My Childhood Secret

Have you followed your dreams?


Around March of this year, I decided to stop being shy and share my artwork, joining the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project volume 14. So that I wouldn’t chicken out, I decided not to put pressure on myself. I wanted it to appear like I was just drawing for myself, instead of trying to appear professional. I finished my sketchbook in under 5 days!

Something spooky happened to me as a kid. I’m sharing my story. Want to know the craziest part? Click on the link to see my sketchbook: My Childhood Secret.

Since I love drawing myself as a cartoon, the final pages are of my photo feed on Facebook 🙂


Joining the Sketchbook Project family was a fun experience, and I’m sure I’ll participate in more volumes. For all the artists out there, do you share your work?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

2 thoughts on “My Childhood Secret

  1. I believe you!! I have so many questions. Were you scared? Did he seem familiar, like a relative? (He looks kind of . . . Polynesian or something. Know anyone like that?) Did he seem to be angry or curious or protective?

    You have such a great eye for perspective and depth. You’re really good at drawing!

    Yes, I have displayed my artwork. I did a watercolor show in 2017 at a gallery downtown. People described my work as creative and “happy” because I go to town on colors.:-) But I like writing better. It’s more malleable.

    Maybe since you like horror stories and sketching you’ll eventually end up writing graphic novels with a dark edge. I could totally see that happening.

    • I was definitely scared, especially when the ghost disappeared after I called my dad. It seemed like he only wanted me to see him. I avoided that door and always went the long way to use the back door. Then it was a wrap when I saw the same ghost in my photo! I always slept on the couch after that.

      I honestly have no idea what he wanted. He never tried to communicate with me, and I literally only saw him those two times. He didn’t seem familiar. In fact, by the way he was dressed, I thought maybe he was from the past like 1920’s or 1940’s.

      It’s cool that you had a watercolor art show. The only way I know how to use watercolor is by coloring with water color pencils then dabbing water on the drawing.

      I’m working on a comic now, but it’s not horror. I’m entering the Platform Comics competition for short comics, between 2 to 12 pages, which that one will be horror. Thanks for the kind words. I’m gradually taking baby steps to show my art. I have a few YouTube videos of when I participate in the 24 hour comics challenge. I’m hoping by a year or two, I’ll have published something. We’re the opposite. I love drawing better than writing.

      Keep smiling,

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