Reader Interview With Mandy, Fan of Horror Fiction

Please welcome my special guest Mandy, fan of anything horror. I often see her curled up with a murder mystery or a book about some killer terrorizing people. We can spend hours talking about our favorite horror movies. For Women’s Horror Month, I knew I had to get inside that twisty brain of hers.

Please enjoy her short, yet insightful reader interview. Without understanding what our readers want, authors couldn’t make a living 🙂

1. If you were a character in a horror book, would you rather be the villain, the one being chased, or the hero?

Mandy: The villain. Playing the role of a “bad” person or someone truly hated would be fun because it’d be outside the norm of my regular life.

Great minds think alike. I’d want to be the villain too. They tend to have more personality than the Mary Sue/Gary Stu hero. Six Plus One was created from my coworker’s challenge of writing a story about a killer offing their coworkers. Setting. Check–creepy woods. Job. Check–filming webseries about aliens. Killer (s). Check–I would tell you, but then you wouldn’t buy the book when it’s released haha.

Mandy, maybe one day I’ll brainstorm a story idea with you. With your crazy ass, we could make horror magic.

2. If you were a character in a horror book, would you want the monster to be a human or a creature?

Mandy: A human. Makes the story more realistic, in turn making the story more frightening.

3. What do you find exciting about the horror genre?

Mandy: The excitement, the thrill, the adrenaline.

Absolutely! That’s why I love writing horror. The plot is fast paced, something is always happening even during those quiet, subtle moments. There’s nothing more exciting than scaring yourself. There’s nothing more thrilling than your adrenaline rushing through your body as you get chills down your spine reading a disgusting scene. You’re on edge, full of suspense, flight or fight senses in full effect.

4. If you could read the ultimate horror book, what would be the perfect scenario or plot for you?

Mandy: The perfect scenario would be anything that holds my attention, has suspense, and makes me stand on edge.

5. Would you rather:

Be in the woods or in a haunted house? Haunted house. I’m still waiting on that ghost adventure in Shepherdstown 🙂

Be alone or accompanied by a group? Group of people. More distractions for the monster while I’m finding clues on how to destroy it.

Fight the monster yourself or save the day by getting someone else involved? Myself! It’d be fun outsmarting the monster.

6. When you find a book to read, what appeals to you? Book cover, blurb, etc?

Mandy: The blurb. I like to see what plot or type of story I’m committing to because that dictates what heightened emotions I’ll experience throughout the hundred plus pages.

Thank you so much, Mandy! I had fun interviewing you.

Are you a horror reader looking to be interviewed for Women’s Horror Month? If so, email me at author.yawatta.hosby (AT) aol (DOT) com. Looking forward to hear from you.


Oh yes, it’d definitely be fun playing the villain in a book haha.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby 




2 thoughts on “Reader Interview With Mandy, Fan of Horror Fiction

    • Hey Meka,

      I’d like to do more reader and character interviews in the future. it was fun getting to know Mandy’s ideal horror situation.

      Keep smiling,

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