Twisted Obsession Getting International Love!!! #bookreview #amreadingsuspense

I’m on cloud nine. Being an author with a back list, it’s always great when your old books get love and attention. I published Twisted Obsession back in 2016, and it’s still one of my favorites. I used my middle name for Finia. Plus, the setting was my old childhood home. This story will always have a special place in my heart.

“The atmosphere throughout the entire novella was stifling, creepy and just hung with a sense of foreboding. It is pretty much a dark, twisted tale throughout the whole thing.”–Kimberly Wolkens

I was excited to see the 5-star review on Ginger Nuts of Horror from Kimberly Wolkens! If you want to check out what she said, please click the link: Book Review: Twisted Obsession by Yawatta Hosby.

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Book Review: Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent by Jennifer Gordon #GNOH


***I received a free copy from Ginger Nuts of Horror***

Adam, a young alcoholic, slowly descends into madness while dealing with the psychological scars of childhood trauma which are reawakened when his son and wife die in a car accident that he feels he is responsible for. After a failed suicide attempt, and more group meetings that he can mention. Adam hears a rumor of a Haunted Island off the Coast of Maine, where “if someone wants it bad enough” they could be reunited with a lost loved one. In his desperate attempt to connect with the ghost of his four-and-a half year old son, he decides to go there, to Dagger Island, desperate to apologize to, or be condemned by, his young son. Adam is not sure what he deserves or even which of these he wants more. While staying in a crumbling old boarding house, he becomes involved with a beautiful and manipulative ghost who has spent 60 years tormenting the now elderly man who was her lover, and ultimately her murderer. The three of them create a “Menage-a-Guilt” as they all come to terms with what it is that ties them so emotionally to their memories and their very “existence”.Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent is a poetic fever dream of grief, love, and the terrifying ways that obsession can change who we are.JENNIFER ANNE GORDON is a professional ballroom dancer by day, and a curly haired neurotic writer by night. She is an actor, a traveler, a photographer, a lover of horror, and a dog mom. Beautiful, Frightening and Silent is her debut novel.


I loved the title of this book. It was poetic, and I appreciated the author’s efforts in her debut novel, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Just because ghosts are mentioned doesn’t mean a book should be in the horror genre. I wouldn’t even really call it a paranormal romance, maybe contemporary drama…

My favorite parts of the book were the flashback scene of the car crash and Adam’s downward spiral before going to the haunted mansion. Once he arrived on Dagger Island, I was confused on what was going on plot-wise. The ending definitely left me confused. I ended up with questions that left me frustrated as a reader. Why was the son hiding? What was so special about “mother’s” room? Did these people already know their fates? Etc, etc, etc

My favorite lines: 1) Anthony grew up with the reality of a haunting, the same way other children grow up with the facts of grass being green and snow being cold. 2) She hears the rattling of death, climbing out from the deepest parts of his lungs each time he exhales 3) Somethings, even uninvited, come back to stay.

To read the rest of my review, please check out Ginger Nuts of Horror 🙂

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Book Review: Terror at 5280’ by Denver Horror Collective

***I received a free copy from Ginger Nuts of Horror in exchange for an honest review***

A neighborhood won’t let its residents forget the past. One taste draws two lovers into a nightmarish addiction. A harsh winter forces strange creatures down from the mountains.

At sea level, where it’s safe, things like this can’t happen. But when you’re sky high in Denver, Colorado, anything goes…including your sanity.

Beware of Terror at 5280’, a horror fiction anthology featuring dark tales set in and around Denver and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, penned exclusively by local authors.

Edited by: Josh Schlossberg, Gary Robbe, Melinda Bezdek, Bobby Crew, Desi D, Lisa Mavroudis, Thomas C. Mavroudis, and Jeamus Wilkes


I really enjoyed this anthology. I loved how the intro teased that these stories were all based on true events but disguised as fiction. I’m all for a conspiracy theory, so my interest was definitely piqued.

Saying that—I’m a huge horror fan. I live and breathe horror books and horror movies. My Netflix feed is nothing but indie horror films and blockbusters. My favorite types of horror are slashers, hauntings, and survival. The majority of these short stories didn’t really jump as horror to me. They were more like psychological suspense. Most of the stories had a quiet approach of being creepy and setting a dreadful tone.

I’ll go over each story one by one:

The Depths by Matthew Lyons

I liked this story. A kid named Travis had stolen something from a very dark place where “there are too many ghosts buried there.” That line really popped out to me. When the old man banged on the door to get the item back, the tension between the old man and Travis’s dad was interesting. That scene was full of suspense. My favorite lines: 1) “…pretends he can’t feel the curious, dead eyes that follow him all the way home.” 2) “The house is filled with blood, and the silence is back, worse than before.”

Laffing Sal by Lindsay King-Miller

I loved the opening line: “A spider crawled across Sal’s tongue as the three girls came down the stairs.” I loved the twist of how Sal was part of an amusement park prop. The author did a great job of going between Sal and the three girls’ different point-of-views to show the terrifying situation happening. My favorite line: “Sal knew about fear. Fear had brought her to life.”

This Was Always Going to Happen by Stephen Graham Jones

This story used second person point-of-view by using “you” in the narration. The main character had a flat tire, and this weird cyclist kept bothering him with things that wouldn’t help with a flat tire. The author did a great job of making the cyclist creepy. The horror stories that I appreciate the most are the ones that could happen in real life. The ones that show humans can be monsters. I was digging the story then it just ended abruptly.

Electric Stalker by Rebecca S.W. Bates

Lindsay got hit by lightning while waiting on a bus. At the hospital, a woman named Amanda came to visit, claiming they were sisters. Lindsay had no recollection. I didn’t find this story creepy or scary at all. In fact, it seemed more like a contemporary drama with the family dynamics.

Gaze With Undimmed Eyes and the World Drops Dead by Carina Bissett

The author was good with setting and description. As a reader, I could feel the nastiness of the hotel bar. It was gross when a taxidermy squirrel on the rack lost its eye in the lady’s drink haha. I liked the twist of who Bruce turned out to be, but this was another story where I didn’t get a scary or creepy vibe at all.

Grave Mistake by Joshua Viola and Carter Wilson

This was one of my favorite stories in the anthology. Stephanie was pregnant, causing her to think suicidal thoughts because she didn’t want the baby. She was with Oliver and Elijah in a cemetery. They were looking for a vampire who they think killed their friend. The author did a great job of weaving body language into the back and forth dialogue. There was great tension. My favorite lines: 1) “What Stephanie struggles with most was the secret—a secret that began as shame and blossomed into horror.” 2) “Why would ghosts be in a cemetery, anyway?” 3) “The lives they led then, and the futures they hoped for, were gone.”

There Is Something Up There by Joy Yehle

This story was one of my favorites. It managed to make me feel bad for the characters with their tragic backstories. I loved how the emotional aspects didn’t stop the scenes from being full of suspense. Chills definitely went down my spine. Lily was on a search team, looking for a crew member that disappeared in the mines. Her neighbor warned Lily not to go, but she didn’t listen. I would love to say what they found in the mine because the reveal excited me so much! But I won’t spoil the ending.

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Book Review: Hollow Heart by Ben Eads

***I received a free copy from Ginger Nuts of Horror and am voluntarily giving an honest review***

Welcome to Shady Hills, Florida, where death is the beginning and pain is the only true Art…

Harold Stoe was a proud Marine until an insurgent’s bullet relegated him to a wheelchair. Now the only things he’s proud of are quitting alcohol and raising his sixteen-year-old son, Dale.

But there is an infernal rhythm, beating like a diseased heart from the hollow behind his home. An aberration known as The Architect has finished his masterpiece: A god which slumbers beneath the hollow, hell-bent on changing the world into its own image.

As the body count rises and the neighborhood residents change into mindless, shambling horrors, Harold and his former lover, Mary, begin their harrowing journey into the world within the hollow. If they fail, the hollow will expand to infinity. Every living being will be stripped of flesh and muscle, their nerves wrapped tightly around ribcages, so The Architect can play his sick music through them loud enough to swallow what gives them life: The last vestiges of a dying star.

I loved this horror book. The opening sentence “Making deals with the dead had to stop” had me hooked right away. The author did a great job with setting and description at the beginning. I could picture the bad conditions Harold and his neighbors lived in very vividly.

My favorite lines: 1) Pain is just one of my hobbies. A hobby the world will soon know. 2) No one leaves. Never has. Never will. 3) Everything went dark as they descended like an elevator with its wires cut.

I appreciated that the plot was pretty fast paced. There weren’t any dull moments in the book, but I wished the author would have slowed down at certain parts, especially towards the end…

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Yea Me! I’m Now a Ginger Nuts of Horror Reviewer #GNOH


One day last week I was looking through my Twitter feed and came across a retweet from an author I follow–Ginger Nuts of Horror was looking for reviewers. I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity, so I sent an email with samples of my book reviews. Thankfully, Jim and Kim accepted me to their GNOH team with a warm welcome 🙂

I’m so excited! I love horror books (survival and psychological are my favorite), and I’m always looking for chances to link up with like-minded people. The old me would’ve been too shy to apply for the position but not anymore. I’m looking forward to the future. Wish me luck.

Since I’m busy with my full-time job, online comic courses, writing my stories, and creating my art projects, I think I’ll stick with only looking for books to review on Ginger Nuts of Horror and NetGalley. Of course, I’ll also help my author buddies.

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