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I’d like to thank Celeste Carrara for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

fadff-beautiful-blogger-award1THE RULES:

1.  Copy and paste the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post

2.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

3.  Tell 7 things about yourself

4.  Nominate 7 other bloggers and leave them a comment on their blog letting them know


1.  I have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), so I often check and recheck things, especially appliances. I love  routine; some people may find that boring, but I crave doing the same things over and over again. Workers at the coffee shop tease me about how the corner is “my spot” and how I order the same food every single time LOL.

2. I signed up for Geek2Geek since it’s hard to find my type–nerdy, shy guys. The site was a disappointment because you can’t talk to anyone unless you pay for a package and there’s no way for the guy to respond unless they share the same package. Anyway, I quit (I gave 11 winks with no responses). Now, the site spams my email every single day asking me to buy a package. Hello, if I didn’t when I was a member, why would I do it now LOL?

3.  I’m a tomboy at heart. I could wear a t-shirt, jeans, flip-flops, and a hat every single day. It’s all about comfort for me instead of trying to impress anyone.

4.  My favorite type of music is back from the early 90’s. I blast my IPOD all the time and can listen to the same song over and over and over again. I enjoy R&B, pop, hip hop (but has to have a good hook; I can’t listen to nonstop rapping without singing or a cool beat), and alternative rock. I absolutely love Nickelback and don’t get why they’re hated on so much LOL

5.  My first name has a Japanese root, means “Born in Spring.” My middle name is American Indian, and my last name has an Irish root. No one can say I don’t have an interesting name 🙂

6.  My favorite poem is “Reason, Season, Lifetime.” The majority of my themes in all my stories revolve around the fact that some people are in your life for a certain period of time, for a certain purpose, or will always be there. I think it’s a pretty cool concept, and when i meet people, I often wonder what category they’ll fit into. I swear I should have been a Psychology major at WVU.

7.  I can handle someone being mean to me–no problem. My sarcastic wit helps when dealing with bullies. I can get along with any personality type; however, my biggest pet peeve is being annoyed. I can not deal with someone bugging me. I’ll avoid that person like the plague, and most of the time, the person is really nice, so it’d be rude to bring up their annoying habit. Perhaps it’s talking way too much to the point no one can get a word in, or maybe they’re happy-go-lucky all the time, or maybe they’re bossy and overbearing. I just can’t deal. Something I should probably work on because it’s not nice to treat someone like they don’t exist 🙂


1.  Paige Addams

2.  Miss Alexandrina Brant

3.  Jordanna East

4.  Sharon C. Cooper

5.  Strangling My Muse

6.  Poppy Writes A Book

7.  Imaginary Friends

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Yawatta Hosby

Best Moment Award

Awarding the people who live in the moment

The noble who write and capture the best in life

The bold who reminded us what really mattered

Savoring the experience of quality time



  1. Create an acceptance speech either by video or a written speech post
  2. Pass the award onto 15 other bloggers and their posts


I would love to thank Miss Alexandrina. She nominated me for the Best Moment Award after reading my Running A Marathon, Not A Sprint post. It’s been pretty cool beans interacting and bonding with other bloggers and writers. You guys motivated me to step up my game. It’s been over a year, and my blog has reached over 10,000 hits. I’d like to thank my followers and anyone who found what they were looking for on my blog. Search engines continue to be the main contributor for people over the world reading what I have to say.

At WVU, I told myself that if I didn’t have a career at the age of 30, then I would go back to school for a Masters degree. I’m happy that I decided to stop writing as a hobby. No kidding, back in the day, no one–and I mean NO ONE–could read my stories. They were for my eyes only. I would start rough drafts, have something else spark my interest, then abandon my original project to work on the new one. It was an endless cycle until everything was finally finished months or years later. In 2008, I let my co-worker read my graphic novel. Her reaction intrigued me. From there, I grew confidence that I could write interesting and entertaining stories for readers. Now, I write as a business. Being an author will be my career (0f course, I have realistic expectations). Yea, no extra student loan bills for the rest of my life hee hee!!!

I’d like to thank my writing buddies–in person and online–who have supported me. It’s been fun acting as critique partners and beta-readers as a trade-off. I’d also like to thank my friends and family. Next month, I’m publishing my debut novel, so I’d also like to thank any readers who find a way to my book.

