Flash Fiction Prompt #4


Prompt: Restraint

It’s my own fault, I guess. I have a habit of bottling up my feelings, so one small thing can set me off–just from built up anger.

It may not be true, but I think I better stay silent. I better remain calm and not show any emotions.

Because let me tell you, I’m pissed the fuck off.

The stranger on the bus is yelling at the driver, causing him distress. If the stranger makes the driver lose concentration, then heaven forbid, the driver accidentally runs through a red light or runs off the road.

What is the asshole, sitting in front of me, thinking?

That’s the problem–I don’t think any thought process is going through his brain. The stringy gray hair asshole is probably drunk. Bipolar. Or just an entitled asshole.

Around ten minutes ago, I had turned up my iPod to tune everything out, but the guy’s screaming surpasses my Wale verse.

I look out of the window. Why won’t the driver take an exit and pull over? He needs to kick this guy off the bus. Why continue arguing with him? I just don’t get it.

A mile later–only fifteen minutes away from my Walmart stop–the bus stops in the middle of the busy intersection!

The driver stands and turns toward us. Pointing his finger at the asshole in front of me, he says, “Get off the bus! I’m tired of hearing your disrespect.”

“Are you crazy? I’m not getting off. Drive the damn bus!” He rises from his seat and rushes to the front of the bus.

Still no one intervenes. Not even me. I close my eyes and sigh. This can’t be happening right now…

I open my eyes and gasp. A mac truck is heading right our way! It slams into the bus, forcing us forward. I land on top of a young woman and her small boy. We’re squished between the seat and the bumper of the truck.

I say a little prayer before I take my final breath.


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Yawatta Hosby

Flash Fiction Prompt #3


Prompt: Shiny

“What are you talking about?” Kendra asked, setting the dish cloth on the sink.

If her roommate Danielle asked her one more time to wipe the stove when it was already shiny, Kendra would scream.

Absolutely scream!

In a calm voice, Danielle pointed at the left end burner and said, “See right there. There’s a spot.”

Kendra screamed.

Danielle covered her ears.

She didn’t even try to stop Kendra. She didn’t even show any emotions. She simply continued to cover her ears.

After a short while, Kendra stopped screaming, satisfied that she got on Danielle’s nerves.

Danielle put her hands in her pockets, twirling her right foot. “So…that spot. Please clean it.”

Kendra hated everything about obsessive compulsive disorder, including her roommate.


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Yawatta Hosby

Flash Fiction Prompt #2


Prompt: Rings

“What are you doing? Get up. Get up, please,” I pleaded.

He remained on his knee.

I broke his intense gaze to scan the busy Daily Grind. To my surprise, none of the customers or the baristas even paid any attention to us.

That made me feel quite better. To be honest, I didn’t know what that said about me. Well, actually I did…

Ever since my childhood, I’ve hated attention. From my family. From my friends. From acquaintances. From strangers.

Well, you got the point…

Beginning to feel comfortable that we didn’t have an audience, I took a deep breath and glanced into his handsome aqua eyes. “Yes, I’ll marry you, AJ.”

Smiling, he stood, caressed me into his arms, then kissed me with all abandonment.


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Flash Fiction Prompt #1

1/1/16 Prompt


It’s all my fault. I can admit that to myself, but I don’t know if I’m ready to tell Damon that yet. He’s a ‘I told you so’ arrogant prick, and I’m really not in the mood to hear that right now.

I glance up at the clock.It’s four-thirty. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. At any moment, he’ll come back from his lunch charging through those double glass doors.

The lunch where he’s had plenty of time to think about me and how I disrespected him.

As the boss, he won’t take that lightly.

My co-workers are avoiding eye contact with me like I have a fatal disease and may be contagious.

Sweat falls down my forehead as I place a strand of hair behind my ear. Blushing, I continue to work on my spreadsheet. Any minute I may get fired. I’d have to swallow my pride then and apologize to Damon.

When he walks through the doors, I feel his eyes focused on me. I continue to stare at my computer screen, too afraid to look up.

Soon, I feel Damon’s presence. In fact, he invades my personal space. Turning my head to face the music, I look him in his hazel eyes.

He smiles weakly. “I’m sorry, Yvonne. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done for me. I shouldn’t have added the stress of another assignment.”

I almost faint but simply smile back. This won’t help the office rumors that I’m Damon’s favorite.


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