2016 Chocolate Fest & Book Faire–How I Spent My Day As A Reader

This past Saturday I had so much fun hanging out with my writing buddy Audrey. Downtown Martinsburg hosted the Chocolate Fest & Book Faire. My two favorite things–books and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate (trust me when I say I was licking my fingers all day).

We went on a chocolate tour at DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates. It smelled so yummy in the factory. I didn’t even mind having to wear a hairnet. I kept staring at the tour guide because he looked exactly like Stephen King. I should have gotten his autograph hee hee. Audrey and I had ended our day at Latte Da Cupcakery. My red velvet cupcake and sweet tea was divine!

Being an author, I thought it was cool meeting other local authors. I didn’t know there were so many! Being a reader, I really enjoyed the experience of discovering new books. Some of the people I met were so nice that I may just venture out of my comfort zone, regarding genre, to read some of their books.

Audrey and I asked each author if they had a kindle version of their book. Each said “yes.” I couldn’t walk away from Chocolate Fest without buying Gage’s very first book though. He’s a kid who didn’t wait to follow his dreams. How can you not support that!

Out of 30 authors, here’s the smiling faces and charming personalities I met:

This event definitely motivated me to look up other local activities regarding books and authors. I need to get my name out there and be brave like these other writers 🙂

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby



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