Flash Fiction Prompt #3


Prompt: Shiny

“What are you talking about?” Kendra asked, setting the dish cloth on the sink.

If her roommate Danielle asked her one more time to wipe the stove when it was already shiny, Kendra would scream.

Absolutely scream!

In a calm voice, Danielle pointed at the left end burner and said, “See right there. There’s a spot.”

Kendra screamed.

Danielle covered her ears.

She didn’t even try to stop Kendra. She didn’t even show any emotions. She simply continued to cover her ears.

After a short while, Kendra stopped screaming, satisfied that she got on Danielle’s nerves.

Danielle put her hands in her pockets, twirling her right foot. “So…that spot. Please clean it.”

Kendra hated everything about obsessive compulsive disorder, including her roommate.


If anyone would like to join me and local author MT Decker in the 42 A Day Flash Fiction Challenge, please let me know.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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