For the longest time, I was clueless about the publishing industry. Authorhouse almost got its hand on me. Good thing, I was broke at the time. The waiting period caused me to research–this is where I found websites steering me clear of vanity publishers disguised as self-publishing companies. This led me to research the best way to get published, which led to learning about having an author platform. I researched the most effective way to blog, and the rest speaks for itself…so I’d like to thank Authorhouse as well even though it probably sounds silly. Thank you for giving wrong publishing facts, causing me to be curious enough to find answers for myself. Now, I know all the different alternatives and picked the right option for me.

Thanks for anyone who read all of that. I didn’t mean for my speech to be that long 🙂

MY NOMINATIONS–my last award, no one really wanted to participate. Even though I nominated you, please don’t feel the need to continue the chain if you don’t want to. No hard feelings. I did cheat though–I only picked 11 instead of 15.

  1. Francene Carroll for A New Chapter, New Beginning
  2. Rebekkah Ford for Writers Block
  3. Thomas C for Bully For the Ages
  4. Brian J. Jarrett for Quotas and Goals
  5. L.M. Sherwin for Critiquing Your Work–Critters Workshop Time
  6. Paige Addams for Hearts, Dragon, and Titles
  7. Kellie Larsen Murphy for More Book Marketing
  8. Sharon C. Cooper for Talent, Passion and Discipline
  9. Poppy for My Current Life Theme
  10. Monica Shaughnessy for Book Marketing: What’s Working, What Ain’t
  11. Shannon A. Thompson for Writing Tips: How I Handle Rejection

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Yawatta Hosby

Woo Hoo, Who Wants To Follow Me On A Blog Hop!!!

Thanks Paige Addams for nominating me for the blog hop. I’ve always wanted to participate in this! I’m cheating a little–instead of focusing on my rough draft for my 90 day novel (still untitled), I’ll discuss the first novel I’ll publish this year.


1.  Give credit to the one(s) who tagged you

2.  Answer the following questions about your latest work in progress

3.  Tag 5 other authors and let them know you nominated them


1.  What is the title of your book?  One By One

2.  Where did the idea come from for the book?  For my first attempt at NaNo, I kept reading that it’s supposed to be a fun challenge. What better way to challenge yourself than to write in a genre you’ve never written in before.

3.  What genre does your book fall under?  Thriller

4.  Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?  I’m  cheating a little on this question 🙂 These are the actors I had in mind while I wrote my story (for the big screen, I’d want younger celebrities):

Michael Ealy--KENAN

Michael Ealy–KENAN





Tom Welling--TOBEY

Tom Welling–TOBEY

Daniel Sunjata--LOGAN

Daniel Sunjata–LOGAN

Halle Berry--NAOMI

Halle Berry–NAOMI

Ian Somerhalder--BRADY

Ian Somerhalder–BRADY

Mischa Barton--MARISSA

Mischa Barton–MARISSA

Jason Momoa--ADAM

Jason Momoa–ADAM

**All photos are from Yahoo Search Images***

5.  What is one-sentence synopsis of your book?  A group of friends vacation in an isolated cabin; they’re terrorized one by one. How many will survive? Three? Two? One? None?

6.  Is your book self-published or represented by an agency?  It’ll be self-published this year (2013).

7.  How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?  43 days

8.  What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?  That’s a good question. I have a bad habit of reading books but not paying attention to the author’s name. Whoever shares a fast paced writing style…

9.  Who or what inspired you to write this book?  My inspiration came from multiple sources. Agatha Christie is my favorite author, so I wanted to give my take on an updated “Then There Were None.” I really enjoyed the TV show “Harper’s Island” when I watched the marathon on the Chiller Channel, and all the “Scream” movies are my favorites. I wanted a story where a group of tortured friends have to figure out who’s the culprit, if they want a chance to survive. I also wanted a huge betrayal and a satisfying twist at the end.

10.  What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?  Let’s face it, there’s been plenty of books about a group of friends being murdered in the woods by a crazy killer. Mine is different because of the killer’s motivation. Hopefully, readers will feel what the characters are going through; I try my best to make every single scene engaging, showing rather than telling (like it would appear on the big screen). I believe that readers will enjoy the back and forth between characters (especially when they start turning on each other) and will be caught up with solving the mystery.

