Day 1 of #DecTheShelves

I’m a huge believer in authors supporting other authors. There’s a cool Twitter challenge I couldn’t pass up. It lets me support authors, and my kindle gets to download awesome books. Win, win. What’s the challenge you ask…



December 1-December 25, a group of us are buying 1 book every day. Authors post their buy links to the hashtag #DecTheShelves, then we choose what we want on our kindle or any other ereader. The Twitter challenge is hosted by @MelanieAThurlow.

If you’re an author on Twitter, send us your buy links!

Being so excited on Day 1, I bought two books instead of one 🙂

Some people can fly. Some can see impossible distances. Some can change their appearance, control the elements, or run at incredible speed. 

Charlie Ferris can kill with a touch.

Contrary to what the superhuman government believes, Charlie has no dreams of world domination or mass murder. Neither does he wish to pretend his powers don’t exist. He wants to use his abilities for good, but how? As the immortal years pass, Charlie fears that villainy is the only option for the master of death.

But when an undying army appears at their doorstep, the superhuman authorities have no choice but to call on a professional killer.

Charlie wants to believe that this is his chance to prove he’s a good guy, but sparks fly at every encounter. When harassment mounts and prejudice backs him into a wall, The Ferryman must decide what is more important: a good reputation…or goodness?

Whether is’s around Halloween time, or one of the other 11 (boring) months out of the year; you are going to love these 13 stories from Avrin Kelly…

Dear Reader,

I present thirteen stories to horrify you, make you question existence, and even those around you. Thirteen tales of treachery, magic gone wrong and spells done right. Stories about people, just like you, who had a run-in with a Witch…or who are Witches themselves. You won’t know who the villains are until the end. You won’t know who the monsters are until they strike, but isn’t that the best part about horror?

The unknown?

If you are feeling particularly brave, I encourage you to explore the uncanny world of Witches, with me as your guide. Snuggle down with this creepy read, and come with me into the depths of wickedness and strange magic. To a place where nothing is ever as it seems, where the danger could be lurking in the shadows behind you or right beside you, in the light. 

Thirteen tales of terror; every one of them involving a Witch…

–A handyman recalls the horrifying details of a job he wishes he’d forgotten.

–An overly curious English teacher gets way more than she bargained for when she sets out to solve a mystery concerning her next door neighbor.

–A Witch out for revenge on an unfaithful lover, finds he may have beaten her to the punch.

–A veteran cat burglar underestimates a wealthy old woman in the dead of night.

–A young handyman tells what happened when he went to work with his father one Saturday afternoon.

–A Warlock in college is having issues with his unruly doppleganger.

–And more…Read “Thirteen Wicked Tales of Witches” and treat yourself to some twisty, turny (is that a word?) Halloween frights!!!

Signed Sincerely,

Your Guide

What books are you looking forward to reading in the near future?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby