For July, ONE BY ONE Is Only .99 Cents!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day. I stayed inside where the A.C. is. Why? Because I hate the heat LOL.

To celebrate my birthday month, I’d like to give readers a gift. My debut novel is only .99 cents instead of the regular price of $2.99.


What people have been saying so far about ONE BY ONE:

“The horror really explodes in the final third of the book and a tangled mess is successfully straightened by the end, a feat which had seemed impossible just a few pages earlier.”–Beaird Glover

“The novel definitely made me feel for the characters and that’s quite hard to do in suspense/mystery.”–T.G. Davis

“The reader has an inkling who’s behind it all, through subtle hints and sheer intuition, but it turns out they’re wrong? Or are they?”–Jordanna East

“A politically correct assortment of nine 20-somethings heads off for a lakeside weekend, absorbed by their transient sexual pairings, petty spats and long-running, if shallow, relationships, all of it described in a style approaching the clinical. Ah, but there’s a madness in author Yawatta Hosby’s method! That same cold detachment persists as their sojourn in a remote cabin becomes a waking nightmare.”–Anthony Land

“I will only say what seems to be may not be the real thing until the very end. Now, to understand that you will have to see for yourself how this author has magically put this story together for the reader.”–Arlena Dean

If you’d like to take a chance on a new author and love thrillers, mysteries, suspense, psychological headgames, then ONE BY ONE is only .99 cents on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Smashwords.

Happy reading!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby