Giveaway!!! Free eBook copy of Chastity: An Eternal Beloved Novel by R. Rodriguez

Five Lucky readers can win a free eBook copy of Chastity: An Eternal Beloved Novel!!!!

The first five people to message the author on her fb page, with the correct answers, wins a free eBook copy of Chastity!!! You can provide your answers at:  The giveaway ends tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.

1. Guess the main theme for Chastity.
a. Suicide
b. Promiscuity
c. Illness

2. One of these is the muse for the protagonist’s love interest. Guess who it is?
a. Jared Leto
b. Taylor Lautner
c. Robert Pattinson

3. If Chastity were ever a movie, guess who the author would cast as this teenage femme fatale?
a. Taylor Swift
b. Kristen Stewart
c. Julianne Hough

4. Where does Chastity travel after graduation?
a. France
b. Bali
c. Puerto Rico

5. Chastity has a very unique birthdate. Guess when her B-day is.
a. Halloween
b. Leap Year
c. Valentine’s Day