Tree:

There were cracked head stones, dead flowers and weeds coming through the ground. Even the trees looked lifeless. No ghosts. No zombies.

I still wanted to leave as fast as possible anyway. Only Bentley would want to teach me a life lesson on a chilly, windy night. The wind howled like the Hocus Pocus witches were riding their brooms near our ears.

“Do you promise I won’t come across dead people?”

He smirked. “Absolutely.”

If you want to check out the Halloween Anthology, it’s on Amazon and Smashwords.

Happy reading!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby