Resistance As My Compass

“You have a project that you really want to work on, but for some reason every time you  sit down to write it you feel…stuck. This is not writer’s block. When you are actively trying to write but nothing comes out, it’s called resistance and that is a totally different beast. Resistance comes from fear, and fear has a purpose.”–Gabriela Pereira

Share a story about a time when resistance was your compass.

Share an example of when resistance has pointed you toward a writing project that was juicy and high-stakes…and maybe even a little bit scary. Did you face that fear head-on and overcome your resistance? What was the result of pursuing (or not pursuing) that project?


Plot and dialogue are my favorite parts of a scene. If you ever read any of my books, you’ll see that it’s dialogue-heavy. Always. Characters interacting with each other is interesting to me. To see the relationship dynamics, to see personality through body language or how they speak, to see how smoothly they lie or manipulate.

Years ago, I took a break from writing fiction to pursue writing screenplays. My writing buddy and I studied the ins and outs of scripts, even printing a few so we could read popular movies and tv shows. I bought Save the Cat and researched, researched, researched. Even though I don’t ever see myself in Los Angeles, I’m not brain dead. If I ever got a staff writing position for a tv show, then I know I’d have to move out there.

Being nervous, being fearful, being anxious, I used that energy to co-write a screenplay with my writing buddy. We got to the end of our indie drama, then decided to try our hands on a teleplay. Wouldn’t it be awesome to pitch a tv show idea to Netflix and they actually pick it up!!! Especially a dark comedy 🙂 We taught ourselves how to create loglines, pitch an idea. We even researched production companies.

I put my heart and soul into our projects. I often wonder what would have happened if we kept pursuing it…Now, I keep writing short films because that’s possible to put something together and share on YouTube. Since I live in West Virginia, my best bet is producing something on a budget and hoping I get discovered that way.

So many writing interests, so little time…

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby