Book Review: Finding Her Feet By Jams N. Roses

***I received a free copy in exchange for a book review***

Drama. Tragedy. Family. Life.


The tragedy begins as Amanda watches her sister fall through the broken ice. Heartbreakingly, Samantha doesn’t reappear until the following day, when her lifeless body is pulled from the water. The devastation continues as the family falls apart under the weight of emotional pain and unfair blame.

When overwhelmed with guilt, how does a child cope with a death in the family?

Contemporary Drama / Tragedy / YA – Adult Content – Sex & Violence – 16+

413X4gAMwjL._AA200_I liked this 38 chapter book. Samantha (a.k.a. Sam) and Amanda were twins. Michelle was their older sister. When they were younger, Sam died by drowning in an icy lake. Their mom became abusive toward Michelle while their dad avoided everyone due to depression.

I’ll never forgive what the mom allowed to happen to Michelle as a little girl. The mom was definitely my most hated character. The author did a great job with characterization–you either loved or hated the people in the story, but you were never bored with them. In a twist, Michelle had a bad childhood but managed to find success as a young adult. Amanda was spoiled as a child. When she turned 16, a destructive path followed her like the plague. I couldn’t even imagine living with guilt of losing a sibling.

There was a lot of headhopping, so some of the dramatic or suspenseful moments were overshadowed by already knowing what all the characters were plotting in the same paragraphs. It took all the tension away. As a reader,  I wish there was more dialogue and immediate scenes. There seemed to be a lot of telling what happened by narrative summary.

My favorite lines: 1) When Samantha lost her life in that lake, she took the life of her family with her. 2) ‘She had the right to be angry,’ said Michelle, ‘but to let other people hurt me was too much. Her rejection was punishment enough.’

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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