Winners For My ONE BY ONE giveaway!!!

I’d like to thank Carrie and Miss Alexandrina for entering my contest for a free paperback and ebook copy of ONE BY ONE. I was going to give away 1 paperback and 4 ebooks, but I want to show my appreciation by giving both ladies a free paperback. Thank you for being the only ones to share something frightening in celebration of Halloween.

Please email me your shipping address to Author.Yawatta.Hosby(AT)aol(DOT)com. And let me know if you want the book autographed ūüôā

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Guest Spot on Jay Leno–Blog Style

Recently, I wrote a post giving writers tips¬† on how to craft a lovemaking scene. I thought it would be fun to walk in readers’ shoes and analyze¬† sex scenes through their eyes. If anyone would like to check out my post, please visit Sharon C. Cooper’s Blog: Special Guest: Yawatta Hosby–Is T.M.I. A Turn-off For You?

My very first guest spot on someone else’s blog! Thank you Sharon!!! Making a guest appearance feels like being a celebrity nervous to be interviewed on Jay Leno. The celebrity tries her best to engage the audience, bringing out her personality, hoping not to disappoint Jay and make him lose ratings.

Bloggers aren’t celebrities (lord knows I’m not hee hee), but it still feels good to reach an online audience.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Sharon C. Cooper for nominating me for my 2nd blogger award: The Versatile Blogger!!! When I first started blogging, I often wondered how people won, so I’m very happy to know that people enjoy my writing and posts.

As part of my nomination, I have to share seven facts about myself and nominate fifteen other bloggers. Here goes:


  • I love learning about psychology. It fascinates me why people act the way they do. I’m constantly researching this topic to make sure my characters are three dimensional.
  • The music on my IPOD is all over the place. If anyone ever asked to listen to it, they’d probably be like WTF.
  • I’m slow when it comes to trusting technology. I wait to buy gadgets when the price is reduced years later–once another new popular craze is approaching. This way the price is affordable, and I’ve made sure the product actually works (I’m big on reading product reviews).
  • I’m a penny-pincher. If it’s not a notebook or anything related to writing or drawing, then I’ll save my money.
  • When I go to restaurants, I buy the same thing every single time. If they serve breakfast all day, pancakes and bacon. If not, chicken tenders and fries (unless they sell mac and cheese).
  • Math was my favorite subject in school. I really thought I’d end up an accountant, but it just wasn’t meant to be.
  • Before the age of 13, I was a latchkey kid who lived off my own cooking. I only knew how to fix frozen dinners, toast, eggs, and mac and cheese. This is probably why I can’t cook now.

MY¬† NOMINATIONS (Sorry if you already won. I didn’t know)

  1. Kellie Larsen Murphy
  2. Isabella Louise Anderson
  3. Wendy Van Camp
  4. Perspicere
  5. Miss Alexandrina
  6. Simone Young
  7. Alex Sabo
  8. Elley, Nicole, Tari
  9. Ryan M. Murphy
  10. Miss Demure Restraint
  11. The Militant Writer
  12. Talin
  13. ML Campbell 
  14. Dennis Langley
  15. Jade Alyse

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby