The 13th Cycle Free Book Giveaway!!!!

Yawatta would like to welcome her guest blogger Sabrina Ricci:


Hey everyone! Sabrina here, author of The 13th Cycle, a novella I wrote about the Maya calendar. Back in May, my mom came to visit me, and she insisted that I come home on December 21. She told me, “If the world ends, I want my family to be with me.”

This got me thinking about the 2012 end of the world predictions, so I wrote a thriller about it–partly to make my mom feel better, and partly as an excuse to research the ancient Maya. I used agile publishing to write the book, which means I posted chapters on my blog as I wrote them, and then incorporated reader feedback to help shape the story. The result is, I think, a pretty entertaining read.

Anyway, I’m hosting a giveaway to celebrate the fact that I published my novella on December 13, one week before it supposedly all ends. If you’d rather just buy the book though, a list with all the links where you can purchase The 13th Cycle can be found at

For a chance to win a free book: random drawing from commentors who tweet me @sabsky with the hashtag #13thCycle and say something about what they think of the Maya calendar or the theories on the world ending. Open until midnight January 1st.

Good luck!

Below is the official description, so you know what you’re getting in to. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Amara Randall is a college student with a passion for exposing the truth. When she sees the havoc the Maya calendar predictions wreak, she decides to debunk the myths and try to restore the peace.

Mahaway is a charismatic young scribe in ancient Maya. But her world is torn apart when a greedy new king declares war on her city.

Now at the end of 2012, Amara’s obsession leads her to uncovering a deadly conspiracy, one with roots dating back more than a thousand years. Using clues Mahaway has left behind as a guide, Amara must stop the conspirators’ terrifying plan before December 21. If she doesn’t, the world really will end.