11.  Where can readers purchase your book?  This year (2013) it’ll be available on Amazon and Smashwords as an ebook; plus Amazon as a paperback.

12.  Where can readers find your website/blog?  My Writer’s Blog is here, and I’ll create an Author Website and Facebook Page right before my book release date.


  1. Kellie Larsen Murphy
  2. Tracking the Words: a yearly cycle
  3. The Write Transition
  4. Shannon A. Thompson
  5. Journey of Jordanna East

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

P.S. Happy Writing!!!

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks Paige Addams for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I appreciate that you enjoy my blog so much to give me two awards simultaneously.


1.  Include blog award logo in your post

2.  Thank person who nominated you and link back to them in your post

3.  Share 7 things about yourself (keep in mind that children may read this)

4.  Nominate 7 bloggers you absolutely relish

5.  Leave a comment on each of these blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated


  1. I’m a thinker, not a feeler. Sometimes I over-compensate with emotions through my characters, wishing I was that expressive. Instead, I’m very rational. Sometimes my critique partners in the past have asked me “Where’s the emotion?” so I’ve had to go back and tweak certain scenes. Things that wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me would certainly bother some people.
  2. I’m an observer. I tend to look people up and down to get a clear picture of their appearance and body movements. Most of the time it’s for jotting down potential characters in my book of observations. It’s pretty funny because sometimes this has landed me in hot water with the opposite sex. If a guy thinks I was checking him out, he could get upset if I don’t respond in the way he likes. That’s happened at least twice.
  3. I’m a huge procrastinator. I hate when people try and rush me; I like to work on my own time, preferably when it’s close to the deadline. I work best under pressure. My freshmen year in college I took Native American Literature. A 10 page paper was due; we knew about the assignment mid semester. It was supposed to analyze 3 short stories we read during class. I didn’t start the paper until the night before it was due. Talk about a panic attack if something happened to the computer or printer! Anyway, I received an “A” on it. My senior year in college for my accounting class, in a group we had to do an extensive project, regarding financial records as though we were a business. Our company name was Last Minute, and my partner and I didn’t begin the project until 3 days before it was due (had the majority of the semester to work on it). We received an “A” on it.
  4. I googled ‘how to detect flirty body language’ as research for my latest 90 day novel challenge. For the women side, I don’t do half of what they say constitutes flirting. No wonder a guy can never tell LOL. However, some of the things pointed out, I tend to do that to everyone, whether female or male, so if a guy ever went by that list, they’d probably get the wrong impression. For example, I’m always smiling and engaging in prolonged eye contact with anyone who’s speaking with me. And I always remember little details of someone because I’m a good listener.
  5. Even though I’m a loner, I love meeting new people and hearing their personal stories. I’ve noticed though that I tend to have seasonal relationships (anyone who’s familiar with the Reason, Season, Lifetime poem will know what I’m talking about). Once I make a friendship, it’s great at the beginning. But it only lasts for a while then it’s a mutual split. I hardly ever make any deep connections with anyone, so when we grow apart, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. I don’t dwell on it; I just move on to the next person when he or she comes along.
  6. I’m always giving myself social experiments or projects to work on. I love collecting data and analyzing things. I’m an INTJ personality type, so I’m always finding ways to improve myself. For the next 2 weeks, my social experiment is to say hello to strangers and engage in a conversation with them, something more than small talk (oh how I hate small talk). Instead of staying quiet observing everyone, I’ll actually participate in the conversation.
  7. I’m always thinking ‘what if this happened’ or ‘what if that happened.’ I’ve noticed in my writing, my characters tend to be skeptical of their surroundings as well. Going through some of my old stories, I’ve noticed a lot of questions in the narration. I guess that’s a part of my personality that gets intertwined into my writing style.


  1. Kellie Larsen Murphy
  2. Sharon C. Cooper
  3. Shannon A. Thompson
  4. Samuel Snoek-Brown
  5. Poppy Writes A Book
  6. Isabella Louise Anderson
  7. Nerd Redefined

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

The “Look” Challenge Award

I’d like to thank Paige Addams for nominating me for the “Look” Challenge. It’s an awesome award that allows writers to showcase their work.


1.  Search your manuscript for the word “look” and then copy the surrounding paragraphs into a post. Either the writer posts a couple of paragraphs from a couple different parts of their manuscript, or the writer posts one larger section of their story that contained the word.

