#IWSG Blog Hop–Writing Schedule


It’s that time again. IWSG hosts a blog hop the first Wednesday of every month (even though WordPress will probably say it’s already Jan. 4th, I promise it’s only Jan. 3rd 7:25 pm EST). Writers get to discuss their doubts and fears they’ve conquered, their struggles and triumphs. Even though writing is a lonely activity, it doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through.

Showing vulnerability makes you strong. If you’d like to read more from bloggers who shared their personal experiences, then please click here.

January’s question–What steps have you taken or plan to take to put a schedule in place for writing and publishing?

I’m a pretty fast writer, being able to write a first draft within a month or two. My problem is that I’m a slow reviser. I plan on doing something about this in 2018.

Joining the 365 Writing Club 2018 on Facebook holds me accountable to writing at least 300 words a day, or 10 minutes a day. I plan on using my phone as an alarm (or stop watch) to set 1 hour every day to write. 2-3 hours if I’m editing. I think this will help me tremendously. Granted, I’m pretty realistic and don’t really think I’ll write every day, but I’ll try my best.

For every story I create, I’ll draw myself a mock book cover. This will be motivation to get it into print. If there’s a goal I can see tangibly, then it won’t just feel like a dream–a dream that I can stall with.

Instead of writing multiple drafts at once (and working on them in different stages), I plan on focusing on one story at a time. I’m going to see if this will help me with productivity. I’m always looking for writing buddies, someone to swap feedback with. I’m back on Absolute Write forums again, instead of just lurking. Hopefully, I’ll stay in the groove of helping other writers as critique partners and beta-readers. Maybe one day they’d like to pay it forward and help me back. If not, then at least I’ll feel good about helping them. Reading stories before they publish makes me feel like I’m in on a secret.

Hopefully, my new process will work. If not, then I’ll go back to the drawing board.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

P.S. I’m excited to see who made it into the IWSG Anthology!!!

2 thoughts on “#IWSG Blog Hop–Writing Schedule

  1. Good luck with speeding up your editing process. I’m slow with both LOL not really sure how that will play out for me. Doing the mock covers is fun. I can’t draw, but since learning about Canva last year, I play around in that for my mock ups. That’s pretty fun. Good luck on absolute write. I’ve not been back there in ages. You are the only person on there that I met and have had a continued relationship with. 🙂 Here’s to great things for you in 2018!!!

    • Hey Meka,

      I’m getting faster with editing, I think. Six Plus One was the first book that didn’t take me over half a year to complete after getting editor’s feedback. It’s a matter of getting my butt in the chair and just doing it (singing loudly to my playlist, of course lol).

      I love drawing, probably way more than writing if I’m being honest with myself. Is Canva an app? Maybe I should look into it. I notice a lot of people have awesome graphics on twitter, combining images and text.

      Everyone left Absolute Write. I feel like a newbie now…

      I hope great things come your way in 2018 too!

      Keep smiling,

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