Don’t Miss the Last Day of My #Kickstarter Campaign!

My Unscripted #1 and #2 Kickstarter campaign was fully funded on day 3! Thanks to everyone who supported me and my comic 🙂

We also were able to unlock the 1st stretch goal. With 2 days left, we’re only $25 away from unlocking the 2nd stretch goal.

For anyone interested in slice-of-life comics, POC characters, LGBT friendly, love triangles, and drama, it’s not too late to get your copy of Unscripted.

Here’s the tiers:

$4–Unscripted #1 Digital

$8–Unscripted #1 and #2 Digital

$8–Unscripted #1 Physical (local or shipped)

$16–Unscripted #1 and #2 Physical (local or shipped)

$25–Art Pack (local or shipped)

$150–Comic Collector (local or shipped)

Here’s the stretch goals:

$600–Felix art print UNLOCKED

$800–behind-the-scenes PDF with script/thumbnails/character sketches

$1000–art commission by me

$1200–Felix art print

Supporting my Kickstarter also guarantees more goodies. I’ve promised every backer they get more than what’s shown in the tiers and stretch goals. Plus, you get options of variant covers–only through my Kickstarter campaign. When I sale Unscripted online and at comic cons, it’ll only be the standard cover.

If you don’t want my comic but would like to support me another way, please consider sharing this link to your friends, family, social media of whoever enjoys reading slice-of-life comics/graphic novels.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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