I Think the Universe’s Trying To Tell Me Something…


Yesterday, I was excited to see a bag of Doritos on sale at Walmart with my birthday on it. Naturally, I had to buy the chips, thinking the universe’s trying to tell me something.

Flash forward to being in the passenger seat while dad was driving. I glanced up quickly and noticed GHOST written on the back window. The light gray words  were faded, reminding me of the time I saw a ghost appear in the full length mirror when I was a kid.

My mind started racing:

  • Will I turn into a ghost on my birthday???
  • Will I see a ghost on my birthday???
  • Is a ghost trying to contact me RIGHT NOW???
  • Oh please, please, please don’t. I can’t handle ghosts right now. I wouldn’t be able to help.
  • Why write ‘ghost’ though? Why not just appear?
  • Am I losing it???


Wanting to see if I was crazy or not, I blurted out to my dad, “I see ‘ghost’ written on your back window.” He gave me a look (lol) then glanced himself through the rear view mirror. He started laughing then explained how there was a liquor bottle with the word ‘ghost’ in the brand name in his car.

I thought about that even though I couldn’t see the bottle in the back, nor was there an outline of a bottle  with the words I saw in the back window. But that explanation was less scary than a ghost trying to contact me…I still say the universe is trying to tell me something though. I keep having vivid dreams of places I visited frequently in my childhood and I’ve had a few dreams of some deceased relatives. I’m talking to them in my dreams, but the second I wake up, I can’t remember the conversations. I can only remember the overall things that happened in the dreams and how it made me feel.

What do you guys think? Was ‘ghost’ just something from a liquor bottle? Or is someone/something trying to send me a message?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby