Day 11 (Miss You Grandma)

MAY 12, 2013 – 1,544 WORDS

Some anniversaries are hard to forget, especially if it’s in remembrance of a tragic event. Today was my grandma’s birthday; she passed away in 2008 on Mother’s Day (it was May 10th that year). So thinking of her birthday was bittersweet. I’m not the wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve kind of gal. I keep everything bottled up.

Even though I was distracted, I managed to go past the 1,000 word minimum. Thinking of both grandmas kept me motivated to continue. In 2008, I lost my other grandma on December 21st. Let’s just say, I don’t look at Mother’s Day nor Christmas in a positive light anymore. My grandmas had supported my dreams of being an author when I was a little girl. I hope I’m making them proud. They always encouraged me to stop being so shy and pursue my dreams. To get passionate about something.

I’m passionate all right–I’m passionate about psychology. Why do people do the things they do? Why are some people normal while some are crazy? Why are some sociopaths while some are psychopaths? Why are some takers while some are givers? I think my curiosity is why I love plot so much. You need plot to move the chain of events along.

Something did excite me today–I received my NYC tickets in the mail! It’s official I’ll be in New York City on Saturday, June 1st 🙂

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 10 (Motivated)

MAY 11TH – 1,225 WORDS

Good ole Saturday. I love the weekends because it allows me to sleep in and it’s easier to catch up on responsibilities. I received the first set of chapters to beta-read. I love beta-reading (looking over a manuscript before the author submits to an editor, agent, or publisher). It’s pretty cool; it feels like I’m in on a secret. I love spoilers, so I enjoy knowing a story before the public gets to see it. And I like helping others out.

While looking over the author’s chapters, I was motivated to work on my own projects. I’m nervous, yet excited, to get my name out there. To find readers. To build relationships with other authors. It’s so close that I can taste it. Since I write in different genres, I need to consider that most readers won’t cross genres just to follow an author. That’s why I wanted to write suspense for NaNo. I’m going to publish One By One really soon; it’s a mystery thriller. I’m working on Something’s Amiss (women’s fiction). Next, I hope to release my NaNo story, then my other women’s fiction novel (from the 90 day challenge). If I keep rotating, then hopefully that’ll be okay.

I’m thinking like a businesswoman, and it feels good 🙂

I’m still on Chapter 4–Miki and Finia’s 1st therapy session. I have a feeling that this scene will be really long. It was fun to write all the tension and interactions with the therapist. She’s trying to calm Miki down because he keeps speaking out of turn, making Finia uncomfortable. It’s to the point he’s being so disrespectful that she’s heading out the front door. The therapist–don’t want to say the name in case I change it–rushes to bring her back.

I left off with an interesting section, so tomorrow I should stay motivated.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 9 (Multi-tasking)

MAY 10TH – 1,193 WORDS

Today I was a busy bee. If I keep up the momentum of only focusing on Trapped: A Novella, then it’ll start to feel like a chore. Then I’ll lose interest. So I decided to work on other projects to keep my motivation going:

  • posted book reviews
  • offered to be a beta-reader for another author (Young Adult Suspense)
  • formatted Something’s Amiss into a new document
  • received a rejection for my short story December 4th, so found another market, formatting it to their guidelines before sending it off
  • read another story for a book review

I managed to do all that once I got home. You would think that I would’ve been over trying to write for NaNo, but it was the total opposite. I got straight to work around 11. I wanted to add another task to my list. More than likely, if I didn’t stay busy when I first stepped into my room, then I would’ve stalled, watching TV instead.

The fun has begun for my NaNo novella. I fast forwarded to Miki and Finia’s first therapy session, skipping her giving birth. Now, Jahlin is 5 years old, a year away from starting kindergarten. With the short story, I enjoyed writing in both character’s perspectives. I started with Finia first, so readers could sympathize with Miki wanting his family back. I loved the twist at the end–he’s a narcissistic douche bag. So with the novella, I decided to keep both point-of-views, but instead of readers feeling sorry for Miki, I want them to have a strong reaction to him right away.

I already have the plot in my head, so it’s hard to keep motivated with typing everything. I wish someone was doing NaNo with me. But that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. I haven’t quit yet; that’s always a plus. Hopefully, I’ll catch up with word count soon because I want to go back to writing only 1,000 words a day.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

Day 8 (Hosby Heroine)

MAY 9TH – 1,264 WORDS

In an attempt to catch up with my word count, my plan was to write more than 1,000 words a day. I’m happy that I was successful today. I reached the end of Chapter 3–the end of Miki and Finia’s life before Jahlin’s born. It was fun showing their relationship strained, but trying to make it work. Now, I can’t wait to start the aftermath of Jahlin’s presence.

My friend said that I create “Hosby Heroines.” I love the term; it refers to the fact that my female characters are usually pushing the guys away while he’s trying to pursue her. Finia is definitely a “Hosby Heroine,” but she has a valid reason. How would you feel if a guy you were dating trapped you for the next 18 years? I hope what Miki did is believable…when people read my short story, no one pointed out that the situation is far-fetched, so I’ll just roll with it.

After helping the college student, I came home and went straight to work. I typed until bedtime with no distractions. Even though I had printed off various thriller, mystery thriller, and suspense book blurbs earlier today, I focused on NaNo. I planned to study them later. Good news: someone offered to review One By One when it’s released. I’ll be happy when all versions of the book are published, so I can concentrate on promotion and marketing. Plus, it’ll free up my time to work on my other stories.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby