#8Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #49


The Weekend Writing Warriors is an awesome site that allows writers to share their 8 to 10 sentence excerpts, published or unpublished, to the blogosphere. If you’d like to join or would like to read wonderful talent, please visit the WeWriWa website on Sunday, 5/17 http://wewriwa.blogspot.com.

I’m sharing my work-in-progress of a serial killer torturing a college campus with urban legends. Last weekend I had a brain fart, thinking I added myself to the blog hop, so if you didn’t get to read the fate of Elena’s suitemate, here it is. Sorry about the brain fart!

Here’s my excerpt for this week:

…I’ll have to be an actor not to laugh at the stupidity of most people. No one will ever guess it was me. Savannah’s body stunk up the whole floor. I’m really surprised no one woke up. I was on such a high when I was in Elena’s dark room. Putting the chloroform over her face, she never had a chance to wake up. I could’ve done so many things to Elena while she was unconscious, and no one could’ve stopped me. Such a thrill!

That’s the end of this week’s snippet. If you want to continue reading, here’s the rest:

I could’ve killed Elena. I could’ve strangled her like I had Savannah. I could’ve cum inside her without her knowing, but I’d never do that. I’m not a monster.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

16 thoughts on “#8Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors Excerpt #49

  1. I think that you have captured the essence of a murderous sociopath. They tend to consider themselves brilliant and above the rest of humanity. I was watching an interview with John Wayne Gacy’s sister. She said that none of the family had any idea what kind of a person he really was. He kept his true nature well hidden.
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~

    • Hi Cara,

      Thank you. This serial killer is definitely a sociopath. I’m observed with true crime and psychology. I want to know why people do the things they do. I’d be really interested in viewing that interview.

      Keep smiling,

  2. You’ve captured him beautifully! Or would horribly be more accurate. I love that he’s enjoying his power by letting a potential victim go. “Shiver”

    • Hey Nancy,

      Horribly is more accurate 🙂 I had fun writing this story but I definitely gave this villain the side eye a few times 🙂

      Keep smiling,

  3. Hmmm…that not a monster line says so much! He really believes that. I wonder how his insane mind processes what he’s doing–and how he rationalizes it.

    I’m not a reader of the horror genre, so I’m curious. Is this story full of easter eggs from popular horror stories? 🙂

    • Hi, Teresa, he rationalizes things by believing he’s doing what’s right for his future novel. Nothing more. Nothing less. Truly frightening.

      There’s quite a few urban legends in the mix. I picked all the popular ones.

      Keep smiling,

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