2017 Writing Goals


I started the new year laid up in the hospital. I stayed there for three nights in my own private room, my left arm linked to an IV the entire time. Instead of giving up, the experience made me stronger. I hate being anemic, but it is what it is. Finding my inner-peace, I tried to ignore my pain as best I could. It worked. I managed to focus on a couple short stories. If I can find the time to write in a hospital, then I predict my 2017 will be a productive year!


1. Write at least 250 words a day or at least 10-15 minutes a day

2. Submit short stories to magazines and anthologies

3. Read at least 50 books in the horror and suspense genre

4. Don’t be shy to tell people I’m an author

5. Keep bonding with my critique partners, beta readers, and writing buddies

6. Join at least one online writing class

7. Publish at least 3 novellas

8. Create my own MFA writing program, focusing on teaching myself how to edit on a timely matter, utilizing the 3 act structure, description and setting, imagery and metaphors

9. Write at least 10 short films and direct at least one

10. Submit mini-comics to newspapers and magazines, or at least show my work on Tumblr

11. Protect my writing time, using an official writing spot, a writing schedule, and creating my own writing retreats over the weekends

12. Sign up for book signings and local author events in the area

13. Keep a steady blogging schedule, using blog hops and participating in more guest posts

For all the writers out there, what are your writing goals for 2017?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby



4 thoughts on “2017 Writing Goals

  1. Solid goals! Luckily we have each other to keep us on track with what we want to accomplish this year. Sucks you started your new year in the hospital, but glad it allowed you some time to reflect. Happy new year. 🙂

    • Happy New Year, Meka! Reflecting indeed 🙂 We’ll definitely keep each other on track. I finally figured out how to edit the 365 Spreadsheet. I needed to download an app on my tablet.

      Keep smiling,

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