2.  Give a little background on the scene if you’d like.

3.  Tag 5 other writers who are working on, or who have completed a manuscript.


Part of this scene focuses on a group of friends who take a road trip to visit a cabin for the weekend. Along the way, Marissa picks up a stranger. The group is hanging out in the parking lot of a convenience store before reaching their destination. The girls don’t have a problem with the stranger, but the guys are skeptical. This story went through 2 beta-readers–the third one never responded back with his suggestions.


Girls were gullible, so Adam thought it’d be a good idea to scare them. With a serious facial expression, he said, “Marissa should have done a background check on me before inviting me with you guys.”

“Why?” Naomi asked, wide-eyed.

He gave a sinister smile. “Because I’m crazy.”

The girls shared a look of oh-no-he-didn’t. Marissa chuckled, hitting Adam on the arm. “Stop playing like that. Don’t be a douche.”

“I’m not being a douche. I’m being myself.”

“No you aren’t.”

Adam smirked. “How would you know, Marissa? You’ve known me for less than three hours.” He wagged his finger in front of her face, causing her to slap it away. “Didn’t your mom ever teach you not to talk–let alone pick up–strangers?”

Marissa rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest. Oh yeah, she was into him. She was turned on right now. Adam never understood women. Why did they want jerks when they could have  a nice guy?

Before he could tell them he was joking, Brady walked over. He looked skeptical. The guys must have sent him over to be their spokesperson. Like clockwork, Brady went into third degree questioning. “Where you from, Adam?”

“Florida,” he lied, quickly thinking on his feet. He could handle this putz.

“Last I checked, people are from cities within a state. Like, I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So…you…are…from?”

“The…Ever…glades…Florida.” Maybe if these hillbillies thought Adam was a country fellow, then they’d cut him some slack.

“Ever been to a swamp tour?” Rae asked.

“A couple of times. My uncle actually organizes tours down on the swamp.” Might as well go all out with the lie.

Brady cracked his knuckles. “How old are you?”

“Thirty,” he fibbed again.

“Congratulations Marissa, you snagged an older man.” Naomi grabbed her friend’s hand, raising it in mock triumph. She gave Rae a spiteful look then left.



  1. Simone Young
  2. Poppy Writes A Book
  3. No Wasted Ink
  4. Ryan Murphy
  5. Tracking the Words: A Yearly Cycle

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

My Second Nomination for the Sunshine Award!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Due to me having a brain fart (writers get that from time to time hee hee), I didn’t notice that I was nominated for the Sunshine Award months ago! My mistake! I’d like to thank Miss Alexandrina Brant for nominating me. Since I won this recently, I won’t pass it along to other bloggers.

However, I’ll answer the questions; they’re original and cool. Besides, this is me trying to get out of my shell, trying to knock my wall down 🙂


1.  Do you prefer ebooks, paperbooks, or hardback?

I’ve always preferred the soft cover books. Hardbacks cost way too much money and is too heavy. I like my books light so it’s easy to carry. Since I brought a kindle, last Christmas, ebooks have won my heart. There’s something satisfying about being able to buy a book within seconds and hold them all in one place.

2.  Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

“As a matter of fact I’m frightfully thrilled at the prospect of seeing Soldier Island. There’s been such a lot about it in the papers. Is it really very fascinating?”–Agatha Christie And Then There Were None

3.  What is the last film you saw?

I had the pleasure of watching MAGIC MIKE last weekend. It was great! Matt Bomer, Matthew McCaughney, Channing Tatum all in one movie, a movie about male strippers no less! Every other scene they were dancing on stage. I also enjoyed the drama and comedy. I never really cared for the actor who was in I Am Number Four, but he was mighty cute in this one (at least the character he portrayed–I rooted for him).

4.  Have you ever written (or started) to write a book?

I’ve been creating stories since the age of 11.

5.  What are your three favorite songs?

  • Broken by Seether and Amy Lee
  • Bring Me To Life by Evanescence (I’m sure I spelled that wrong LOL)
  • I’m Just Mary by Mary J. Blige

6.  Do you like to dance?

I know Zumba is considered exercise, but I love it!!!! I can do it nonstop for 2 hours. When I listen to my IPOD, I love to dance even though I don’t have any rhythm hee hee. Alone, I really feel the music. In front of others, I don’t dare shake what my momma gave me. I get really nervous.

7.  What do most people not know about you?

I know I’m a loner, but sometimes it hurts my feelings when no one asks me to hang out with them. They’ll go on their adventure or shopping spree, etc. then later tell me about it. When I say, “Oh that sounds cool. I would’ve went.” They shake their head, smirking. “I just assumed you’d say no because you always do.”

That’s not true. I say no when people ask me to party or drink because I don’t do those things. And it’s not really fun being the only sober one around drunks. However, of course, I’d like to hang out doing other activities. I hate when people try to put me in a box, thinking they know me when they really don’t.

8.  What kind of books do you like to read?

I love reading mystery, thrillers, horror (a new genre I tried and fell in love with), women’s fiction, romance. The more drama, the better for me.

9.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

Books published under my belt. I did a research of the best cities/towns where writers can make an affordable living. Asheville, North Carolina was my top pick. I’d love to be living there by age 33 or 34, whether I’m still single or in a loving relationship. Hopefully, by then, I’ll be making a comfortable living of selling my novels, so I won’t need a stupid job that I don’t care about. I’ll be able to focus on just my passion. Wow, in 5 years, I’ll be 35 years old. That’s crazy!

10.  Is the glass half empty of half full?

The glass is definitely half empty. I’m a pessimistic (even though I try to be as positive as I can on my blog; I’m sure you guys wouldn’t want to hear me vent all the time hee hee) at heart and will always be. I’m a realist, if you will.


These questions were fun. They gave me practice of mock interviews 🙂

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Sunshine Award

Yea, another blogger award! It makes me feel so special hee hee. I’d like to thank PaigeAddams for nominating me. I really appreciate that you enjoy reading my blog, especially my take on the creative writing prompts. Paige, if you ever want to do your own version on your blog let me know, and I’ll link it to my page 🙂

Here’s the rules of the award:

1.  List 7 things about yourself

2.  Nominate bloggers worthy of these award up to 15

3.  Thank the person who nominated you!

Seven things about myself (I’ll try something different by revealing my writing style, habits instead of personality since I just wrote a recent post about that already LOL)

1.  I love writing out of order. I’ll start with the event that interests me the most. Even with editing, I’ll start at the section that motivates me more than automatically at the beginning.

2.  I tend to think of my stories as movies or tv shows. So I write scenes as I picture them on the big scene (probably why I focus on dialogue and beats so much–used to write screenplays all the time). I listen to the songs on my IPOD that could be the potential soundtrack, and I cast my characters (look at celebrity pics who the people in my story look like).

3.  Before NaNo, I could never focus in the mornings because I’d be too tired. Now, I mostly write early in the day, even on weekends. The days I should be sleeping in, my brain wakes me up telling me to “create story”, “create story”. Sometimes I can also write in the afternoons, but I can’t really function at night like I used to.

4.  I’m pretty old school. I still write everything in notebooks, then type later. I use any computer available so a lot of times I have to save, email to myself. I’ve yet to buy a flash drive. I know I’m bad hee hee.

5.  First point-of-view is my favorite way to write, but lately I’ve really been enjoying third person point-of-view too. With first person POV, I tended to stay inside their heads too much instead of having them interact with the other characters.

6.  When I come up with story ideas, most of my inspiration comes from movies. I like to put different spin on things after asking “what if?” Usually the plot or characters are so different that no one would even know that the story was based off of it. My favorite movies are dramas, probably why I like writing dramas.

7.  I spend way too much time in my planning stages before even attempting to start a rough draft. Creating characters–getting to know them personally and intimately–is my favorite stage. I create plot outlines, research everything I can on the setting, etc. I want to know all about my characters’ emotions, world, relationships, etc. so I don’t mess anything up. In a way, I guess I roleplay (especially my main characters, which is usually a guy and a girl).

My Nominations (Sorry if you already won Sunshine Award, I didn’t know). I enjoy reading these blogs every day because some are funny, entertaining while some fully share every detail about the author’s publishing journey. Since I’m in the same boat as them I like to hear their success stories, keeps me motivated to keep pursuing my dream.

1.  Ryan Murphy

2.  Unearthing Words

3.  Jade Alyse

4.  Kellie Larsen Murphy

5.  Sharon C. Cooper

6.  Darla

7.  Jordanna East

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby