Please Check Out My New #Horror Author Interview


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Browsing Twitter, I met Sterp. She was looking for authors to interview. I jumped on the chance. It’s always fun to meet other horror authors, especially women. Please, please, please check out her wonderful blog–SterpsBlog. I subscribed to her newsletter and am looking forward to reading the free welcome gift: Horror Ebook–3 Spine Chilling Stories 🙂

To see my interview, please click on the link: Author Interview: Yawatta Hosby

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

4 thoughts on “Please Check Out My New #Horror Author Interview

  1. I popped over and read your interview. I don’t have a FB account, so I couldn’t leave a comment there, but I enjoyed learning more about your writing process and other things. Interesting about your tattoo, and great “crappy first draft” advice!

    • Thanks for checking out my interview, Priscilla. It took me a long time to follow my advice about the crappy first draft lol. But I finally did. When the lockdown is over, the first thing I’m doing is watching a movie and getting a tattoo.

      Keep smiling,

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