My First Rejecton

I got a response on one of my short story submissions. Unfortunately, Room For Two received a rejection. However, I’m looking on the bright side. The editor at Switchback ended the letter with “we hope you will submit again in the future.” I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m definitely going to see what their future themes on editions will be. If any themes are up my alley, then I’ll create another story for this publication to submit again.

I respect Switchback because they responded in a timely manner: 23 days. In fact, they were the last market on my submissions tracker. The last one was the fastest responder. Other magazines I’m still waiting–some are in 40 day range, some past 70 day range. On May 1st, Switchback’s issue will be based on the “broken” theme. I love dramas, so I already plan on checking out the website on that day. If you enjoy good fiction, then you should check it out too.

Room For Two is already submitted to a new market. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby