Honoring My Reality

“Sometimes life requires your full attention and writing needs to move aside to make room. Other times writing is a space apart from reality, a safe haven where you can breathe freely and recharge, so you can face reality with a little more dignity or strength.”–Gabriela Pereira

Has there ever been a moment when writing felt completely incompatible with your real life–when it felt like there was just no way you could make the two exist together? If so, how did you get through that moment? How did you make room in your life for both things?

How did you find balance between writing and life?


Last year I spent three nights, four days in the hospital. Before all of this, I had signed up for the 365 writing club, which started on January 1st. On New Year’s Eve, I spent the night alone in the hospital, but I didn’t mind. It gave me time to reflect.

On New Year’s Day, I vowed to get writing done. I couldn’t let my first day in the 365 writing club be a zero. I didn’t care if I was weak from a chicken broth only diet (man did I miss food!). I didn’t care if my left arm was hooked to an IV and I could barely move it. I didn’t care if my right arm and hand were sore from being pricked by needles every two hours. I was determined to get words written in my notebook, ugly handwriting or not.

I didn’t let my situation discourage me. I managed to write a script for a 5 page mini-comic. My first day of the 365 writing club WAS NOT a zero. I was finally released from the hospital on January 2nd around 1pm. I could finally eat real food, and trust me, when I say that I pigged out.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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